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3 Dating Myths About Women

Is dating really fair to men when it seems SHE has all the choices.

Written by Nick Savoy – Love Systems – Get Better With Women

There are a lot of dating myths out in the world that are false.

Some of them are so bad that I had to write about it to show you how they are holding guys like you back from dating the women you want.

I’m going to show you how these myths are bad for your dating life and what to do about them.

1. Women want a nice guy.

You have heard and seen this plenty of times; Women saying they all want to date a nice guy, but then they all end up dating the jerk or bad boy. This paradox is as old as the Earth.

Women do want someone who can be nice to them, but also someone who can push their buttons and has strong boundaries.

Nice guys lack the latter and that is why especially beautiful women don’t end up dating the nice guy.

If you are one of the nice guys, try to tease girls more and fooling around with them. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but it works.

2. Dating should be fair.

This is a big one. I hear from guys all the time that the dating game should be fair; “I shouldn’t be doing all the pursuing and all the work.” If you recognize yourself, stop right now.

In the dating world, the guy has to be proactive about it.

Just accept this.

I didn’t make the world, I just live in it.

You can’t expect for women to approach you and seduce you. When one does, it’s most likely a pro (and I’m not meaning a professional!).

You can also look at it differently.

You have the option to pick the women you want to date.

You are the one exercising the freedom of picking. Women don’t.

They have to go through a lot of chumps and unfortunately sometimes they still can’t find the right guy.

3. Women hate to be approached.

There is this myth out there that says women hate to be approached.

Nothing couldn’t be further from the truth.

Why do you think it takes hours for women to get ready to go out at night?

If friends want to have a conversation over a glass of wine, they can do that at home too.

Another popular excuse women use is so they can “dance.

Another excuse to masquerade why women really go out.

The real reason women go out is to find a guy, just like you go out to find a girl.

Don’t let these excuses women give fool you.

The next time you see women out, keep in mind that they want to be approached and swept away. You can be that guy.

One of the reasons this myth is so established is because a lot of guys have no clue how to approach women and they do it in a terrible fashion.

For example, using a pickup line does not work and it is the fastest way to get rejected.

Instead, with the right fashion, body language, and the right thing to say you can start enjoying conversations with beautiful women.

You just have to know the little insider tips from guys like me and other players.

Fortunately for you I have codified a system in my guide the Magic Bullets Handbook.

You can learn a simple system for attracting and seducing women that you can use right away.

In it, I will show you proven things you can say to start conversations and how to be confident.

Take care,

Nick Savoy

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Nick Savoy - Love Systems

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