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What is the real definition of a naturally attractive man?

You might think it's a guy who is born good-looking, after all, that definition does make complete logical sense.

It's okay to believe because it in a way, it's certainly true.

When a man comes into his own and has attractive physical qualities which can be seen, he's going to attract some women, right?

Plus, as many have noticed, some men just seem naturally gifted in their interactions with women, and regardless of their looks, just seem to attract lots of women easily

So it's all good.

However, when it comes to DiaLteG TM (pronounced dial-teg) and my not-naturally given talent to attract women, I'd like to make a very clear distinction between what is commonly referred to a being naturally attractive, like some men we all know, and what is means to BECOME a "naturally attractive man" with as equal better choices than the latter...

From the now (immortal) words of my mentor & teacher of over a decade ago, David DeAngelo:


Your Easy Plan To Success!

For YOU to become a "natural attractive man" you WILL learn very specific & mostly easy skills, sexual and non-sexual communication techniques, make positive lifestyle adjustments which are organic to you, built from the core of who you are, and of course minus the game playing and manipulation tactics which often deceive and/or promise women more just to get laid.

Here's HOW:

  1. Develop yourself in any way you please that works for you along with your masculine manly self.
  2. Communicate that SELF effectively to everyone, including women, in a way which is beyond Alpha and offers confident modest leadership.
  3. Make your choices, take the risks, live your life... be REWARDED!

Natural also means one very important but somehow overlooked truth most just seem to miss seeing in our life.

Scot McKay - another teacher of mine calls it: SEXUAL POLARITY which defines it clearly and brilliantly.

He describes 14 ways women will actually define your masculinity in such a way it brings out and ignites her femininity.

This intuitively predicts how and why people (men and women) "hook up" for a lifetime or less in a sexual way - relationship or not.

"...If you want to attract women, gentlemen, you've got to come off as masculine.

Interestingly enough, the more feminine a woman she is, the more she's going to respond powerfully to masculinity."

What is it that creates that sexual polarity?

  1. Compassion versus destruction.
  2. Enabling safety versus fomenting peril.
  3. Calculated versus combative.
  4. Leadership versus indecision.
  5. Planning versus disarray.
  6. Knowledge versus ignorance.
  7. Influential versus domineering.
  8. Ambition versus indifference.
  9. Purpose versus confusion.
  10. Victory versus failure.
  11. Choosing versus chasing.
  12. Strength versus weakness.
  13. Character versus inconsistency.
  14. The BIG FOUR.

Excerpted From BONUS audio Igniting Femininity: 14 Ways Women Define Masculinity exclusively for paid members of DiaLteG TM.

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Simply put, with regards to natural attraction or being a naturally attractive man...

BE the best counterpart to her feminine side with your unique masculinity and bring it out of her as much as you'd like through how you communicate your masculine self.

Yes, it's the absolute truth and I, you, WE, as men NEED to find a way to embrace this belief and USE it to our advantage because without it, as you may already know, it can become quite difficult.


You're actually BORN by design, to be A perfect man for HER. The her of course not being rigid and stiff to just one woman. The CHOICE is really yours on that matter.

You CAN LEARN how to communicate better and even more sexually.

You definitely CAN cultivate a manly edge backing it all up with strong morally sound character traits which are internal and felt externally by everyone, including women.

You CAN LEARN techniques and ALL the skills necessary to put together a COMPLETE package of YOU to present to women WITHOUT having to become a sleazy prick, pick up artist, or a complete asshole determined to treat women like shit.

Perfect Couple Love Attraction On Bench

Everything you find here at DiaLteG TM, minus a few guest posts whose opinions or concepts may vary or differ from mine, are designed to get you there as quickly and as easily as possible...

A place where your masculinity and leadership skills NATURALLY attract women - and more precisely - the PERFECT woman for you.

This can happen for you starting today, like right now!

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Welcome To DiaLteG TM

Peter White DiaLteG TM

I'm Peter White - call me Pete.

My methods are built on simplicity. No games. Less is more.

