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Does Bart Simpson Understand Women? Control, Risk and Rewards – Part 3

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Understand women want a reward which is greater than the risk.

Bart Simpson’s gets caught up in yet another crazy relationship with a girl and it didn’t end well. Something tells me this cartoon boy just doesn’t understand women.

It becomes all too obvious when he screams in exasperation,

“Just tell me what you want!”

For the conclusion of this three-part series of “understanding women” I’m going to focus on one simple phrase the girl says.

“Why are guys always trying to control me?”

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If it’s not too obvious she was actually controlling him despite her comment. But when he placed the “girlfriend” on her label she realized that if she gives in, she loses a little control because she will be admitting she likes him.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So… Do ALL women act like this?

Well not really. At least I don’t think so. :) Some are more extreme than others.

However I believe if we attempt to find the underlying reason which might cause a woman to act that way we can understand women a little better.

Assume all women want control because in a way they do.

Their desire to survive is no different from you and I. They are compelled just the same way we are to control situations and make life easier.

Take two women for an incredible threesome… yeah not really but consider both want “control.”

One has less control than the other over who she is. Her life is controlled almost entirely by others and because of it, she lacks her own identity. She does not have the proper skills to control her feelings so she gains her identity by using her attractive self to control men.

Put another way…

Her inability to control her own life and lack of identity leaves the desire to control unchecked and unfulfilled. To fill this role she uses men and controls them.

The other woman has control over her emotions and a socially acceptable control over things around her. Therefore this desire she has can be fulfilled and kept in check. There is no need to fulfill it by controlling others.

Two completely different  actions coming from the same feeling.

What can this teach us about understanding women and attracting them?

Well women have a desire to control just like you and I. Even though complete control is absurd and very unhealthy a little help us “tend the garden to control the insects, water and such.”

How many people would tend a “garden” at all if they knew, without a doubt, a big storm was coming and it would destroy the entire crop? Like it was inevitable.

Not many.

But there’s always the risk a huge storm will destroy the hard work anyways. In a way we give up a little control because the reward of food is essential to life. So we take the risk despite of it.

Moving that entire concept above into “what women want” we can see women DO have a desire of control but they can be made “willing to risk” something and give up a little control if the reward is high enough.

Women are willing to give up a little control if they believe or feel it is happening naturally and the the reward is worth the risk because it’s generally accepted relationships are essential to living a healthy fruitful life..

I feel this can easily come down to good leadership. Leaders don’t just give orders. They don’t try to micro-manage or control everything.

Great leaders allow the people they are in charge of leading to think and act on their own. They merely guide them or the bigger picture through the orders they give. ( Probably one reasons women find themselves so attracted to leaders.)

Alright back to Bart and his not girlfriend…

In this “Simpsons” episode when Bart brings up dating he “unnaturally” introduces a control which is not worth the reward.

It was the control that Bart showed over his own abilities that excited her. They were worth the reward of a good time with a rebel.

It was apparent this girl, being young and having such high demanding parents who controlled her life completely, was only going to give up the control for the greatest reward which engaged her strongest emotions.

That just happened to be controlling him and the situation or the relationship between them. That is what gave her the strongest emotions to thrive off of.

It’s unfortunate we have a negative example to learn from so why don’t we put a positive spin on all this…

Woman like a dominant man so to speak and even the most apparent dominate woman can be made submissive when she’s dealing with a man she is highly attracted to or has the strongest surge of emotions.

Dominant men are known to have strong leadership skills and a sense of control. (It’s unfortunately true be even an abusive jerk can be dominating.)

Giving a woman the idea that you are in control of your life tells her you can handle her life too and shows her you’re a dominant in your personal life at least.

If then you show her you’re not out to control her in any way and you just want to her be her own person she’ll be more likely to accept you as an attractive person. That is IF you offer an emotional reward that is worth the risk of control she might lose in the process.

Why should she give up her control and be submissive to your advancements in dating and sex when the feeling she experiences with you are no better than what she does for herself. This is not a constant thing though but that’s actually good news.

You only have to hint, tease her a little with a reward attached and give her the reward when she least expects it.

There’s no need to give her a wild and crazy ride when she just wants a fun, stable ride. Unless she enjoys jumping from planes, riding dirt bikes, and doing shit like that most women are happy to experience a fun but stable “ride.” It’s comfortable and normally will mean a more secure beneficial relationship.

That reward being attached is often you!

Not how you look.

Not how much money you have.

Not by being overly dominant of her life.

The reward is your ability to lead effectively and by being a dominant role in how you lead your life.

Understand women will risk a lot with the guy who offers a true reward in her life.

Bart Simpson, being a cartoon character written to make us laugh didn’t understand that and probably never will… but you can understand it’s truly what woman want from you.

For a complete picture of what really goes on inside a woman’s mind above and beyond what our little cartoon buddy has shown us, take a peak inside the minds of the most beautiful women in the world so you can begin understand them better. Marni Kinrys has beauty and brains and gets inside lots of woman’s head to show you the absolute truth. You can take a peak right here –> What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind


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