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6 Signs That You Are In Her Friend’s Zone and Indicators of Interest

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Were you bringing her flowers before you noticed the signs she already put you in the friends zone?

I thought this woman really liked me once. We had fun together. We got along. We agreed on everything. We had so much in common it was like fate had somehow brought us together.

We spent a couple of exciting days together and I needed everyone of them to get the nerve up to ask her out. I don’t recall the exact words I used but I’m sure it wasn’t more than,

“Would you like to go out with me?”

She replied with,

“I’m not sure. You’re such a great guy but I REALLY like this other guy.”

I leveled my head to hers and muttered,

“Okay. But if it doesn’t work out, let me know. “

…And she all too easily agreed.

You see I failed to notice the signs. I failed to notice I was walking around with a giant neon sign above my head for every woman to see. It simply advertised this:

I’d Make a Good Friend. :)

There are a number of ways to tell if she is interested in you as more than a friend. These signs are indicators which I do hope you use to stop making the mistakes I did in the past.

This post can not possibly cover everyone but don’t worry, I’ve got it covered. My vast experience in the friends zone (about 20 years almost consequently) forced me in the corner to finally get this part of my life handled.

And you know what…I absolutely hate seeing any man suffer the same way I did. Take heed to the signs of the dreaded friends zone because it can and will help you to avoid getting them in the future.

First download my helper Ebook , 10 Huge Signs She Has Put You in The Friends Zone.  (this is a .pdf file so please save to your computer or open in new window.)

6 Signs That You Are In The Friend’s Zone

1 She reveals way too much personal information about herself quickly.

You found a new friend. I’m not going to congratulate you because I know that’s not what you wanted.

But that doesn’t take away from the fact that rarely will a woman who is “into” a guy reveal information about herself so you can “disqualify” her quickly. The last thing she wants is to start giving you every reason to not like her back.

If she’s feeling attracted to you she WILL withhold details about herself she does not like. (Of course if she suffers from low self-esteem or is clueless about guy the exact opposite can happen. But don’t worry about that. You’re only interested in self-confident women right?)


2 She seems comfortable around you too early. Talks about other guys she is seeing easily, or about the past relationships she has been in.
When a woman finds herself extremely attracted to a guy she may feel anxious. She may fidget. Her words may stumble a little. The emotions she is feeling will keep her on the edge so she gets a little excited. This can easily be seen through her body language. When she feels really comfortable with you too early, it is usually a sign there is no sexual friction or chemistry.

TIP: Women act on feelings first – if you’re not at all good at creating or dealing with sexual chemistry or friction take it as a sign, when she’s too comfortable around you – that she only sees you as a friend.

3 She only calls you when she wants some advice, help, or wants to tell you about how she is miserable being single.

A Woman that is highly attracted to a man will often ask him question after question. If she is a little high-strung, (or has had way too much cappuccino) she can pump out about 6 a minute. I’m sure we’ve all been on that end of a conversation with a woman before…

And it’s a good sign she’s into.

I want you to also think about this.

If at any given time she begin to feel self-conscious she will make every available effort to keep the focus on you. She will do everything and anything just to keep from even noticing that one part of her body she just couldn’t get right that day.


4 She doesn’t seem to care what she looks like when you see her.

It’s a well-known fact most single women spend so much time looking their best for other women. It’s a competition but it’s also competing to get the better man or to gain the higher status.

I can guarantee that if you are seeing a single woman that doesn’t care to look her best around you,  not FOR you, she considers you to just be a good friend.

Women spend a lot of time making sure the guy who is doing it for her – always sees her at her best.


5 She flirts with you a little “different” than other men.

Friend flirting is real!

And it’s deadly because the guy always assumes the flirting means more. She sees one thing and you see something entirely different.

Sometimes – it’s just who she is.

Sometimes – it’s just her way to relax around you.

Play fighting,  name calling, or busting your ass can be a major sign that she is attracted to you BUT it’s never a guarantee.

Just imagine a brother and sister play fighting. I do hope there’s not much attraction there but from the outside if you didn’t know any different you might even believe they are going out. But hey’re not.

I believe the key here is look for HOW she flirts with you and not IF she’s flirting with you.

If it’s escalating sexually  then THAT’S a good sign she is into you.  If it’s not, or YOU’RE not escalating then you’re more than likely in her friends zone.


6 You felt, within a short time of meeting her, she was expecting a kiss but you did not make the first move.

This is a tough one because on the surface it’s not really a sign, is it?

You have to look at the bigger picture to see it.

Now answer to yourself or comment it below,

“Did your intuition scream to you – KISS HER!!! But for what ever your reason was you chose not to?”

Take that as a sign you’ve been slotted as a friend for more reasons than I will list here.


Let’s look at the big picture about all these signs.

  • You didn’t make that first move when you felt you should have.
  • She flirts, you flirt, but it has never escalated physically.
  • She rarely ever cares what she looks like when you meet up.
  • She only calls to confide with you. It’s always about her. You’re a spectator and never fully engaged in the conversations.
  • She more than comfortable talking about other men and who she is dating and may even take an active role in your dating other women.
  • She has no problem revealing about herself to you and she does it early on. She just doesn’t seem to care how you see her.

All those are dreaded signs you are definitely in her friends zone.

If you’re still not convinced please  get my Ebook in your hands, 10 Huge Signs She Has Put You in The Friends Zone.  (this is a .pdf file so please save to your computer or open in new window.)

You will learn many more signs, how you got in them, and a little on how to make sure it never happens again.

Next please read this -> How to Tell If a Woman is Interested in You. Notice how many indicators of interest you got from her to help you figure all this friends zone stuff out.

Here is some other helpful tips to figure out whether you’re in the friends zone or not.

From my online book …Reasons Why Women Put You In The Friends Zone:


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