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16,000 Steps to Attract Women & Get Laid With 6 Secret Words & 3 Tools

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Everyone has steps to attract women and systems to use, but only dialteg tm has 16000, three tools, and six words.

Everyone has steps to attract women and systems to use, but only dialteg tm has 16000, three tools, and six words.

This 16,000 Step System designed to show how to attract women and “Get Laid” (dialteg) with Sugar, a Small Furry Animal, A Mobile Phone, and a 6 “secret” word vocabulary.

Here are some secret words you can use to attract any woman, any time, anywhere you go…


Each and every sentence you say to a woman must include one version of each of those six.

Here are some examples in conversation form:

HER: What do you do and does it pay good? —-> A million different things. I wouldn’t even be able to put a dollar amount on what I do. I enjoy my vacations. Getting away from my home. Since the divorce I finally got to own my life and I’ve taken every advantage of it.

HER: So you’re divorced? —–> Only twice, the first one I got the home and second one I’d consider it a permanent vacation from a living hell.

HER: Wow you must be terrible at this commitment thing? —–> Not really, I’m just bad at the whole breaking up thing so it usually ends up going to a divorce.

HER: Wait. You get married a lot because you don’t like to break up with women? —-> Well when it starts to feel like she “owns” me and she’s not paying rent anymore, or she getting my sex for free, then instead of breaking up I ask them to marry me. You would think this whole reverse psychology would work much better…maybe the millionth time will be the charm.

To make it easier on you and her variations of each word are allowed:

  • Divorced…separated, break-up, experience, been there done that, ability to commit, fearless!
  • Own…Keep, have, life, self-reliance.
  • Million…lots, abundance.
  • Dollar…money, wealth, finances, WORTH, and VALUE.
  • Home…place, abode, foundation, CONFIDENCE, strength, and SECURITY.
  • Vacation…fun, freedom, relaxed, easy going.

A working variation would look like this.

I break open my financial piggy bank and enjoy the freedom to explore places we all enjoy living in – The world!

Why does it work?

Divorced -> You’ve been selected before. Some woman who she doesn’t know found you good enough to marry. You step fearlessly into the abyss. You’re not afraid to commit with the right woman. And you have an amazing ability to bounce back from set backs. Nothing keeps you down.

Own -> Self-worth. High value. It does not have to something you personally own. It can mean how you own your life and live up and beyond your own specifications. Show you’re not needy and life your “own” life.

Million….We really know women are not attracted to money but they are attracted to men with an abundant health, wealth, and or happiness. Everything you have you have lots of it to share. There’s not just one reason to sleep you, there’s a million benefits sex would be good with you. Abundance means choices.

Choices mean women compete for you. If have lots of something – you have more to give. Even if it’s problems.

Dollar…Money Money, Money, Money!!!! Talk about it too much and you come off as a cocky ass who believes women can be bought. BUT talk about the “dollar” like you can take it or leave it, and how the world keeps pressuring you into getting more of it, and suddenly you’re not looking for the dollar – it’s always chasing you down like some love-starved fan.

It’s not that I want that “stuff” but every time I do something for someone who has more of (it) than me – they want to give some to me.

Home -> Home is where the heart is. It’s your castle. It’s your confidence. It’s you and everything contained in it you’ve touched, bought, stolen, placed, looked at, brought from the outside to fortify yourself.

Sound familiar?

You touched everyone around you physically and emotionally. You have experience. You’ve built your house (yourself) from the ground up. You’ve “laid” the foundation and the pipe work. You don’t rent a house. You buy it. Women don’t rent your time – they buy into getting to know you better. You and your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your life.

Vacation -> FREEDOM! The ability to enjoy yourself despite the world you left behind. You trust your life will still be there. You can and will let yourself go to fully experience all that the adventure has to offer. No worries. No constant thinking about “what if” and no secret phone calls to make sure everything is good without you.

How about some “pua” lingo:

  • Demonstrate High Value = Dollar Home Vacation.
  • Display Outstanding Masculinity = Divorced Own Million.

