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5 Reasons Why Women Will Reject A Shorter Man Based On His Height

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Shorter men can attract women,

I have met and talked to many women in my life and I can roughly name two that actually said they liked short men. My mom and some a drunk woman at a bar that was trying to get in my pants.

The word tall always seems to start a woman’s shopping list when it comes to what she is looking for in a guy. After all, tall dark and handsome didn’t become cliché overnight.

I’m not going to hold back the sarcasm on this post. You’re in for a ride. Have fun. :)

I’m a shorter guy and here are 5 Reasons a Woman Would Reject Me Because I’m Too Short:

1.) Short men are weaker than tall men.

We are all here to keep our species alive, procreate, and being short can be perceived as being weak. Obviously it’s a common misconception because we  know short men that are very strong, physically and mentally. We also know tall men that are weak, mentally or physically. Yes physically!

I grew up with some pretty tall cousins and of course we would screw around and a fight would break out. One cousin  was weak. He couldn’t take a punch. I could always find a way to win. The other couldn’t feel pain at all. There was nothing I could do to win. All I could do was try my best to walk away unharmed and end it with some dignity.

..And both were taller than average and large. Yet one was a wussy and one was a bull.

Back to those instincts with a small break for very short women snatching up all the extremely tall men…

2.) Having children with a shorter man guarantees short off spring.

I know you have seen them. She’s 5 foot. His 6’3″.

All the taller women 5’10″ and above are cringing because they can not find a man taller.

All the shorter guys under 5’5″ are pissed because they struggle with taller women, and everyone knows shorter women go for those “way too tall for them guys.

I theorized while talking to a friend that according to the survival of the fittest, it makes sense. I came to the conclusion that shorter women will instinctively want to mate with a much taller man to insure her children are at least average. A completely valid theory based on my perception of a shorter guy.

3.) Shorter men will lower a taller woman’s status if they are seen dating.

Tall Woman. Short Men.

Status plays a major role in a woman’s selection of a guy. A woman with very low belief in herself, being taller than average, would not be able to handle the lower status she will feel on a date with a much shorter guy.

Tall women dating short men is always an intriguing topic. On the tall women’s site, tallwomen.org, a tall woman posted a question to other tall women: She’s attracted to a 5-6 man. She stands 6-4. Wow! Should this woman go for it?

4.) Shorter men are harder to tame.

Imagine three people standing side to side with a woman around 5’5″ in the middle.

The men are 5’4″ and 6′.

Let’s assume there is no sexual feeling at all between them.

How does this woman behave differently while speaking to them? Does she look up at the tall man, pinching his cheek he is a notch below her in intelligence.

She then turns to the man close to her own height and speaks to him directly. She naturally assumes he is smarter or as smart as her.

Here’s the wonderful part of a sarcastic post…

I can combine two clichés and come to this conclusion:

Women want tall dark and handsome and it doesn’t matter what his attitude is, because her need to CHANGE HIM overrules her better judgment.

And who’s easier to change?

The smart cat-like man, (yes all of us short guys are naturally gifted in climbing, why else would we want taller girls) or the big dumb beautiful oaf, (yes the over-sized happy but dumb dog reinforcing the belief ignorance is bliss). And I am not even going to mention us short cool cats already come potty or litter trained.

5.) Shorter men can not be over abundant providers.

I borrowed this snippet below from a post I enjoy reading occasionally. See you in a minute, read on…

1. Most CEOs are tall.

90% of Fortune 500 CEOs are of above average height. Some 30% – compared with only about 4% in the general population – are 6’2” or taller. [Since.....] the only explanation is that tallness conveys qualities that are seen as “executive material” even when the tall person might lack those qualities or be merely humdrum. By extension, shorter-than-average people with incredible leadership skills might be passed over in exchange for less-stunning but taller candidates.

What to do about it:This is even tougher than appearance issues, since there’s no good way to increase your height (you can wear lifts, I suppose, but will always risk exposure). Again, confidence is key, and the handful of shorter-than-average CEOs out there (less that 3%) are distinguished by their confidence. Study the behavior of shorter CEOs like Jack Welch or Barry Diller. Think “tall” – be seen, make yourself heard. Shorter CEOs also tend to be those that work their way up in a company, so commit for the long haul; taller CEOs

10 Things in Life That Aren’t Fair – and What to Do About Them (Part 1 of 2)

There you have it.


Facts to back up the belief that shorter men find it difficult succeeding in the business world. I haven’t had too many jobs in my life but I don’t recall too many bosses that I had the pleasure of looking down to. I work with an older man right now and together we have gone through many bosses. And the one thing he asks about the new boss is,

“Is he short?”

He will then either give a sigh of relief claiming,

“Whew. Shorter guys always have something to prove.”

Or with a small look of terror in his eyes,

“Shit. Great. He’s short. We’re screwed.”

