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Love and attraction are not as blatant as this. Women will attempt to hide their attraction.

Let me know if you have experienced a “sudden” loss of attraction from a woman. Almost as if she’s trying to hide it from you…

Maybe you caught her staring at you but when you approached her, she blew you off like you didn’t even exist.

Was she hiding it because there was other people around?

Maybe you’re good friends and she’s always flirting but for some reason when you get too close she pulls away. You hang out a lot and she’s always contacting you.

Is she hiding it, hoping and waiting you’ll make a move?

Perhaps she’s extremely shy around you. Barely says a word. It feels like she’s “into” you but you’re just not sure. You have great conversations where she opens up to you.

Is her confidence so low she hides liking you, because she can not believe you’d like her back?

And the real kicker – You get along extremely well and you “click,” but she talks about other guys and how it’s so hard to find a good one. All the while you’re thinking she must be blind because she’s not even noticing you.

Is she hiding it from you because she doesn’t want to ruin the friendship?

It’s been my belief that although it may be in a woman’s best interest to hide major emotions of attraction, unless she’s the best actor in the world, actually doing it is practically impossible.

So you might have read her “signals” wrong when you approached and she blew you off. Or maybe she was just a bitch who needed the Ego boost.

Or… which is probably the most believable answer – she was testing you. She wanted to know how easily you crumble. She wanted to know just how confident or experienced you are with women of her “caliber.”

Good friends flirt all the time. Well I suppose when they’re a man and a woman. But when one friend crosses that line and the other is not feeling it, the “pull back” is often immediate followed by more than a few awkward moments.

Now to the guy it feels like she’s choosing not to feel something. Like she’s hiding it because of reasons beyond our perception.

But to the woman the only thing she is hiding is the fact that she isn’t feeling attracted and does not want to reject a good friend. She’s hoping he’ll get the point without having to “let that cat out of the bag” and make the friendship weird.

A shy woman will almost always attempt to hide her true feelings.

If she’s insecure more than average she will try even harder to not let it our that she’s extremely attracted to a man. My bet is that will even make her feel more attracted making her even more closed off and the cycle continues to confuse the hell out of some men.

I’ve found “clicking with a woman” or getting along almost like it was meant to be is not a sign she’s attracted. Men seem to relate this great connection to love or attraction but women don’t seem to work that way.

If she’s opening up too easily, sharing all her thoughts especially about what she wants from a guy or what she struggles with in getting some guys or feels no reserve about telling you anything and everything she’s thinking…

Again, the connection might look like attraction to a guy because he’s feeling it, but after knowing women my entire life :D that is what she does with close friends she’s doesn’t want sexually. If she wanted a guy sexually it’s highly unlikely she won’t be telling him about other guys.

What we seem to have here is a problem.

The problem being most guys get so wrapped up in trying to read the wrong signals they miss the moment when something was supposed to happen or they waste their time “trying” to get her to feel something which is just not going to happen – normally.

This means during your first interaction with a woman she will give you all the clues and signals you will ever need BUT they will disappear quickly and if something didn’t happen to amp the attraction or if her signals were only friendly then trying to read her after is all about your interpretation based on what you’re feeling.

The attraction signs she give which are beyond her immediate control are done through her eyes, how and when and where she quickly glances.

Her body language, where it faces, how she moves, and where she positions her body and that changes the closer you get.

The tone of her voice, sometimes the nervous laugh, the seductress flirting, the lump in her throat you hear, or even a slightly sarcastic but playful tone which just keeps going and going.

She has lots of “tells” and most women think you know what they are. They feel obvious to her even if she doesn’t know she’s letting them out.

Look at this way:

When she’s testing you, or “trying” to hide her attraction, and when she is focusing on all that stuff  - her unconscious mind WILL find a way to let you know.

When she’s done testing she’s not feeling that spark any more.

And when she’s constantly upping her tests to new levels, this means she is highly attracted to you.