What is the rest of the 16,000 Step System To Attract Women and Get Laid with Sugar, A Small Furry Animal, and A Mobile Phone… Now that you have your six secret keywords?

Sugar is quick energy. You’re going to need it to last longer in bed. You’re going to need it to get through every step. AND if you’re failing at any given point you’re going to need it as bait. Preferably in the shape of chocolate.

Small furry animals are cute and cuddly. They’re relatively easier to maintain. When the shit hits the fan they’re awfully good at going underground until the living conditions are better. AND if you’re failing at any given point you can use them as a prop. When you’re a small furry animal women are not afraid to touch and pet you.

A Mobile Phone is essential for communication. You can spark a woman’s imagination and drive up her desires with your voice and words alone. You don’t even have to be in the same room to increase your chances of getting laid. AND if or when you’re failing at any given point you can use it to accidentally send her the wrong message you meant to send to some “other” chic you’re banging. “Ooops!!!”

You can also use it to show off pictures of your small furry animal collection. Or show her pictures of chocolate covered strawberries and mention how they could be hers if she’s willing to go “home” with you.

Here is how to use the 16,000 steps…to bring her to a complete orgasm.


This is the “obligatory – you can attract this hot woman” bikini photo. Honestly she’s more distracting isn’t she? Seriously…imagine pulling that knot!

The average sexual intercourse lasts 3 to 13 minutes. 780 Seconds. You can only hope to drive inside her 20.1 times a second. SO you must make the sex last an hour. That’s 3600 seconds. That’s only four pumps a second.

Think you can handle that?

I doubt it and you’ll probably just hurt her. What about an hour and a half? That’s 5400 seconds. That’s 2.96 reps a second. Perfect?

(For you musician literate that’s a 1-2-3 waltz. Steady as she goes and you’ll hit that 16,000 mark easily.)

If you’re really good at foreplay I bet she’ll reach her orgasm in 440 seconds. So make sure you use the rest to either get ready to go again or cuddle with her. Women like that stuff.

Of course you can try to slow method. See how slowly you can thrust in and out while counting to 16,000. My bet is you’ll lose interest by the time you hit your specific age. For me it’s 42.

By that time I’m usually distracted by a beautiful body (ahem above and to the right) and since I’m a guy who supposedly thinks about sex every 7 seconds, after I’ve seen her naked body the sixth time I’m distracted enough to lose count.

Here is how to use the 16,000 steps…to attract lots of women.

Step 1: Memorize the six secret key words like this… Demonstrate High Value – Dollar Home Vacation. Demand and Own my Masculinity – Divorced Own Million or for better results:

Out of a reported one million divorces where a home is owned by a physically defined feminine and masculine couple, who only vacationed once a year, and the dollar amount or value of their income and material goods owned combined to be less than the average high middle class family, both parties involved demonstrated their attraction to each other was no longer working as it once did.

Step 2: LEARN THIS – Never speak like that (above) to a woman you want to attract.

Step 3: Gather the 3 necessary tools of attraction.

Sugar. Of course this does not have to be literal. Energize her. Excite her. Get her addicted to it. You can feed her chocolate all you want but at least make her work for it by winning you over in some way. I prefer to offer it when she loses so I can get her to not try so hard at beating me. Not that I don’t mind losing but it does suck occasionally.

Small furry animal. Preferable a Dog, a Gerbil, or two very horny mice who always need to be separated. Above the literal translation be cute and cuddly without saying too much. You’re loyal if she can feed you. You’ve got those darling eyes she can’t help but to stare into. And a part of you just might be open to lots and lots of sex like Mister and Miss Mice.

NOTE OF WARNING: If she shows you her “small furry animal” before you show her yours – cancel the trip to the beach and suggest a Day Spa instead (Free bikini waxes are usually included.)

A Mobile Phone. Use the carrier of your choice. Data packs are good. Texting is NOT optional. Get the plan but use it like you’re going to go over your limit every month. It’s just as valuable to know when and what to text as it is to know when to STOP texting.

Figuratively, if you could say that here, communication is an essential tool of attraction. So you’re on a “minimal plan” which gets renewed once a month. You don’t have to say something today when it’s cheaper to wait until tomorrow.

