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5 Reasons Why Women Will Reject A Shorter Man Based On His Height

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They’re both assumed to be short. If she rejecting him because of his height alone?

I have met and talked to many women in my short life and I can roughly name two that actually said they liked or preferred short men…

My mom and some drunk woman who was trying to get in my pants.

Of course my Mom’s now married to a taller guy and the drunk chic did NOT get in my pants.

So much for her preferences.

I believe she meant to say, “I have never rejected a guy because of his height.”

The drunk girl was either wearing beer goggles or setting her goals low in better hopes to achieve them.

The word “tall” always seems to start a woman’s shopping list when it comes to what she is looking for in a guy.

After all, tall dark and handsome didn’t become cliché overnight.

It’s been ingrained and publicized for as long as I can remember and the media have and always will perpetuate what they perceive women to want.

But will any particular woman ever reject a guy, no matter what, under any conditions, just because of his height?


Of course.

Maybe she has a height issue.

Maybe she cares too much of what others think.

Maybe there’s something more going on which is ingrained into our instinctual need to survive and deliver offspring with a better chance of survival and success themselves.


Take note of the sarcasm in this post because I’m not holding back and it’s here to prove a point…

I aim to dispel the myths us “shorter” guys have been told and to explore the absurdity that women turn down men just because we’re short.

1.) Short men are weaker than tall men.

We are all here to keep our species alive, procreate, and being short can be perceived as being weak. Obviously it’s a common misconception because we all know short men that are very strong, physically and mentally. We also know tall men that are weak, mentally or physically.

I grew up with some pretty tall cousins and of course we would screw around and a real fight would eventually break out. One cousin was weak. He couldn’t take a punch. I could always find a way to win. The other couldn’t feel pain at all. There was nothing I could do to win. All I could do was try my best to walk away unharmed and end it with some dignity.

And both were taller than average AND large. Yet one was a wussy and one was a bull.

But alas since shorter guys are ALWAYS weaker why wouldn’t she reject the shorter guy when her goal is to conceive offspring which are strong.

However reason 1 states short guys are weaker than tall guys and since this is obviously not the case if we’re rejected and we assume it’s because we’re small, there must be another reason she turned us down.

Like how about…

2.) Having children with a shorter man practically guarantees the kids are going to be short too.

Tell me if you’ve seen these couples.

She’s 5 foot. His 6’3″.

Pisses off a lot of people, doesn’t it?

All the taller women 5’10” and above are cringing because they can not find a man taller. They’re stuck looking for much taller men and since they are rare it makes it difficult for her to find him.

All the shorter guys under 5’5″ are pissed because they struggle with taller women and since everyone knows shorter women go for those “way too tall for them guys.” they’re left to find a woman who falls between 5’3″ and 5’3″ and one half.

I “theorized” once that according to the survival of the fittest, it makes sense. I came to the conclusion that shorter women will instinctively want to mate with a much taller man to insure her children are at least average.

With all that it’s easy to see why women “deny the small” because they’re afraid of having short children, they prefer to look up to their man, and of course, short people are weaker than taller ones.

However since men of six feet tall are above average in height AND women 5 feet tall or less are below average in height…

This can NOT possibly be the norm but the exception.

3.) Shorter men will lower a taller woman’s status if they are seen dating.

Tall Woman. Short Men.

Tall Woman Shorter Man Photo: Tallwomen.org

Status DOES play a major role in a woman’s selection or attraction to a guy. ( Although some argue younger women care more about this than older women. I’m not entirely convinced yet.)

A woman with a very low belief in herself, being taller than average, would not be able to handle the lower status she will feel on a date with a much shorter guy as in the picture.

This was a major excuse for me, “She just doesn’t want to be seen with me. Her friend will think she’s nits because she’s with a shorter guy. She’ll think people are staring…”

The truth is there.

If she has low self-esteem she’s going to worry about what people think.

If she puts he friends value higher than hers, she’s going to avoid a shorter man because her friends would NEVER date one.

If she builds her self-image by who she is with (sexually or not) then of course she’ll reject a guy because of his height.

Where does that leave us and this truthful myth?


Women who have status and will not give it away because of what others think (for the most part) AND who value themselves with high self-esteem will rare if ever reject a guy because of his stature.

And the kicker:

We must not base our on status on how big or small we are or we will give her every excuse or reason to reject us!

4.) Shorter men are harder to tame.

Imagine three people standing side to side with a woman around 5’5″ in the middle all of equal pay and outstanding citizens.

The men are 5’2″ and 6’3″.

Looking up she might assume he’s got by in life though his height which in turn may make him less intelligent.

Looking down she might assume he’s had to work harder for it. It might make her a little nerdy. It might make him appear clever or smarter than the taller guy.

Which one will gain more of her respect?

Now… Here’s the wonderful part of a sarcastic post.

I can combine two clichés and come to this conclusion:

1. Women prefer tall, dark, and handsome.
2. Women feel more attracted to men they want to change and it often overrides her better judgement.

Between the two guys listed it’s easy to see who is easier to change?

The smart cat-like man because yes all of us short guys are naturally gifted in climbing, why else would we want taller girls or the big dumb beautiful oaf because of course the over-sized happy dumb dog reinforcing the belief ignorance is bliss?

Being more clever, more respected, seen as smarter because we appear nerdier, she find us shorter guys not only harder to tame but finds no reason to change us – we’re already perfect.

