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Online Dating – How To Increase and Add To How Many Women You Meet

Some of the best women out there become ONLY available for you to meet online.

Meeting women online is one thing but following through and finding local women to date is something entirely different. As I’m sure you’ve already experienced that yourself.

Tons of options in dating sites to try – but little of them truly give what they offer. Mostly because unless you live in an “bigger-than-average” city your searches must include every women up to several hundred miles away.

Which means lots of travel time and the potentially difficult to maintain long-term relationship. (Personally I’ve preferred those kind of “hook-ups” because of my workaholic lifestyle and it has granted more than my share of experience in internet dating.)

The truth is – I’ve become very good at meeting women this way.

My only concern is being able to get across to you what I’ve learned in a way which can actually help you and not confuse the issues or problems you might be having even more.

Aside from every technique I’ve tried, and I’ve dabbled in them all, I must honestly say the biggest reason for my success, and it saddens me to admit this, was the terrible approach by so many “other” men.

All I had to do was to set myself up as a refreshing alternative to everything a woman was finding and suddenly my email box was full of responses. (Mind you I didn’t say proposals. I almost always initiated the first contact.)

You can do it too with a few guidelines or rules to stick to…but if you really want to get good at it – I’ve found it’s best to go above and beyond an average dedication.

You’ll want to cover every last detail, join several different sites, always maintain and tweak your profile and the pictures you include, and most importantly learn how to convey your greatest assets of your personality through the written word.

And then actually follow through with an action plan that works.

  • If you wait too long to meet in person you’re going to experience problems.
  • If you fail at any of the “always-moving-forward” techniques you’re going to get stuck making lots of flirty online friends and nothing else.
  • If you’re not prepared to travel a little you’re going to limit your options.
  • If you at any given point are not willing to risk “personal rejection” you’ll talk yourself out of advancing through the process. Sometimes without even knowing you’re doing it to yourself.
  • If you at any given point are not willing to be upfront and honest with a firm rejection of the women you do personally meet you’re setting yourself up for more stress than you should have to endure. (Because you’ll always feel bad stringing along a woman you don’t really want.)

Below you’ll find everything me and my friends have written to help you succeed dating online. Follow them along and piece together for yourself a solid plan you can stick to and you will get results.

Please – before you go over any of the advice below I want to remind you – Don’t try so hard! It’s not always so obvious that you’re doing it online as it is in person. I feel a fair warning here is justified because that neediness you might unknowingly display will quite literally destroy her confidence in you as some guy she’s never met.

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The Nice Guys Approach to Dating Online or Using the Internet to Help You Meet More Women…is best described by an acronym I came up with a while ago to help you remember:

A.C.C.E.S.S.   F.U.N.

Attracted ~ You make her feel more confident, self-aware, and always leave her in a better mood after a conversation.

Comfortable ~ Being at ease when she’s with you enough to open up.

Challenged ~ She wants to feel like you’re worth the effort. Just a little out of reach but not unattainable.

Excited ~  She wants to feel anticipation and wonder. Looking forward to your next email.

Special ~ She understands how dating works and she is not the only woman you’re writing to but she also still wants to stand out among all the others you are writing to.

Safe ~ She want to know she can trust you personally, physically, and emotionally.

Frustrated ~   She wants to feel the sensations of being teased in more ways than one.

Urgency  ~ She must feel like if she doesn’t act quickly, she may miss out on you. This works great for quick hook-ups or to avoid being stuck on the internet for a year.

Need ~ Different than urgency she needs to get to know you better because you’re not always so willing to give out everything about you with each interaction.

If you stick to those while you’re writing your profile, posting your pictures, and contacting her, you’ll encounter immeasurable success. Understandable doing ALL of that is difficult to achieve as a beginner so take it easy. One step at a time.

Internet dating must always be an addition to your personal dating life (if at all possible) so it’s okay to take a little extra time to get it right. A little at night when you’re alone. Before you go to work. While you’re waiting for some friends to show up. It all adds up.

And it can add up to this…

I’m sure you’re not totally sold on the bar scene, or maybe you just don’t get a chance to get out as often as you like. The truth is there’s a ton of women who are in the same position you’re in. And these women are only available for you to meet online… as long as you give it a real chance with some honest effort.

Those women do go for the half-assed approach because they can get lots of dates. Don’t let the internet fool you – just because a “hot” woman is on a dating site does not mean she can not find dates. It usually means she hates the dating scene around her area, has had some terrible dates with those guys, or works her ass off so online offers her some time-saving method.

The nice guys approach to dating also has one undeniably proven fact, (and I just can’t leave you without voicing it ) what you have in the so-called real world, good or bad, becomes no different online. If you don’t know how to create attraction, rapport, and all that god stuff women love, please work on that first because it will show up on the internet.

When I was a self-proclaimed dating loser and brought those skills to the web – I failed just as easily.

When I took what I was learning to real physical one on one interactions with women (that was working) to the internet is when I saw almost immediate success and so should you.

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