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Do You Have The Balls To Blow That Hot Girl Off?

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Do you have the balls to blow this woman off?

Think about this guys… You start talking or seeing this hot woman. You both share great conversations. You hit it off from the beginning. And there’s no doubt in your mind there is great sexual chemistry and a spark between you.

But then out of nowhere it happens…

She rarely returns your phone calls.

She rarely answers her mail.

She acts interested when you are together.

She even rewards you occasionally with some kissing.

She teases you to keep you interested but then disappears again and  again.

It’s almost like you have to start over each time you are together.

Whether she knows it or not, or is doing it on purpose, she’s creating this addiction to her and for some reason, you can not resist her temptation and fleetingly responses. She rewards you occasionally. Teases you to keep you interested. Then disappears again.

(On a side note this is exactly how to create extreme attraction when done right. Unfortunately this can be used for good, or for bad. I only advise being used for good. Please guys, don’t abuse any of this information.We want to challenge women, not trick them. Read below for a quick explanation 1)

Hot or not, do you have the balls to blow this woman off, should you, and how must it be done?

First you must assess her situation by asking yourself these questions:

  • Is she playing a game (manipulative)?
  • Is it part of her personality (flaky)?
  • Is she truly attracted to you and you may intimidate her or make her nervous (fear)?
  • Is she really just too busy but enjoys your time together (no time)?
  • Does she want to commit more to you but she is not in a place in her life to do so (complicated)?

Second, determine your move based on who she is:

Manipulative – Blow her off. Literally just erase her number. She will waste your valuable time and probably set you back in becoming a more attractive person. Whether or not you decide to tell her why is up to you.  But it won’t make you a better man by telling her what is wrong with her. That’s not for you to decide.

I would just tell her you’re not interested and you don’t think it’s going to work out between you and her.

Flaky – This is tricky. How flaky is she and how much are you willing to put up with? If you understand she is kind of forgetful and caught up a little too much in her own head but you are still willing to deal with it, blowing her off may not be for you. If you choose this route you can not let it get to you.

You can joke about with her and bust her balls a little, but you must understand it is your choice to continually see her. So deal with it.

If you feel you can not tolerate flakiness then yes, it’s time to blow her off. Again telling her what is wrong with her is not recommended and it won’t make you a better man. What will make you a better man is to be honest and tell her it’s just not going to work because her lifestyle and your, don’t match up. And end it there.

Fear – Ask yourself how strong of a woman you want in your life. If your typical everyday presence causes her to be too anxious around you please don’t tune it down just for one woman. She is reacting or acting the way she is because it is who she is.

Unfortunately these women tend to have low self-esteem and become very needy once she settles down and becomes comfortable around you. She may be hot and a fun to be around but her issues will cause problems in the end. And those are her issues not yours. So allow her to grow.

I know this sounds appealing, a hot woman being so anxious around you , and showering you with attention when you’re together. . But when she begins to disappear often or blow you off because she’s worried about you not liking her you must stand up and be willing to not continue to see her.

A strong man knows just because she’s beautiful, doesn’t give her the right, for whatever her reasons are, to act this way.

No Time – She’s busy. Nothing wrong with that at all. If she is turning out to be relationship material yet her lifestyle is just so confusing to you. Her unpredictable actions leave you wondering why, or how if she really does like you, she will make time for you… then it’s time to let her go.

You see when you begin to question her motives you already lost. You wanting attention and she does not have the time to give it all to you. My suggestion is to look more closely at why you feel you need more attention from her. And to do this you need to be objective by letting her go.

Complicated – She’s just not ready for you or a relationship. If you understand this and allow yourself to date other women at the same time, then you’re on the right track. If you are understanding her lifestyle is complex and you understand she is not doing it on purpose, and you deal with it in a masculine adult way, then don’t blow her off.

But again, as above, you begin to wonder what her motives really are, or you do want a woman who is more stable and her life is managed better, then it’s time to say goodbye. Just because you are physically attracted to her does not mean you have to give up your status for her. And when you do, the relationship is doomed anyways.

Eventually she will lose interest and your meetings will happen less often until she disappears.

Third, where should you be coming from if you choose to blow her off:

(How should you act.)

When you find any woman, hot or not, you are attracted to but you are not attracted to her lifestyle or personality issues you can only act coming from two different places.


  • Put too much emphasis on this one woman and allow her affect your life negatively.
  • You act like you need her to like you. Constantly pushing the issue about how she acts and wanting her to change fro you.
  • You chase her because she’s hot and being with a hot girl makes you feel like you’re cool in front of others.


  • You have no time to deal with her rude behavior.
  • You have the balls to blow her off despite her looks.
  • You understand it is who she is and are not willing to try to change her.

I should not have to say which one makes you the more attractive man, but I will, Abundance..

I understand your dating life may not be in abundance right now so it’s hard for you to act from that position. But I also understand acting out of scarcity will make the problem worse, not better. It’s a quick fix that hurts you worse in the end. If you feel you can only act out of scarcity with a hot woman, or you don’t have the balls to blow her off, this should instantly tell you to blow her off and send the time you would’ve spent with her, creating an abundance in your dating life.

Trust me, it’s easier than you think. Your timeline for success may differ from others but you can manage to achieve it. Just always progress forward.

Your first steps in overcoming scarcity or failure to blow her off will be self-esteem and confidence.

Good luck guys and I really do hope you don’t have to blow off to many hot women in your life. But it does happen and don’t let her looks stop you being a man.

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A Few Related Articles, Resource, and A Warning:

Nice Guy Warning:
If you do have an addictive personality like I once did, please work on that first and cut back a little on getting dates. Once that addictive personality is under control, more women will be naturally attracted to you.

Be warned women who will push those addictive buttons in your personality I have found are not really worth your time. They thrive on making nice guys do tricks for them. Please don’t ever let a woman manipulate you because you’re a nice guy.

Being A Challenge The Right Way 1

*Rarely answer you emails:

Set your life up so many women are emailing you. You just won’t have time to answer them all quickly. Learn to manage your time.

*Rarely answer your phone:

I know you love your phone. I see guys try to use it as an escape, or to make them look cool, or just to feel important. But trust me when you get more and more women in your life, you will not be able to answer your phone very often. Suddenly the world around you changes and the phone is second to what you are doing at that time. Again time management dictates we are busy to answer the phone. It doesn’t mean you don’t have to call her back or be rude. And if you are in a relationship, you may want to answer more than if you were single.

*Act interested when you’re together:

Yes. She must have a hint of your attention. But do it because you are interested. Do not manipulate the situation to your advantage. Just actually be interested. If you’re not, then it’s time to blow off this hot woman be telling her you are not interested. It’s what real men do.

*Reward her occasionally and sporadically:

This is real charm. Choose your rewards carefully. If you reward too much you will turn her off. If you reward too little, she has nothing to want. I can’t tell you how great this works. Now to do it the right way and be a challenge not a manipulative jerk, you’re going to have to acquire this skill. It’s a well maintained balance which travel likes fluid through many types of women and circumstances.

It’s never the same. Once you learn the different types of women that respond one way or another you’ll begin to instinctively know when you are doing too much or too little.

The difference between the right and wrong is always being yourself is the most effective way to use this correctly. The jerk alters his personality to get something from her. The good guy gives her the gift of feeling special. The bad guy does it because he wants something.


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