However since a preference is NOT the same as attraction AND why would she want to change a taller guy she already has power over of in many ways this becomes a tall-tale assuming women don’t want a real challenge.

5.) Shorter men find it more difficult to succeed in business and therefore are inferior providers to taller men.

Most CEOs are tall.

90% of Fortune 500 CEOs are of above average height. Some 30% – compared with only about 4% in the general population – are 6’2” or taller. [Since…..] the only explanation is that tallness conveys qualities that are seen as “executive material” even when the tall person might lack those qualities or be merely humdrum. By extension, shorter-than-average people with incredible leadership skills might be passed over in exchange for less-stunning but taller candidates.

What to do about it:

This is even tougher than appearance issues, since there’s no good way to increase your height (you can wear lifts, I suppose, but will always risk exposure). Again, confidence is key, and the handful of shorter-than-average CEOs out there (less that 3%) are distinguished by their confidence. Study the behavior of shorter CEOs like Jack Welch or Barry Diller. Think “tall” – be seen, make yourself heard. Shorter CEOs also tend to be those that work their way up in a company, so commit for the long haul; taller CEOs.

10 Things in Life That Aren’t Fair – and What to Do About Them (Part 1 of 2)

There you have it: Facts!

Facts to back up the belief that shorter men find it difficult succeeding in the business world thus making the less of a provider than his taller counterpart.

If a woman assumes or reads fact like that then of course she turn her head away from the less providing shorter man and reject his tiny ass.


If those facts are entirely true (and they probably are) who is to say women ONLY date CEO’s or more successful businessmen or the only way to be great providers is to be one of them?

And what about this long list of short guys who have succeeded in many fields –> List of Famous Short Men

Also being a more than a credible provider may come down to some finances but if we’re to believe it’s ALL about money then we might as well assume only fathers with cash are good. Which I’m sure if you have ever paid any attention in the world – proves itself wrong on many occasions with divorce and the troubled children of rich guys.

Again, assuming the exception is the rule rarely ever proves a point.

Especially when that is point is that since taller men are better providers she has no choice but to reject us lowly poor and terrible fathers small guys.

The beliefs we hold, when broken down and scrutinized can be changed. They can be seen in a new light of absurdity with the help of a clever and sarcastic attitude towards certain perceived norms…

The “norm” might feel like we’re being rejected because of our height alone but then we must assume so much more to back up those beliefs:

  • Women want taller men because ALL shorter men are weaker.
  • They have short genes and will ALWAYS produce shorter weaker kids who are less likely to succeed.
  • ALL women have low self-esteem and worry more about how others see them.
  • Her delicately fragile Ego can NOT handle being judged by others as a couple.
  • ALL women aim for high status and tall men equals higher status.
  • Short guys ALWAYS suffer from the “Napoleon Complex” and feel like they have something to prove making them impossible to change or tame.
  • Tall guys are given everything whereas shorter guys have to work for it making the shorter guy smarter and clever and more nimble-like.
  • They (shorter dudes) don’t make as much money so they can not be great providers.
  • Better financial providers ALWAYS are better fathers.
  • The only way to make money (or succeed) is to be better businessmen and possible a CEO of a large company.

There are many more “myths” or assumed “norms” in the world centered around our height and if we choose to believe them or think they hold us back from attracting women we’re only reinforcing something so much more destructive:

Women will reject us based on our height alone therefore ALL women are superficial!

You can read the destructive force which happens to attraction when we assume her superficiality in this post I wrote –> Are All Women Superficial? Do They Only Choose Guys Who Are Taller?

Dispelling these myths or changing our beliefs can happen as I’ve managed to do it because I’m a short nimbly-like cat person of higher intelligence but an empty wallet. 😀

Hopefully I changed your beliefs a little.

How about we go a little further so every less-then-tall guy can truly change their perception about the world and begin to see things such as rejection and attraction more positively.

First, if you’re thinking about heightening, think again –> I Don’t Care How Short You Are, You DO NOT Need Lifts To Attract Women

Is your success with women REALLY based on your height? Is Your Success With Women Based On Your Height?

Maybe we assume taller guys are better looking than us. Some are of course but as Scot Mckay so eloquently wrote –> Do Only Good Looking Guys Get Women?

While being short can not be changed, our attitudes about it and how it affects attraction CAN be changed:

The whole rejection thing often comes from a limited belief system based on our experiences and they too also CAN be changed.

Here’s what I’ve come up with to help us out –> Limited Belief – Women are not attracted to me because I am too short

Still not convinced about rejection and your height? Secrets To Success With Women For Shorter Men or better known as “Not Too Short” changed my beliefs on my height with regards to attracting women and I believe you’ll find it extremely helpful too.

Okay so yes… some women DO prefer tall or taller men.

But if you believe women are rejecting us based solely on our height than I do hope by reading this today I’ve at least begun to change your mind AND have given you many opportunities to dispel this myth once and for all.

Keep looking up shorty! 😀


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    It’s not just about height, some of us were shafted early in life. Poor food, poor environment, cheap education, and poverty stricken all lead to physically delayed development or completely sterile. Women see you as a guy with no redeeming value, so they won’t even offer you a second glance as they’re passing you in the hallway. Realize women and society labelled you the loser, the outcast, the outsider. You don’t belong, you are obsolete. And to stop wasting everyone’s time and step aside before some school football player pushes you aside. How do you think it feels going through life like that and how I feel.

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