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9 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Creep Women Out?

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Does he creep you out?

There’s that word. Creep.

In the dating world it is used by women to describe an unsettling feeling they get around certain men. Let me tell you a story. See if you can relate to it.

I used to attend many private parties in my late teens early twenties. I was quite the optimistic guy. I would always show up saying to myself, I going to meet a girl tonight. I can just feel it. Even though the previous twenty parties yielded nothing but a depressed drunken stupor home alone to pig out then pass out.

The “P.O. to P.O.” method of dealing with rejection.

I came home depressed because without fail, I would meet a cute girl I was attracted to. But I didn’t know how to act around her. All I knew was my previous failures were looming over my head and it was like I was predetermined to always be alone.

Now that cute girl. I would focus on her. Check her out from afar. Try to position myself to meet her. If I was lucky enough to somehow talk her my inability to create attraction meant I would leave without getting her number at the very least.

I absolutely knew there was a great chance I would see her again. But I was dreaming in my head of a future event that could lead to us being together. It was a true sickness that tied up my brain from doing anything productive and ingrained the “Stuck inside my mind” into my everyday life.

And without fail if I was “given” the opportunity to see her again and actually talked to her I would gather the courage to ask her out.
(Sometimes this would take months of seeing her constantly.)

But of course she would turn me down with one or more of the following rejections:

  • “I’m sorry I’m just not interested.”
  • “I have a boyfriend.”
  • “You’re cute but just not my type.”
  • “I’m sorry. I only date taller guys.”
  • “You’re nice but I just don’t see you that way.”
  • “I’m sorry. I’m taking a break from dating for while.”
  • “I’m sorry. I don’t give out y number to strangers.”

I obviously did not know these women well enough to be considered a friend yet but for some reason, they wouldn’t even give me chance.

It took me years to figure out that what I was doing, was, creeping them out!

I didn’t know why. I was just shy. I was so fearful of not being rejected that I just didn’t know how to act. I was so fearful of an event that only happened once or twice; and that was being humiliated in a public rejection. I was hoping so badly that she would like me enough to take the lead, but she never would.

You see guys, creeping women out goes so much deeper than the typical creep a woman will explain to another man. It’s the type of creepiness she rarely exhibits bad behavior towards so it goes past our minds without us even knowing that we creeped her out.

Here Are the 9 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Are Creeping Women Out

1.) Are your movements around women often jerky and quick; or do your movements reflect a feeling you don’t know what to do with your body parts, particularly your hands or feet?

2.) Do you often hope a woman will take the lead when you meet her, because you can’t?

You attempt to steer the conversation into an area in which she may reveal her immediate feelings for you?

3.) Do you hover real close to her for long periods of time without showing interest but you still constantly check her out?

4.) Can you answer yes to the last three questions but manage to get her number; and then you leave weak messages on her voice mail so she never answers or calls you back?

5.) Do you send messages to her profile that wreaks of being needy?

Messages that are extremely complimentary to her and negative about yourself. Such as,

“You are amazingly beautiful and I know I may never have a chance with you but I just wanted to let you know you seem very special  to me. If you’re interested at all. Please write me back. “

6.) Do you mention sex so quickly during your first conversation it makes her wonder if you get any at all?

Forcing down the topic in an attempt to reveal whether or not she has a boyfriend, if she is have regular sex, or would she have sex with you at some point in the future. The key here being an attempt to reveal and not direct questions that are upfront and kind of funny.

7.) Do you stare at her from far away but never get the courage to even say “Hi“?

You look away quickly when she looks back at you. You keep trying to put yourself in a position that you can check her out without her seeing you. After all, if she catches you it brings up a fear she will think you’re a creep.

8.) Are you overly nice to her when she shows interest in you but you stray away from any conversation that would bring out your weakness around women?

So you never mention sex, cause you rarely get it. Or you don’t want her to ask about your past girlfriends because they are too few to admit to so casually talk about safe topics.

9.) Do you find yourself asking a woman you just met, question after question but never really having any interest in hearing the answer, because you’re stuck inside you head and you can’t think clearly?

You want to talk to her and you feel compelled to keep the conversation going. Those awkward silences you feel means you’re boring her. So her answers to your question are short, boring, and you feel she is giving you nothing to go on to have a great conversation.

If you can answer yes to any of those questions above it’s a good bet you creep women out just like I use to.

After all I came up with them from my own experiences. Unfortunately the sad direction it took me was so far away from attraction there’s no way to ever create it.

In fact it’s so much easier to escape the friend’s zone with a woman you’ve known for twenty years than it is to erase that creepy feeling she gets when you’re around her. Nice guys that can answer yes to those nine questions have this incredible ability to creep women out in a way that’s not threatening but will obviously not trigger an attractive response from a woman.

I recently suggested a road map for a reader to eliminate the friend’s zone from his life, but it also works well to stop creeping women out. Let’s face it, we can not find a quality girlfriend if we always end up being just friends, and we certainly won’t have much luck if we are creeping them out.

Here is that road map I suggested:

  1. Have a clearly defined plan.
  2. Build self-esteem to gain confidence.
  3. Use your self-esteem to overcome your fears.
  4. Now you are living in the present.
  5. Use your confidence to show your leadership and develop an optimistic attitude.
  6. More confidence build a huge layer to defend your self-esteem.
  7. Then your natural indifference kicks in.


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  • Liann

    As a female, a guy comes across as a creepy with 3 things:
    Over closeness at the wrong time – if two people have had enough eye contact/body language so the female has invited the guy to come into whole flirting stage, then a bit of closeness and subtle touching (eg arm) is ok. If that invite hasn’t been sent (yet) and you just dive in to being close, it’s just creepy!
    Needy – constant compliments and communication is not cool. It’s nice to chase a little so chat/message and then leave it a while (not too long!). It makes women curious….what could he possibly be up to rather than message me back?!? Compliments each time you log on or pick up the phone is just annoying and creepy.
    Not on your level – if you’re completely lacking confidence and make yourself seem like the woman is so much of a higher status then you, whatever you say to hit on her will come across as creepy.

    Confidence is the key. No matter what you look like, as long as your confident (calm, at ease with yourself) and engage in the woman’s signals then you’ll get any woman.

  • S-252

    It’s sad how many men are nowadays struggling with absolutely unattainable standards they need to meet, struggle for years with loneliness – and nobody even registers it as a problem, just telling them to “man up”.

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