Here’s a perfect and simple article to explain to you exactly how to read her signals early –> How to Tell If A Woman Is Interested In You. Written by Carlos Xuma and posted here at DiaLteG TM

The real answer about thinking or believe a certain woman is hiding her attraction to you comes from the best there ever was on this whole attraction thing.

It’s basic and simple and it works practically flawlessly.

If you interact with her long enough to create that initial spark of attraction, don’t question it – just go with it.

Stop looking around for signals from women that they’re “interested” in you.

Stop CARING whether or not a particular woman is interested in you.

Instead, start TRIGGERING the interest, and watching to see if women ENGAGE. If they do, then assume that IT’S ON!

How To Tell If She’s Interested

This will keep you in control. Not in control of her or better at trying to figure her out. Better in control of yourself your actions, where you want things to go or even how far you’re willing to let things go.

That makes you the leader of your destiny with women.

If you’re not in control you just might ask the worst question in the world either consciously by saying them –> Do You Like Me? or subconsciously telling her you NEED her to like you.

Both of which can and will destroy the attraction she might have been hiding in the first place.


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  • franko

    there are just so many no good women anymore unlike years ago when they seem to be looking for men. but today, many of the women now don’t even want to be bothered at all. i seem to meet the nasty women that have an attitude problem, and are so very hard to start a conversation with. so how can a good STRAIGHT MAN these days meet a decent woman, now that many of them are like this? i am not doing anything WRONG on my part, and i just hope to meet a woman that doesn’t play games, and just hope that she can accept me for who i am. now many women today are looking for the RICH men instead, and it is very sad that the women have changed their attitude and many of them think that they are all that. since many women have very high paying jobs now, they think that they are high and mighty. that is why it was certainly much easier meeting women years ago, and they did not have the advantages that they have now.

    • Heather

      Wow! “Advantages”?! “We act all “high and mighty” if we have a “good paying job”? Gee I wonder what your problem is (sarcastic). Most women don’t want to date a sexist jerk so that is more than likely your problem.

  • jay says

    i seem to meet all the low life ones myself, and many of them are into other women now.

  • I understand. Playing games seems to be a big part of dating. But it’s actually always been that way. You have the good games and the bad ones too. It’s also my opinion that money – or security has always been on the top of a woman’s list with regards her future.

    And I used to let it get to me the same way Franko mentions above.

    Of course I will admit I never met too many “low lifes” as Jay mentions. Maybe I just saw them as not an option anyways so I never classified them as a dating option. Far as I’m concerned they could have been gay anyways.

    Now I’ve come to the conclusion or realization that “where” I meet women seem to make the difference in who they happen to be. Generally speaking of course.

    Where are you meeting all these women Jay? Maybe I can help you out.

  • epf

    Games, games, games… I don’t buy it. Maybe I’m too old for it, or realize that time is so short.. Or both. But I think if 2 people like each other, they should just be honest, express it and get on with starting a relationship. I don’t see the benefit of game-playing, aside from the sado-masochistic pleasure of mentally torturing yourself and/the other person. I think when you get older, you want to cut through the bullshit and get to the point. I like you, you like me, let’s get together and see what happens.. Simple. Life is too short. Carpe Diem.. Ditch the games. Just my two cents.

  • Thanks for sharing Epf.

    Always great hear everyone’s two cents.

    Since I’m a huge fan of “My Name is Earl” your comment reminded me of this song….


    Simple and to the point.