Tease her like the phone company teases you with it’s shiny new features which of course can be unlocked with any new cool upgrade. Contractual obligation is not required but highly recommended for better perks.

Step 4: Start to question how I could possibly come up with 16,000 steps and list them all here.

Step 5: Stop taking this stuff so seriously. Laugh about it. Have fun with attraction. If you’re not having fun you’re doing something wrong. If what you’re doing is wrong or it is not working, stop doing it. If you’ve heard that before and still refuse to believe it – just substitute this step with “Blah blah blah blah.”

Steps 6 – 162: Browse over these “157 tips for staying out of the friends zone”Find the ones which apply to you the most. They’re designed to help you make “manly” decisions and create a better “owned” world. Sorry they are on no longer posted up.

Step 163 – 183: If you’ve fell into these 9 steps – Follow the next twelve to get yourself out of her friends zone. 9 Steps Getting In Her Friends Zone and 12 Steps to Get Yourself Out

Steps 184 –  220:  Maybe you’re just not sure yet why you’re in the friends zone. Perhaps you’ll find one of the answers here:

Why Friends Zone 1-12  ,  Why Friend Zone 13-28,  , Why Friend Zone29-32   ,  Why Friend Zone 33-36

Still not convinced about this whole friends zone thing? Wow really? I’ve been there myself. 

Steps 221 – 246: Okay then Go through The Friends Zone Test – 25 Question Friends Zone Test.

Step 247 – 252: Still looking for more friends zone signs…6 Signs That You Are In Her Friend’s Zone and Indicators of Interest

Steps 253 – 262: Open this (.pdf) in a new window to get 10 more signs –>“Ten Huge Signs She Has Put You In the…Friend Zone”

Steps 263 – 271: Quick guide from a guy named Steve – Turn Your Friend Into A Girlfriend In Nine Easy Steps

Steps 271 – 277: By now you might be hating me so here’s  7 More Reasons to Hate Me?

Glad to see you don’t hate me that much… you ready for a girlfriend yet?

Steps 278 – 288:  Read all 11 Steps On How To Get A Hot Girlfriend. Sorry not available or free anymore

Steps 289 – 292: Maybe it’s easier if you use four core seduction skills.  How To Get A Girlfriend Using Four Core Seduction Skills

Hmmmm… it appears I may need more information on getting a girlfriend.

Wait…Getting a girlfriend might be easier if you’re not too nice.

Steps 293 – 302:  Maybe you’re still being too nice. Here’s my   Top Ten List of How A Nice Guy Will NOT Attract A Woman.

 Steps 303 – 322:  Here are some more tips to help you out of your nice guy funk – 20 Nice Guy Tips

Steps 323 326:  Maybe you’re giving away your status. Nice guys are notorious for doing this and they doing by checking out girls way too much. Here are 4 Ways Checking Girls Out Gives Up Your Status

Steps 327 – 336: Nice guys are usually smart. Why? Who cares for now.  The Ten Reasons Why HIGHLY INTELLIGENT Men Fail With Women will clear up some of your smartness for you.

Steps 337- 345: Let’s make sure you’re not creeping her out. 9 Questions to Ask Yourself if You Creep Women Out?

Steps 346-354: We know you’re nice – now let’s see if you’re a man or a wussy. Man or Wussy? 5 Answers to Help the Nice Guy Attract Women

Steps 355 – 358: How about four more answers. 4 Answers To My Personality Test, “Are You A Man or a Wussy?” Part Two

You must not allow yourself to make too many mistakes.

Steps 359 – 368: This is filled with mistakes.  Ten Reasons Why Men Fail With Women

Steps 369-371: More common mistakes.   Top 3 Mistakes Smart Men Make with Women

Now how about we try to turn you into an Alpha Male “Chic Magnet”.

Steps 372-376:  Part 1 of four parts on being alpha. “True Story – I Didn’t Grow Up An Alpha Male”. SORRY this post is also no longer available.

