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Is Your Success with Women Based On Your height?

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He’s slightly taller than her, was that why she was attracted to him?

Tall dark and handsome. That is what women want, right?

That’s what the media tells us. Ask a woman who plays the lead role inside their minds, in other words their perfect man and more than likely, she’ll say tall, dark, and handsome.

So what are you supposed to do as a shorter man, to succeed with women?

You could give up. You could wear lifts. Your could find a shorter woman but everyone knows shorter women only date extremely tall guys. You could build up your muscles and hope women won’t notice you’re short. Hell I bet if you look hard enough you can find women that have a short-man sexual fetish.

You can become rich and famous, a rock star, or even a great athlete. Admit it. Every solution I have mentioned are truly viable options. Sure they are extremely narrow-minded but there is a logic behind them.

Every one of those solutions are based on a limited belief system of our social upbringing. They are perpetuated from day one of our existence and us shorts guys are force-fed them constantly.

When the constant bombardment of our confidence and self-esteem are tied into each failure we endure, we can find ourselves relating these failures to our height.

After all if a woman turns us down and the next man we find her kissing, is five inches taller, it becomes way too easy to blame it on our height. It satisfies the logic of what we see or believe in our minds.  We consequently “train” our minds to only notice what satisfies our logical process.

For example. If you are logically deducing women only want men who are slightly taller than them, you are far more likely to only notice those couples. And when you do see couple that goes against your beliefs, your brain tries to explain it another way.

He must be rich… or it’s his huge muscles…Ehhh he’s probably a jerk.

But when I see or meet an attractive taller women, my mind screams,

“Challenge.. Yes!”

Now you would think a challenge would be good in this case. But it is not.  Seeing her as a challenge I set myself to be the chaser. I’ve already made a clear connection in my mind between her height and her unwillingness to feel attracted to a shorter man like me.

You see how that works. It’s not always in plain view. Sometimes these connections we make often lie deep and nested. They are entwined in our everyday life. They set themselves up when our social surroundings, as stated earlier, bombard a weak confidence and self-esteem.

Tall women are challenging because taller women want tall men. If I can get a taller women I must be good at getting women. And since shorter women only date much taller men, and shorter women have more choices, why should I bother. That is too great of challenge. Tall women struggle finding taller men so I can get them to settle for me.

Now…Is your success with women really based on your height?

You must answer yes or no and nothing in between. If you say yes what is the reason you came up with.  The first one that pops up in your mind. Is there any statement you can make that will unwind the connection and set it up as a positive reinforcement making you more attractive to women?

I recently found this great quote to show you exactly what I mean.

…who is now 6’5?, the world is a little place, full of cramped spaces in vehicles and uncomfortable closeness. You’re constantly moving away from people so you just have a bit of room to maneuver and not fall down, because your center of gravity is so high. When you talk to someone, the natural distance to stand away is maybe 3 feet or more.

I’m 5’6?. For me, the world is spacious and easy. A queen bed is a huge space where a girl my size and I can sprawl at will. Car and plane seats are comfortable and relaxing. My personal space is rarely impinged. I can stand six inches away from someone and they don’t feel threatened or weird.

Being Short is an Asset in Pickup Part 1

Taken from LA Phil Be Short Get Laid, It’s a small blog listing which doesn’t cover much yet on being short and attracting women but you should be able to find some useful information there on pickup. I wouldn’t expect you’re going to get laid that easily by visiting but every little bit, no pun intended, helps. Keep in mind the blog was written as an added assortment to Brad P who offers products for sale such as Instant Attraction.

Do you see what LA Phil has done for us?

He has taken a taller man and showed us the attractive advantage of being short over him. The attractive part being making others feel comfortable and trust me guys, having tons of space on a bed with a woman can be like having sex in an arena. You both can fit anywhere, in any position, and still have room to spread out.

The connection that is unwound here is the connection of since you are short, the world is a huge place where taller people have the advantage. When in reality we can find it easier to get close to people because of our height.

You can also learn much more on these connection through Secret to Success Women for Shorter Men.

That sort of exercise I asked you to do can be done by yourself and it won’t cost you anything. All it takes is a reworking of the way you think, and the ability to stand back, even for a few minutes a day, and objectify these connections between your success with women, and your height.

I have only covered a few examples here. I believe you can find some more on your own but if you’re going to find some are so deep you may need a little outer perspective to bring them up. I though I knew most of them especially because I think about this shit so often to write about it.

I was wrong.

I had no idea how to fully connect my height to how women perceive me and use it as an advantage. I learned about attraction, built my confidence and self-esteem and my height went away.

You can do what I’ve done. It works. But like my misconception, you’re going to miss an area which as a shorter man, can be actually used to your advantage in attracting women.

Yes short men have can advantages in dating and attraction. Your success with women is NOT based on your height


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  • Guest

    Of course, short men or men about the same height make women, especially those under 5’6″, feel safe, because they’re less aggressive, more gentle, considerate, and humble, which is why women fall for them. Tall men on the other hand are often seen as very aggressive, bossy, domineering, and egotistical. There’s been numerous news reports of tall men creeping out, assaulting, raping, kidnapping, and/or killing women, including the petite ones, which is why women are going for the not-so-tall guys to play it safe because it’s harder for a short guy to creep out and subdue women.

  • Thanks for your opinions guest but I don’t entirely agree with you. Sure taller men can intimidate women. I do know lots of women who do feel safer alone with a smaller guy. Especially when they may not know them too well.

    And Yes there is definitely a connection between being large and being seen as aggressive or scare.


    I personally would never consider generalizing taller men as being more likely to commit illegal acts against women. I typically subscribe the concept of “we see what we want to see.” or “always find the answers we want to find.” I’ve been great friends with lots of taller guys and they have been more than decent kind people. And I’ve known plenty of shorter aggressive men living up to the Napoleon Complex.

    To respond properly to your comment, and due to a recent terrible event in my life, (a woman I know who is taller than six feet was just attacked by a man smaller than me 5’5″) – I have spent the last few hours searching for statistics to correlate height and crimes against women, but unfortunately came up with nothing.

    If you, or anyone has found these stats please share them with us.

  • joeblow

    The idea that women feel safer with short men is based on the idea that a woman could defend herself against a short man, that is absurd.
    There are some women who could but most can’t. A man is 50 percent stronger at the same body weight and well he is a man. Put most women up against a guy the size of a jockey and he could easily beat her severely. It is not unlikely at all for a 5’4 135 pound man to be able to defend himself against a man of average size and he would not need a black belt to do so, although the odds are in the taller, heavier man’s favor. It is basically an insult for a woman to say that she feels safer with a short man.

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