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Tips For When You Run Out Of Things To Say

Routines can help you nail a date and focus more on attraction.

Written by Nick Savoy of Love Systems – Meet and Attract Beautiful Women

One of the biggest issue guys have is “running out of things to say”.

Those awkward pauses kill attraction.

I’ve been teaching guys how to succeed with women for almost ten years, and this problem always seems to come from the same two places:

1. They look for the perfect thing to say, instead of going with what is good enough.

You don’t need 300 polished routines.

A routine is a story or a line or something you do that works…everyone uses routines, though most guys call it ‘using your best stuff’).

10-15 great routines for specific situations is good enough.

You need a couple of good openers.

A couple good transitions.

Some killer attraction routines.

And so on.

The best way to learn routines is to focus on one at a time and use it in every approach. When you’ve internalized it and can use it any time, add another.

2. Some guys say they “don’t use routines.”

This is just silly.

Everyone uses routines.

A routine is simply a piece of material that works and can be used again.

Your uncle Marcel has probably never heard of Love Systems, but when he tells the same story at every family reunion about his ice fishing trip in Manitoba, he is delivering a routine.

You already have certain stories or things to say that you’ve rolled out more than once in a conversation.

Guess what?

You’re using routines.

So, if you’re going to use routines anyway, you may as well use good ones.

The Routines Manual is a great source of hundreds of the best routines that the top pickup artists in the world actually use every day when meeting women.

By the way, routines are not about “tricking” or “lying to women.”

No one is telling you to repeat, word-for-word, the comic book routine or my stranded-in-Paris story.

You can if you want for practice, but many routines are not about personal experiences (e.g., interesting observations or third-person stories).

In any case, from using the masters’ routines, you can learn what they key elements are and how to make routines that do reflect your own life and experiences.

Not only do routines save you from having to worry about what to say next (and the threat of an awkward pause if you can’t think of anything), but they also narrow the field of likely responses.

I’ve used some routines hundreds if not a thousand or two times and in most cases, there are only a couple of likely responses that a woman or her group will give.

Then you can practice dealing with these specific responses.

You’ll eventually find a routine that best advances the interaction based on her specific response.

This is the beginning of a “routine stack” where instead of having just one routine, you have a couple in a row, in the right order, with contingencies based on her responses.

Good luck!

Nick Savoy

Nick Savoy - Love Systems

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