  • Tenshi

    Obviously, there are waay too many guys on this website and, for that reason, they can never truly get an objective understanding of woman hiding attraction. The truth is: she doesn’t have to be a horribly shallow and manipulative woman to hide her attraction. Perhaps she is emotionally insecure and does not truly wish to strike up a relationship because she does not feel confident in her abilities. It’s very narcissistic to think that she must be testing you or have some hidden motive for her to hide her emotions. Maybe she wishes she didn’t like you because she feels she’ll never be truly happy with you or because she’s not ready for a relationship. She doesn’t have to be playing games. By the way, many people are schooled in the art of self control, perhaps from meditation or even government regulations. Controlling one’s self is the best defense against traitorous emotion. Also, these men are also forgetting to analyze themselves. There may be something about you that makes this particular woman not want to pursue a relationship. I ask, please, that you think about all the negative things you may have said, especially the ones that implicate you as being a less-than-good person. Also, the advice you give about waiting for the other one to make a move is the same advice girls give to other girls. If they both do it at the same time, then I suggest no one even try to form a relationship; the advice would just be too futile. I don’t think any of the people mature enough to realize that people don’t just do things for games; reasons can be deeper and may not even be fully conscious. These horrible woman are called sociopaths, maybe even psychopaths; plus, you don’t seem so far off. Not everyone is a sociopath or a psychopath. If you truly aren’t fully there yet, would you consider some sort of psychiatric help?

  • rlsmith

    all these guys today moaning about ‘no good women left’ and ‘don’t like game-playing’…it’s a game, games are supposed to be fun. the only games you hate are the ones you always lose. stop losing and start winning. you guys are giving up before the game has even began. I used to be like that, until I acctually started to play the game and realized it’s super fun lol…the ‘no good women left’ mentality is cognitive dissonance, women are sexier today than ever before in human history, thanks to waxing strips, Chanel No5 and lipposuction :) x

    • peter white

      So true Mister Smith. Let’s not forget about Yoga pants and leggings too.

      And yes, games are meant to be fun if you play the right ones. But I would have to say stop focusing so much on winning and start enjoying the moments they happen more.

  • Pauline

    Hi Peter, hi everyone,
    I think my testimonial is quite relevant here. I am a girl and have been living with a guy for more than a year now. I think there was mutual attraction from the start but no one said anything to the other. I didn’t dare because we are living together and I always feared that all was in my head and that I would be rejected – and then having to deal with the consequences as we are living together. I also saw him interacting with other women and seeing that he was flirting with them, I was kind of turned off and left wondering… if he really liked me he wouldn’t do that in front of me. So this also contributed to just make me want to keep everything for myself. The trouble is… my feelings haven’t gone away. I am trying to rationalize things and tell myself things like: well if he really liked me he would have done something now. Or: do I want to be with a man who isn’t even courageous enough to disclose his feelings?… But I think I know that the truth is he is not self confident enough to take that risk. So we’re both stuck, in limbo…
    In the meanwhile… I got to know one of his good friends who – I discovered recently – has had a crush on me for months but didn’t dare telling me – and finally did. A tall, good looking guy. I wanted/needed to “rock the boat” a bit so I started to go out with him. It is so simple… he is crazy about me and is already calling me his girlfriend after a month. I want to give this relationship a go as I feel it could lead to something but my feelings for this guy are nowhere near as strong as the feelings I have for the other guy.
    So yes, it’s true in my case anyway… I hate games, and the only reason I haven’t said anything is because I am shy and afraid of rejection. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to make the first step with a guy – the only time would be when I am 200% sure that the guy is interested and I have the absolute certitude that I won’t get rejected. Otherwise, no way…
    So now, people who see us together might think: it’s always the good looking guy who gets the girls, it’s not fair… but the truth is we’re only together because he made it clear he liked me. Otherwise I was happy to keep him as a friend as my focus was on someone else.
    Which leads me to a last thought I wanted to share… I find clever/smart/witty guys extremely sexy, even if their appearance might not be sexy at all according to today’s standards. I know one in particular. I think he thinks he has no chance with girls as he is not tall and not very good looking according to these so called standards… but he is one guy I’d be really happy to date if he had the courage to ask (if he were interested in me of course!).
    So it’s only my point of view and as you can see I am part of the “insecure” bunch of girls (and all the compliments I get from guys are not able to change that). I wish I were more self confident and able to tell a guy when I am attracted to him but it just doesn’t happen. And it’s a great source of suffering for me…
    Hope this helps!

    • Thanks Pauline,

      It certainly does help. I appreciate you sharing it with us.


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