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  • I believe my contact form is not working please comment and (Let me know if it’s private and your question will NOT be published.) Otherwise all real comments will be approved and answered accordingly.
    Thank you,

  • era

    What does it mean when, my best friend got jealous on my other best friend?
    My bestfriend1 is mad at me, coz he thought that he doesn’t mean a thing to me.
    So, he’s now hating me, and pushing me away to my other bestfriend.

    What shall I do?

    • I’ve found when someone is pushing you away (in this kind of case) they are feeling left out and are concerned they’re going to lose something important. Let’s not get into all the reasons why people practice “passive aggressive” moves.

      My best advice is to NOT get all apologetic and suddenly give the “passive aggressive” person positive reinforcement from their actions. Your best bet is to share. Make it easy for all of you to get together. Find something you all enjoy doing together and merely suggest you’re going to make it happen.

      Remember all you can do is let his jealousy run its course and allow his maturity to either remedy the situation or not. Do NOT fall into the trap of giving in (entirely) or else you will be showing him his negative actions are forcing your hand.

      BUT always acknowledge how they are feeling because that is all most people want. They want their feelings and opinions to be as valid as yours. That’s different than giving in.

      Say, “I see how you’re feeling…so lets all do something together.”

      Jealousy typically happens when a person looks at themselves and feels they’re not good enough in any way to keep someone. So instead believing they’re good enough they act out from anger and despair. It’s not they don’t trust someone else but it’s because they don’t trust in themselves enough.

      There’s nothing wrong with assuring his trust but you have to be careful not to just give it away because then, again, you’re just giving positive reinforcement of a negative action.

      Hope that clears up your situation a little and thanks for “trusting” in me to help you out,


  • era

    I believe this community can help me solve my problem.
    So I sign up on this. 🙂

  • Sonnie

    Hey Pete, nice website! hope this community can help me aswell, c u soon!

  • jay

    I’ve met this women online about a month ago we got on really well and she suggested been friends first to which I agreed as last year I had a bad relationship ! After a few weeks chatting online I suggested we swapped numbers to which she agreed she called me a day or a few days later which was great ! She told me she was going on holiday with her older sister and we would chat when she got back so we did and texted saying she said she could not do this anymore which was odd so I asked her what was wrong and she said it was nervous so I suggested we should meet and go go-karting she then said she would love that as mates and so I my next week off work was June so we confirmed it all which was great I said I will go slow and we agreed before she went away that we would start as mates then go from there ! Anyway we have been texting day in day out which was great she is training to be a lawyer and has got exams next month and in July so I text her good morning and good night she did not mind that and some days she would text me I’m busy with family anyway last friday she text me to say she was going to visit her family in another part of UK and would not be able to reply so she text me to say have a take care chat in a week so I text her last saturday to see if she was back she said “Hi not yet ” so I asked her how her week was and what did she do ? I got no reply until I texted good night to her she text me saying ” sorry for not replying I’m busy with family and can not text you all the time take care chat soon ” I only herd from her tonight saying ” how r u? Hope u r well. Im doing exams in june so u cant meet up. Speak to u soon. Sorry to mess up ur plans ” considering two weeks ago though dates I gave her were okay and now suddenly changed and I booked that time off as I’m visiting a neighboring city so I said I don’t want us to lose the progress we have made and let’s just meet up for a few hours she said she would see what we can do I said it felt strange not texting you last week she said yes my studies and family are important to me so she then told me don’t text again I can’t do this she said just e-mail me details I said I will but how about limiting texts to twice a day as I have done since she is back ! She said I sent too many texts all the time considering I did not text her last week. She then blew say” I did not get it a date is where you get to know each other and take it slow and she wanted to be my friend only but I text her as if she was my girlfriend and that I was putting her off ” she said please don’t text after this take care and good luck with dating you deserve a good woman ” How can I salvage this a I want to meet her and start fresh any ideas or what do I do ?
    Is there any way back I accidentally over text her although I did. Not text whilst is away ?

    • Hey Jay,

      First of all. You can assume when a woman tells you, “Let’s be friends first.” she’s not feeling it for you. The fact that you agreed with something you probably brought on yourself not only destroys a chance of real chemistry happening, it also told her you’re okay with the friendship. When you’re not.

      You were really just hoping eventually something would happen. But instead of allowing the connection to grow naturally you started acting like a boyfriend and not like a guy who has other things going on.

      Remember when you push a woman, ask her all the time how she’s doing, apologize for your actions, and then not give her enough space, you’re going to scare her away.

      You ask, “How can I salvage all this?”

      Well you probably can’t at this point BUT you can make sure it doesn’t happen again. You can make sure the next woman you’re “feeling it” with, you show patience, don’t text her with trivial questions like “How r u?” and fully understand when a woman says she wants to be friends first – it means “I’m not feeling attracted to you in that way.”

      And most of the time if you were looking for more it’s best to just walk away. Trust me on that.

      I wish I could tell you how to start fresh with her but what is done is already done. Getting a second first impression is not impossible but is highly improbable and I’ve found is not typically worth the effort.

      This woman gave you a gift. In her own little way she has shown you exactly what to do that will give you better and more rewarding results with the next woman.

      Thanks for writing Jay and please join DiaLteG. Read my Ebook I send you because you’ll find it’s very relevant to your situation and what happened to you.

      Best of luck,


      P.S. You may also want to study this page – Advice and Techniques from Joshua Pellicer to Escape The Friends Zone

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