I honestly do hope you are a shorter guy reading this and it pissed you off. I did it for a reason. I wrote to prove a point that the beliefs we hold, when broken down and scrutinized can be changed. They can be seen in a new light of absurdity with help from a sarcastic attitude.

What we believe today can or will not be what we believe tomorrow.

Take a look at the list I found below when you get a chance. None of those people believed (for long enough at least) That their height would stop them from achieving their goals. Or else why would they be on it.

EncyclopediaList of famous short men

The absurdity of being rejected based on your height alone:

Women want taller men because all shorter men are weak. They can not physically protect her. They have short genes and will always produce shorter off spring. And shorter off spring will find it difficult themselves to succeed in business.

Taller men are more likely to be a boss.

Women will reject shorter men because we are all stubborn, harder to change, and..

Just being seen with us will make her feel out-of-place or lower her status among her girlfriends.

I don’t know about you guys but just reading that last paragraph back to myself I laughed. I had to. But I laughed for two reasons.

1.) I once believed it all.
2.) I now find it utterly absurd and negative.

I now know how that type of thinking begins. I know how it ends. I understand our minds can shut itself off to explain its own beliefs. And I understand how deep those connections can go.

For example…

When I was in High School I got a call from a woman and she was looking for someone else. We hit it off instantly and actually kept talking. It was a great conversation that lasted for hours. Before we hung up we decided meeting each other would be so great.

We had no clue what we looked like but we didn’t anyways.

I was excited, anxious, and scared.

The two of us met and the first thing I noticed about her was the disappointment in her face when she realized I was a foot shorter than her.

But she did not reject me. I rejected myself from her. I did not give her a choice. I missed the opportunity to get to know a potential awesome woman because I felt…

She could never like me. I’m just too short for her.

Okay yes… some women prefer tall men. Big Deal! I prefer blondes myself but my last girlfriend was a brunette.

I honestly hope this post has help to begin to reform some of your ideas of being a shorter man. If not, please read through another post of mine, Is Your Success With Women Based On Your Height?

Good luck and remember to keep looking up shorty.    :D

Articles and Recommendations if you Still Feel Like You’re Rejected by Women…Because You Are Short

Photo Acknowledgement:
Tall Woman Shorter Man Photo: Tallwomen.org


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  • Caius

    All your suppositions are a bunch of bullocks.

    Most tall women will not mind and most often LOVE dating shorter men.

    Shorter men are more ambitious. A large majority of them will acquire more wealth and status.
    ASK A FEW TALL WOMEN – instead of puking out your own fears.

    • Caius,

      You may want to take the time to read the post before you leave a comment. You may have overlooked the obvious sarcasm,

      “I’m not going to hold back the sarcasm on this post. You’re in for a ride. Have fun. :)”

      And the absurdity of the post…

      They can be seen in a new light of absurdity with help from a sarcastic attitude.

      Aside from the obvious sarcasm, which may have “gone over your head” I have backed up my old limited beliefs with facts.

      Your “suppositions” however offer little more than statements without facts designed to make you feel better. Which if that is what you need I see nothing wrong with it. I prefer to take the road of people are people. tall or short, and the fact that women do PREFER to date taller men makes no difference in my dating world anymore.

      Honestly I couldn’t care less what women prefer, when my girlfriend looks down at me with her sultry eyes I know what it’s really about. Not my wealth, which I have none. My status, well that I do have. It’s about how I make her feel. And I know without a doubt if all my ambitions were to leave me tomorrow it would not change the way she feels about her short ass man. (Unless I start puking out my fears on her foot.)

  • Luke

    Good article! We need more like this one. Unfortunately, it will not change people’s mind on the subject: short men will agree, women with 6′ 4″ boyfriends will protest ans say height doesn’ t matter and tall guys will laught at it.
    It’s a social fact, not an opinion. My best friend is 6′ 5″ and I’m 5’7″. He was always successful with girls while I was almost always rejected, yet…I was more good looking than him and had Sly’s body. He was fat and losing his hair. I could beat him up with one hand.
    But in naive twenties, I never thought girls were so superficial and automatically selecting the taller guy!
    Women often complain that men are only attracted by their physical attributes. What a crap! Yes, men do look at a woman’s body but they don’t automatically reject her because she is only 34a…but women will often reject a guy under 6′.
    My conclusion: women are extraordinarily superficial and they will do anything to hide it.

  • brian


  • Joe Trammel

    All these propagana about height is nonsense.All’s it takes for short men to get woman is by being funny,confident in yourself,beliving in myself,being creative,having a good personality and being kind.I’m 5’4 1/2 but I won’t let that stop me from having fun.

    • peter white

      Great points Joe. Let’s not forget if any woman rejects a guy solely by his height alone, then what does that say about her?

      I assume most women won’t reject him based on his height alone, they’re all just not that shallow. Therefore there must be something else missing and a few of them on most definitely on the list you wrote.

      Thanks Joe,


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