10 Rules On Attracting Women – Clear Consistent Advice That Works

The deepest and BEST ADVICE on attracting women often gets left untouched because it can be confusing and terribly hard to understand.

These “rules of attraction” will give you a clearer understanding of what without a doubt, works AND will work for you.

This is NOT meant to used as a hard-coded system of attraction and they merely touch on the major aspects which is needed.

But of course…

If you stick to these rules no matter where you are, what you do, or how far you are on any attractive scale, BE prepared to notice a shift on how women see you AND it will be in a good way.

Rule 1: Tactics will not work long-term.

Avoid using “tactics” on women.

They (some dating experts) talk about your game.

Some of the more “sly” will give you “techniques” to use making you believe you can “trick” a woman into feeling attracted to you.

The truth is…

“Naturally Attracting” or pure natural attraction is YOUR ability to be the man you want to be, without resorting to “tactics.”

Rule 2: Be capable of showing love.

When you can handle “emotional risks” maturely you’re capable of showing love and therefore you’re more likely to have women fall in love with you.

When you can handle the fears associated with an “emotional investment” you’re capable of love and you’re more likely to have women invest deeper with you.

Highly attractive men not only possess social skills and exciting personalities but they also demonstrate the ability to love and are open to being loved themselves.

The natural attractive choice is to allow your intuition to guide you and not what’s between your ears or legs.

Rule 3: Attract the masses and not the ONE.

You must never attempt to attract the ONE woman you most desire if you seek to only get her to like or fall in love with you.

Learn to attract “specific types” of women and you’ll be better off at attracting your “one”.

This rule comes from my nice guys approach to attraction directly…

In order to attract the woman of your dreams – you must take HER out of the equation.

Rule 4: If it’s not fun you’re doing something wrong.

If it’s not fun and it feels like you have to use a “tactic” then chances are it will ultimately fail.

I realize “tactics” on women can be used just as a word to describe a game plan. Which is fine.

Having a well-constructed plan is not exactly a bad thing.

Knowing where things are going and where you want them to be is also NOT a bad thing.

But it’s the nature in which the plan is developed, or what you seek to gain from it, which turns it into a plan because the goal is to only “play” a woman into feeling something.

Rule 5: Know the ultimate truth of how attraction works.

The first real lesson I learned about attraction came from the book Attraction Isn’t A Choice

You can not force it on someone.

You can not invoke deep primal feelings from women without knowing the “trigger” or mechanism that naturally creates attraction.

Some people do it and never know how or why.

Never forget this because it will clear up any confusion you have in this area…

If you’re not attracting the women you want –  you’re not triggering attraction.

Believe me it’s as simple as that.

Try to make it more complicated than that and you’ll be wasting valuable time.

Rule 6: Opportunity is NOT a right but a possibility you make for yourself.

You never know when someone is right around the corner.

Give a little to yourself each day and be prepared to take advantage of it.

Luck or circumstances will never sit around waiting for you to be ready.

Live in the present.

Prepare for the future.

Learn from the past.

Create more opportunities for yourself and always be driven to succeed to the next level.

Rule 7: Learn the laws of the friends zone.

You don’t normally get put in the friend’s zone.

You put yourself there.

Perhaps you tried to force an attraction, perhaps you missed a “risk taking opportunity” by not being decisive, perhaps you need an education or the skill set to succeed with the opposite sex.

Whatever the reasons are, since you put yourself in the friends zone, only YOU can get yourself out.

Women will NOT take you out without the right kind of encouragement.

Rule 8: Know exactly what you’re looking for.

If you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for how can you possibly find it?

Be specific and always strive to reach higher when you attain those goals.

I suggest you write down your relationship goals and steer clear from being vague.

Attractive people may be ambiguous in what they offer, but when it comes to their own goals they have a specific road they want taken.

Think of it this way.

It’s easier to feel attracted to someone who has a life.

These people are less needy and have a self-reliance which is highly attractive.

Rule 9: Anchor your success with women.

Find something in your life that reminds you of your goals. I call this your anchor to success.

It can be anything that reminds you of one time in which you overcame a fear.

It does not have be something tangible but it helps some people if it’s something you can hold or touch or even smell.

Believe it or not mine was a filthy green lawn chair and the story behind how I got it.

Rule 10: Inspire those around you to feel better about themselves.

Attractive people attract because they inspire and make others feel better by just knowing them.

Use your talents and gifts, even if they are small to inspire confidence and you will attract more people.

Most guys think they have to change the world or be some grandiose figure of inspiration but that’s just not true.

Just give what you can and you’ll be surprised how others will respond to even the smallest things.

How you use these rules is entirely up to you…


Approach them negatively and you’ll get negative results.

Approach them positively and you WILL get positive results.

Simple as that…

Clear consistent advice that WORKS and can work for you too!

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