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DiaLteG TM

Doctor Paul Dobransky M.D.

Offering a new way of looking at your life and your masculinity…

If you’re a smart guy and you love reading about the science of everything including yourself, you’re going to love Doctor Paul. He’ll blend your masculinity, confidence, self-esteem, give you a unique insight into the world of psychology, and yes you guessed it, relate it to being a more attractive person to get you what you want from your dating life.

The MindOS Mastery DVDs + CDs + eBook Bundle The Visual Self Help System

Attack Anxiety – What I am presenting in Attack Anxiety! is based in REAL science. When you understand and begin applying this science in your life you are going to see results you have never dreamed would happen.

The Gentleman’s Toolbox – Do your interactions with women border on an interview process? Do you just want to create a massive influx of charisma into your life, but don’t know where to start?

Mature Masculine Power 3.0 – Mature Masculine Power advanced programs are gritty, deeply illuminating programs on all the aspects of being a man that are instinctual, intuitive, street smart, and of a reflex, primal, “animal” nature.

Seventh Sense of Fashion Despite What Most Guys Think, You Can Use A Great Sense Of Fashion To Appear More Masculine.

When I heard my first interview with Dr. Paul I was ready to take notes so I’m going to share them with you. I believe they will give you a clearer image of what to expect.

(Remember these are notes and not necessarily the views of Dr. Paul. This is what I took away after and what I wrote down as I heard it. Any likeness to his actual teachings are of course copyrighted and this is in no way meant to my personal advice to you or meant to divulge any secrets of his methods.)

  • Positive Emotional Energy = Self Esteem.
  • Self esteem = Confidence and Well Being.
  • Confidence (father energy) = Transforming Anxiety into Courage.
  • Courage = Doing the right thing no matter how you feel.
  • Well Being (mother energy) = Enough peace. A sense of being.
  • Father yourself through courage.
  • Mother yourself through Assertiveness.
  • Every time you are Assertive you get 100% back as well being.
  • Every time you are courageous you get 100% back in Confidence.

All is measurable.

All men who don’t get laid are angry.

Positive Emotional Energy + Mature Boundary Function is highly attractive.

Boundary is the bridge between the Inner game and outer game.

The border between the two is STORY TELLING. Blue beard. Female Oedipus period of development.

All men and women learn their future paradigm of how relationships should be.

Blue beard the pirate is known to be a womanizer. He had one rule of marriage. When you marry me, you can never open this closet door. And I’m going to give the key. Every wife could not resist the mystery of opening the door. Inside she found the bodies of 100 dead wives.

A woman, when she’s young, wonders how Daddy has this sexual power over her mother, or women.

Women can’t resist a mystery because it is “Oedipally” hard-wired.

Men don’t go giving away the key to your masculine core. Don’t go giving away the secrets to your masculine energy.

Always keep your power for yourself. Keep something private.

Kinesiology is the science of the movements of your face. You can intercept girl’s code by using the muscles of your face. E.g. Thinking a pure thought while speaking of something else.

Jung ism

Value of symbols. We all have Archetypes, symbolic representations of you.

4 Archetypes you are born into.

The King, The Warrior, The Magician, and The Lover (or Poet).

Temperament you are born with. Growing a mature personality around this temperament. Integrate.

  • King – Analytical. Left brain. Orderly. Arrange your kingdom and rule and give advice or wisdom.
  • Warrior  –  Action prone. Left Brain Precise in targeting. Full of confidence. Full of well-being.
  • King more nurturing full of well-being.  Warrior is more Fathering.
  • Lover = Nurturing. Right brain. Comfortable with change. Creative Artistic. Comfortable with change.

Magician Full of Fatherly energy. Right brain. Confidence. Take risks. Take chance. Think on your feet. Wing it. Play it by ear.

MAGICIAN. Make the most people. Get what they want. Leaders. They are the bad boys. They are the ruffians, criminals. Innovators. Performers, actors.

We can’t help what temperament we are born in to but we are challenged to growing skills in the other three.

3 Seconds is all it takes. The same temperament does not complete you. It does not offer the most amazing relationships.

The Magician is the opposite of the King( or Queen).

The Warrior is the opposite the Lover.

Queen more passive, analytical. Organizes things. Act like a magician to relate to her. Enjoy your magician nature. Unpredictable. Things that complete her

Lover or Poet. Granola type. More artistic. Quite shy, to themselves. Spiritual. They respond giving her your warrior nature. Be decisive to her. Commanding her, good natures way. She lacks organization. So give it to her.

Magician chics love to dance, spontaneous. Actresses. Adventurers. Don’t like to be tied down. They’ll disappear in a flash if you try this.

They need the wisdom of the king.

They are the rarest. They want you to prove you can hang with her.

Warrior chics are guy chic. Athletic. CEO of company. Aggressive. Very few friends. Ring leader. Defensive.

You need some warrior in your own. She responds well to cocky and funny. She needs artistic. She lacks the funny. She’s usually overly serious.

AJR ~ Accept, Justify, Repeat. Crucial for relating to women.

Throw out some random fact. The process of team creativity. If she is blocking you. Either you must pass her test, or she’s too boring.

Story telling is very important. People can put themselves into the main character.

Which was I born into.

Definitely KING. Math, logic. Orderly. Numbers. Concrete theory. But I’ve definitely integrated all other parts of me through music, performance, and artistic experiences.

LOVER my right brain works quite effectively. Integrated when i was younger but seem to be missing the part of change. Although the last few years and fuck it. I’ve changed my life many times.


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