Steps 377 – 422:  Start with this from Carlos -> What The Alpha Male Is And Why It Helps You Attract Women, and follow it with 34 more right here -> Carlos Xuma

Steps 423 – 445: Scot knows about what it means to be man -> The Big Four Factors That Attract Women To A Certain Man then follow it with 19 more right here ->Scot McKay

Steps 446 –  478 :  Now you’ll want to download some Alpha Attraction to master your success ->  33 Rules for Mastering Your Success with Women (free .pdf)

 Step 488 – 497: Are you ready to see how Alpha You Are? The Alpha Male Test – Your Relationships With Women

Steps 498 – 502: Alpha Males have attractive body language  What Is Body Language? 4 Tips On Communicating With Your Body

Steps 503 – 506:  Alpha Males also display confidence. The 4 Sure Signs Of Confidence That Women Look For In A Man

Steps 507 – 516:  Alpha Males can be considered cool.

Steps 517 -520:  Perhaps you’re not sure how to be cool.  Four Steps To Being Cool Starting with Confidence

Steps 521 – 620:  Step outside DiaLteG for rules of being a man ->  Rules To Be A Man (100 ways to keep your Testosterone flowing)  (http://humor.mcf.com/misc/manrules.html)

We’ve taken control of the friends zone, being nice, getting a hot girlfriend, and finding the “Alpha” man inside you…now let’s find out what type of woman you want.

Steps 621 – 640:  Who is your perfect woman?  Your Perfect Woman Survey (20 Questions.)

Steps 641 – 645:  You’ll want to qualify your perfect woman. 5 Steps to Qualifying Her – Attracting Better Women

Steps 646 – 655:  You definitely want to challenge her, if you really like her. Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to be Attracted to You

Steps 656 –   658:  You want to understand your perfect woman better?  3 Dating Myths About Women

Steps 659 –   660:  What about ones you don’t want.  Have You Ever Dated A Double-Standard Chick? (two steps)

I know you want to meet and approach your perfect woman – or least more women.

Steps 661 – 668: Opening her is a great way to meet her. 8 Tips on Opening a Conversation With a Woman – Successful Approaches

Steps 669 – 675: Getting her digits is very important. The Easiest Way To Get A Woman’s Phone Number And Email Very Quickly

Steps 676 –  679:  Maybe you’re too busy to hit the clubs. 4 Step Guide to Meeting Women – How to Connect With Girls On Facebook

Steps 680 – 685:  SIX FULL PAGES ON THE APPROACH    (sorry not available or free anymore) Try visiting my new site, “The Approach“.

Steps 686  – 705:    A little good luck never hurts. Twenty Steps to Change Your Success and Your Luck with Women

Steps 706 – 732: I’m cheating here are 6 places to meet if you’re under 21. (21+6)  The Cheapest Places To Meet Women Even If You’re Under 21

Steps 733 –  764:    Even better ->  Dating – 32 Cheap Places To Take Your Date or Meet Women Everyone Can Do

Steps 765 – 768: Great reasons to not approach at night. 4 Reasons Why You Must Learn Daytime Dating, Meet Higher Quality Women

Steps 769 – 774:  How about “picking her up” 6 Tips For a Good Night Out – The Fundamentals of Picking Up Women

Steps 775 – 975: Let’s go outside DiaLteG again. There’s definitely 1,000 pickup lines here but I’ll make it 200.  Got Lines  (http://www.gotlines.com/)

Steps 976 – 986:  Meeting  7 out of 10 women – How to Meet 7 out of 10 Women Who do NOT Want to be Approached

Steps  987 – 993:  First post of seven parts to help you MEET WOMEN ONLINE.  Are You Frustrated With Your Online Dating Experience? 1. No Messages

Steps  994 – 999: Because on the internet is natural to go from online to the phone so here are  “4 Reasons Why You Must Learn How To Give Great Phone Sex”. SORRY, no longer available.

Conversations and Communication are essential to attractive Flirting and Attraction

(let’s all celebrate our first millennium)

Steps 1000 – 1003:    Follow the “real” laws of attraction.  How to Get a Girl to Like You – The 3 Laws of Attracting Women

Steps 1004 –  1013 :   Attracting a friend while you shop or what to do.

