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DiaLteG TM

The nice guys approach is an attraction “system” for guys who want to attract women without guilt.

The approach is designed so you never have to worry about women finding out what you’re doing because they won’t care. There’s nothing devious or manipulative to try.

The nice guys approach is based on the principle that “being nice has little to do with attraction.” You can still keep your values and beliefs without having to compromise your integrity.

It helps you to realize your potential, tap into your true masculinity, and live a more complete life. All of which will early on and inevitably naturally attract women.

You see by using the core principals of attraction this “approach” will enhance your personality, help you develop a sold social life to meet more women, allow you the freedom to make better decisions and choices around women, and ultimately allow you control over your dating and relationships. Whatever your goals may be.

The nice guys approach is about taking “woman” out of the equation.

It’s not about trying harder – it’s about doing less for her, getting more for yourself, and eventually not having to try at all…

SCREECH!!!! Stop it right now!

Seriously man – there’s a little devilish guy inside you and I guarantee you’ve been hiding him from women. Probably because you’re one of those “nice” guys.

You’ve been made to believe he’s evil and he’s a womanizer. How he plays women for their bodies. It’s to the point now where you’re actually afraid of him screwing up your “nice” image to the opposite sex.

But I’m here to tell you up front and honestly – hiding him is the absolute worst thing you can do to yourself.

So while you’re trying to “play nice” for her or all women you want, you’re treating yourself unfairly and you’re not being very nice to the guy inside you who maybe just wants to get laid once in while. Who wants to enjoy and explore his options in the dating world. Who wants to maybe experience something more than chasing women with no success or playing it safe waiting for them to choose you – when they won’t.

Through years of trial and a ton of failures under my belt (and in my pants) I’ve come to realize he’s not evil. He’s not a bad person. He’s a part of you and without him included in your life – creating and building on attraction is almost impossible.

Wait now… DiaLteGtm is NOT here to give you permission to treat women like sex objects and objectify their existence.

If you or I wanted to do that we wouldn’t need people like me around.

A word of warning and truth… because I’m a nice guy :)

Every “10″ you meet who “does it” for you won’t throw themselves in your bed. They won’t call you up in the middle of the night for a “quick lay.” They won’t beg you to become her husband or boyfriend but that’s okay and you know it.

You won’t become an overnight playboy who only needs to wear robes and smoke a pipe.

You might not even become the “coolest” guy in the world sipping drinks surrounded by beautiful women.

I’m not saying it can’t happen but it probably won’t.

If you’re with me here… cool!

So don’t expect hard promises on my part and I won’t expect you to always get it right because I was an idiot one day failed to communicate my ideas with you.

That is why dialteg is here. You might not be an “old man” like me or we may never agree on everything but we share a common theme to our existence in this planet…

We’ve been too nice for too long and have neglected a part of ourselves which creates an abundance of attraction in every way, shape or form.

That inner self holds the truth and the path to a better understanding, and can help us lead our lives in a new direction.

I won’t ask you to start treating women badly if you promise to treat yourself better. If not – all bets are off. (Evil laugh – “Bwhahahaha”)

…By the way – My name’s Peter White.

DiaLteG™ stands for:

Dating – The opportunity to explore and interact with single people. Dating is about discovering who we’re looking to enhance our lives with as many choices as we can handle. Dating is meant to be a fun way to qualify and connect with others.

InspirationDriving our energy and stimulating our imagination to step above and beyond our existence. This helps us to take chances and risk life a little more to seek new experiences.

Attraction – An instinctual but sometimes misunderstood “emotion” which alludes too many men and women because of the complexity of our modern social lives.

Learning – The quest for knowledge and understanding how our personality and how we present it to the world can be a never ending but enjoyable process.

Teaching – Boring classrooms and bad lighting is not what teaching is about. Keep the cycle alive and teach what you learn. Give a little back and accept whatever reward, big or small that come your way.

Experience – No one can experience your life for you. When we share those incredible moments with those around us we help them join along in our pleasures.

Growing – Becoming a more attractive person, enjoying a fun and successful dating life, and entering more fulfilling relationships requires each and every one of us to grow into a mature and complete person.

My “Nice Guy” Approach for men is about learning to use your nice guy “habits” for yourself and not on women. It’s not about learning how to be someone else it’s about learning how to be yourself without trying. (And still have quality choices with women.)

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  • Vincent Corpuz

    I like this very much! Very informative

    • peter white

      Thank you Vincent and welcome to DiaLteG.

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