It's a matter of fact style that quickly pushes aside all the junk and get's to the real issues.

Learning in this way will save you lots of time and give you an attractive positive edge that works! Women will quickly notice how you're not just some typical male she can control - because that's not what she wants - but that you're the one in million guy she's only dreamed of meeting one day.

I offer you the DiaLteG TM approach to finding, meeting, attracting, dating, and CHOOSING your ideal woman so you can finally be in charge of the direction you want to go in life.

Enjoy a real relationship with the woman you would do anything for who appreciates and loves you for you; and happily gives it all back. Not because you've mind-tricked her into it - but because she WANTS to with all her heart.

This is about living your life the way you want to with purpose and fun.

This is about building a positive mindset which is attractive from the inside and out.

This is a way of life and a life which is yours to OWN.

When you can do all that - the woman you choose will gladly join you because it will feel right to her and how it was all... meant to be.

I've taken the journey myself, gone from loser to chooser and CHOSE my wife - the love of my life and she's a REAL woman who doesn't succumb to the typical, who doesn't settle for the mundane, who expects more, who respects me, loves me just the same - and is HAPPY that despite all the (all too easily to settle for less) mismatches in the world - we found EACH OTHER.

I'm ready to listen. I don't get offended easily. I'm eager to help. If you're cool about it all, be real with me, and are willing to try something different but better, a new mindset so-to-speak, we'll get along & so will you onto letting out that naturally attractive man already inside you.

Thanks for stopping by and I'll see you on the other side.

Peter White - DiaLteG TM

DiaLteG TM is to help you in ALL the areas you feel you're struggling with women. The acronym for "DiaLteG" covers everything you'll ever need to finally solve your "woman" problems and the loneliness you might be experiencing right at this very moment.

  • Dating
  • Interactions
  • Attraction
  • Lifestyle
  • Techniques
  • Exercise
  • Girlfriend

Please feel free to browse all the free advice in the categories below and let me know what you think.

Dating - Dating is about the fun process involved in connecting with a woman. It's about exploring your options, qualifying your next partner, enjoying casual sex, approaching & meeting women, creating amazing dates, and everything that leads up to more exciting dates which of course leads to natural attraction.

Man Woman Date Dating

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Interactions - Communicating to women in a way which builds comfort, connection, and attraction. The interacting part is often where guys fail to trigger attraction because they don't have the right communication skills. From flirting, sexuality, touching, teasing, and the all important conversations - this is where you convey your natural self.

Interact With Woman Smiling Happy Attract

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Attraction - An instinctual "emotional" trigger often misunderstood by men and women alike. A man who interacts with women in a certain way can stimulate her attraction and when done in context can be seen or felt to be a more naturally attractive man.

Attraction requires skills but it is not a skill itself. It's a feeling. It's an emotional response to an outside source.

Attractive Woman Create Attraction.

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Lifestyle - How you live your life in any way you find rewarding up to and including your style, your social status, your travel plans, your goals, aspirations, dreams, passions and desires.

Whereas dating is meant to get to know another person, interacting is what happens on those dates and outside the normal dating routine, attraction is what happens or is triggered during any and all interactions you have with women - lifestyle is HOW you set up your life to live out a more naturally attractive existence.

Attractive Lifestyle and Fun

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Techniques - The way in which you interact with women often requires skills or techniques which build the attraction. It's the way in which you carry out your task of creating attraction, building a connection, establishing a comfortable bond between you and anyone else which happens to include women.

Your techniques also cover how you build yourself into a more naturally attractive man.

Techniques Tips Tool Attract Woman

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Exercise - The word exercise normally doesn't need much of an explanation but here it goes: Being healthy, fit, in shape, able and capable of living your life aware and energized enough to enjoy life to the fullest of all your capabilities.

It relates to natural attraction in many ways:

Better sex.

Healthier living which inspires others.

Clearer thinking to accomplish goals and learn new things.

Exercise is not only for the body but for the mind too.

On the side being in shape can and does trigger a physical attraction which may not be necessary for everyone, certainly does not hurt or harm the process of triggering attraction.