Steps 1014 – 1020:    Show a little mystery to attract her. It really does work if you do it right. 7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men Plus How To Be It

Steps 1021 – 1023:   How about attracting younger women? You up for it.   3 Must Haves To Date and Attract Younger Women and What They Look For

Steps 1024 – 1033:   More “secrets” younger women look for in you.   Ten Secrets of Dating Younger Women and How To Attract Them

Steps 1034 – 1049:   Make your conversation attractive. The Six Deadliest Conversation Mistakes You Make With Women

Steps 1050 –  1061:   Got phone? Use it to flirt!  12 Text Flirting Tips For Attracting Women

Steps  1062 – 1064:   Want to get her laughing in those texts you send?   Messaging With Bobby Rio here at DiaLteG TM.

Steps 1065 – 1069:    What else – More Texting advice.   See above.

Steps 1070 – 1074:  Are you looking for some one night stands?   5 COMMON Objections For One Night Stands – Role Playing and Attraction

With less than 600 steps to go we MUST get away from my nice guys approach completely

(these are links outside – mostly sign ups – use your own discretion – take only as prescribed – see a doctor if problem persists)


Steps 1075 – 1180:  Sign up for 6 moves to melt her heart and drive her attraction to you. The Difference – Drive Her Wild With Sexual Attraction… for You   BUY and be rewarded with 100 Ways to Be Amazingly Successful with women. You’ll make a difference from the inside out and Scot will lead you through the entire process.

Steps 1181 – 1202: Sign up for 12 phrases women will say to let you know she’s into you. Looking for signs she is attracted to you?   The Mans Approach – Why Doesn’t She Give Me Some Sort Of Sign That She’s Into Me?

Steps 1203 –  1210:  Sign up for 8 simple secrets to master storytelling.   The Leading Man – Never Be At a Loss to What to Say to a Woman Again

Steps 1211 – 1220:  Sign up for  10 Mistakes Men Make With Women & How To Avoid Them   Become the Man Women Really Do Want

Steps 1221 – 1272:  BUY to hear 52 women talk about   What’s Inside Her Mind

Steps 1273 – 1383:  How about a little romance? No sign ups. But I heard women dig a romantic guy. Just remember it comes AFTER you create attraction. 101 Romantic Ideas (.pdf right click and save)

Steps 1384 – 1390:  If you’re not meeting enough women and attracting them at the same time – take the 7 Question Pickup Quiz

Steps 1390 – 1394:  Back to meeting women.  Five Step form to show you how you can Meet Hotter Women.

Steps 1395 – 1434: Sign up for over forty lessons in attraction. (Sorry not available or free anymore)

Steps 1435 –  1439:     Five Secrets of Men’s Confidence and Creating Attraction With Women…    Secrets Of The Alpha Man  ( TRY it for 7.95.)

Steps 1440 – 1446:  How about learning how to trigger amazing attraction?  Seven things you must know before she’ll jump your bones. 

Steps 1447 – 1457:   Sign up for an  11-step method for creating a KILLER first date with a woman…Killer First Dates.

Steps 1458 – 1462:   How about a little Alpha Sexual POWER Sign up for 5 warning signs you lost your sexual confidence and steps on how to escalate with women. The Shark Fin Formula

Steps 1463 – 1469:   Looking for more online help. Sign up for six keys to meeting a woman online. Get Online Domination

Step 1470:   Nico teaches guys about great sex. ( Sorry taken down.)

Step 1471:  You know you want to make her laugh.  ( Sorry, no longer permitted.)

Steps 1472 – 1478:  Women want a story to tell abut how she met you. Give it to her with  fireworks? Sign up for a Six Part Mini Course on Attraction  Make Her Crave You Video.

Everybody Loves A Good Informational Slash Promotional Video Webinar

Attraction Webinars

(Pay attention and there is always some great tips mixed in with the hype. Take note – if the video tugs on your emotions and demands you do something, anything, THAT is exactly how you want to attract women)

Step 1479: No more nice guy. Say it with me. Get Rid Of The Nice Guy & Attract Women With The Most LETHAL Form Of Attraction. Move to the next step.

