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DiaLteG – Dating, Attraction, Relationships, & More…

DiaLteG™ is get laid spelled backwards but it means so much more. Yeah I know, clever 🙂 but this is what it actually stands for:

Dating – The opportunity to explore and interact with single people. Dating is about discovering who we’re looking to enhance our lives with many choicese. Dating is meant to be a fun way to qualify and connect with others. You can find all posts to help your dating life here –>Dating.

Inspiration – Driving our energy and stimulating our imagination to step above and beyond our existence. This helps us to take chances and risk life a little more to seek new experiences. Go here –>Inspiration to become inspired.

Attraction – An instinctual but sometimes misunderstood “emotion” which alludes too many men and women because of the complexity of our modern social lives. Learn all about –> Attraction.

Learning – The quest for knowledge and understanding how our personality and how we present it to the world can be a never ending but enjoyable process. This is where I get to show you –>Learning.

Teaching – Boring classrooms and bad lighting is not what teaching is about. Keep the cycle alive and teach what you learn. Give a little back and accept whatever reward, big or small that come your way. When you’re capable of giving women something intangible to remember and think about you, they will want to be around you. This is how it’s done and how I do it –> Teaching

Experience – No one can experience your life for you. When we share those incredible moments with those around us we help them join along in our pleasures. Choose your –>Experience and live it.

Growing – Becoming a more attractive person, enjoying a fun and successful dating life, and entering more fulfilling relationships requires each and every one of us to grow into a mature and complete person. You can do that here–> Growing forever and always into the person we are in the ever-changing present.

Dialteg was first conceived to honor the nice guy and his often excruciating plight to achieve success in dating and attracting women.

You can find the older pages listed here:

Today, it has grown into so much more and will continue to grow as I’ve separated into a few new sites dedicated to very specific things.

  • The Approach – Specializing in dating and meeting new people.
  • Why Do Guys…? – The name says it all. It’s where I answer lots of question about why guys do the things they do.
  • And the The Nice Guy Approach – How to attract women and become a more attractive man with becoming a jerk or playing games.

The nice guys approach is an attraction “system” for guys who want to attract women without guilt.

The approach is designed so you never have to worry about women finding out what you’re doing because they won’t care. There’s nothing devious or manipulative to try.

The The Nice Guy Approach is based on the principle that “being nice has little to do with attraction.” You can still keep your values and beliefs without having to compromise your integrity.

It helps you to realize your potential, tap into your true masculinity, and live a more complete fulfilling life.

Which will very early on and inevitably…. NATURALLY ATTRACT WOMEN.

Dialteg is NOW about dating, getting and giving inspiration, attraction, learning new and exciting things, teaching others selfishly to boost your confidence and self-esteem, writing or hearing about experiences and creating new exciting ones to live life more fully and happily, and at last – to NEVER stop growing from within to the external existence we share with the people around us.

…By the way – My name’s Peter White and thank you for stopping by.

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    It’s really nice to find you again after so long. Happy to be back.

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