Man Woman Attractive Exercise Good Health

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Girlfriend- Most guys who start learning about attraction are not interested in get laid quick schemes, playing women, or becoming some a super star pick up artist.

This covers what lot of guys really want - a girlfriend that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally attracted to who also is attracted to them.

Getting a girlfriend covers all the steps needed, building a healthy relationship, the maintenance and upkeep of keeping it all forever growing and exciting too.

Girlfriend Boyfriend Couple Happy

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I believe YOU CAN LEARN how to attract women naturally and you don't have to play any mind games, follow some stupid rules or playbook, and you certainly don't ever have to become a jerk or abandon your "nice good guy" ways.

All you have to do is to first be open to a new mindset which can open up the so-called secret world of women to you and that's starts today!

You don't need luck.

You don't have to be all that good-looking...


You need knowledge and you must learn how to put that information into practice starting IMMEDIATELY.

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Woman Showing Interest Attraction

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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  • Karl

    I treat women as people and have no problem talking to them. As such, I have many women friends. I also see other guys and know that I can’t compete with them where being sexually attractive to women is concerned. Whatever other guys have that makes them women want them sexually I don’t have, so there is zero point in approaching. My women friends tell me this is just my lack of confidence and that lots of women are interested in me – I just need to actually express my interest to women I like. I look around but honestly *never see any* evidence that any woman is interested in me – I am not even on the radar. I am not about to waste my time and energy putting myself out there when rejection or worse is guaranteed.

    • I hear you Karl but do you hear yourself?

      You have women friends that probably coddle you too much and don’t treat you like you’re a man.

      Not because you’re not one, but because you’re not taking and using to the fullest the ONE thing granted to you from birth.

      You’re looking for evidence of what? You’re looking to avoid risk because you’re afraid of getting hurt. You want a guarantee without showing or at least trying to develop some courage around women.

      Women don’t look or care to put guys “on their radar” – MEN put women on their radar.

      Screw the confidence – hell if you want to work on it, become a member, maybe buy the page on confidence I wrote… what ever.

      Of course you need to express some interest, people tend to like to be interesting to others in most social areas.

      When it comes to women – men take RISKS. Men don’t waste their time – they USE their time whether it results in failure or not.

      All this energy you’re putting in avoiding “living” to GET with women is far more harmful, destructive, emotionally addictive, and it will wear you out quicker than any form of rejection could ever to do you.

      Never forget that.

      All the best to you,

  • Mike

    Almost all they’d online dating advice I’ve seen for guys is written with the implicit assumption that it’s easy for guys to ask women out and to get a yes some / most of the time. The articles are written by people who are honestly trying to be helpful. But these people are or can become (1) naturally sexually attractive to women; (2) lucky with women, or (3) are women themselves. As such they do not really understand what it’s like to be a guy who has no chance of being / becoming sexually attractive to women – to be the guy who is never chosen by any woman as a sexual partner. People assume that every guy *can* attract women on a sexual level and will say it comes down to a mindset thing, or a negative self-talk thing, or a hygiene thing, or one or more other things that we are doing / not doing – and that presumably, if we stop / start that / those thing(s), we will become attractive to women and have success. I have paid dating coaches and counsellors for years to help me with this, as well as talked to my many women friends about the fact that at 42 years old, I have yet to be attractive to even one woman at a sexual level. None of them have been able to help me – there is just never that ‘spark’ that’s needed to arouse female sexual interest. Everyone I’ve talked to has said I just need to keep trying to find ‘the right’ woman. My first rejection happened when I asked a woman out for the first time when I was 19. I’ve been rejected by *every* woman I’ve approached since. Women friends have come out with me to see what I do when i approach women – to try to help me correct any problems in the ways I approach. Nothing – none of them have ever been able to discern every one potentially problematic thing. At this point, I’ve stopped approaching because realistically, it’s clear that I’ll never get a yes from anyone. I’d like to be sexually attractive to women – but it’s obvious that I am not and cannot be.

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