Step 1480: What, women can not resist the bad boy?  What is his secret? The Secrets of the Bad Boy

Step 1481: Time to “workout” your masculinity. No lifting required. ( No Longer available. )

Step 1482: Are you in love with a friend? Friends Into Lovers – How you can finally hook up with the one girl you’ve always wanted. “This is the Honey Badger” I told you small furry animals and sugar work.

Step 1483: Hot Wire a Woman’s Emotions – Make Your Small Talk Sexy

Step 1484: Unfair Secret That Gets Women Addicted To You..From A Broke-Ass Physics Nerd? (I took this step down.)

Step 1485: Learn your fears to overcome your challenges with women. Inner Game Master Class – The 3 Fears

Step 1486: This is, High Status Humor – Exactly What To Say To Make Her Laugh So Hard She Feels ‘Wild Sexual Attraction’ For You… Even If You’re Not Tall, Rich, Or Good-looking …And Even If You Don’t Have a Funny Bone In Your Body”- This is High Status Humor. (Hmmmm I wonder why this one went away.)

Step 1487: No problems getting a girlfriend but have trouble keeping them attracted to you? Train Your Girlfriend – Attraction On Autopilot

Step 1488: Are you shy around people especially women? The Secret Cure For Shyness

Step 1489: Do you have question about your fears of approaching women? Here is what other guys are asking  –>  Your Top Questions on Approaching Women Without Fear…

Step 1490: Want to know what to say to her?

Step 1491: Information on your body language and hers too. If you’re sick of guessing this is REVEALED: How To Understand Dating Body Language And Female Body Language

Step 1492: Incredible confidence goes a long way to attracting women. Build it with this. (No Longer available.) Secret ‘Recipe’ For Building BULLETPROOF Self-Confidence and Emotional Control With Women…

Step 1493: Women love guys who radiate strong sexual power. Sexual Power and Confidence With Women

Step 1494: You can still be nice. Here’s how to Trigger Instant Attraction better than the Bad Boy

Step 1495 – 1497: 3-step system causes a powerful chemical reaction to create consistent, predictable and INTENSE attraction. Make Women Want You

Step 1498 – 1500: How to talk to women AND create attraction. 3 Reasons why women test you – How to Turn On women with Small Talk

Step 1501 : The quickest way to get a girlfriend. How To Get A Girlfriend Fast!

Step 1502 – 1504: You have a phone – use it to your advantage by sending the right messages. Magnetic Messaging – Turn her on with 3 Simple Textx

Step 1505:  VERY IMPORTANT STEP:  Grab this url, copy and paste it into twitter and Facebook:


This is your good Karma Step.  I can not guarantee women will begin to throw themselves at you begging you to be your girlfriend but I can guarantee you’ll make me happy.  See look how happy I am already…


Okay even if making me happy doesn’t give you good Karma or you just don’t care to make me smile – think of this way:

Your friends, your guy friends in particular, are your “Wing Men.”   Consider they are “In Training.”  Send them here and make sure if you’re going out looking to “hook up” or meet women make sure it’s fun and your Wing Dude knows what he’s doing.

Now that’s advice you may have never heard before.

Are you ready for those final steps?

Steps 1505 – 1600:    Sign up to DiaLteG™ below by telling your name and a place I can reach you. Your privacy is absolutely protected. My list are my friends and I like to keep good friends. I’ll always be brutally honest and upfront.  Just ask my mother.

These are the MOST important steps of all because I can then send you everything and a lot of it you won’t find here or anywhere else.

No it’s not a secret society.

It’s just me showing you what I know about attracting women and exactly how you can do it yourself.

I don’t want to hold your hand or any part of you but I do want to speak with you directly.

Honestly you’re not my competition (with women) and if you can do it better than me – awesome!!

That’s one less not happy dude in the world whose testosterone is driving way to close to the rear end of my car. I don’t like being tailgated and if this is what it takes – well I’m going to go the extra mile.

Seriously though. You don’t have to be a genius to get this part of your life handled. I am the absolute proof of that…. 😀


About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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