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20 Nice Guy Laws for Staying Out of The Friend’s Zone

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Follow these nice guy laws and you will help yourself attract more women.

The twenty laws below can be used as more than just a guideline for all your interactions with women they can become a “blueprint” on what to do and a measure of what may have put you in the friends zone.

If you’re always “just the friend” you’re more than likely there because how you act around women ( destroying attraction or not allowing it to happen ) , the way you have reacted to her tests ( disqualifying yourself ) , and not understanding how attraction works for women…

Leading me to believe you put yourself there.

It sounds like I’m throwing blame around but that’s actually good news because it means if we’re the reason we can change the outcome of future interactions with women to avoid the friends zone trap again.

Before we get to the laws – or tips – ask yourself some important questions:

Are your girlfriends are far and few between?

Are the women you don’t want attracted to you and the ones you do want never seem interested in dating you?

Has every female friend you’ve had started because you wanted her? You couldn’t resist becoming her friend but you were secretly hoping she would like you or make a move on you eventually. If you just stayed close enough or kiss her ass enough.

Do you meet one woman after another, fall for her, and find it hard to keep the friendship alive because of how you feel about her?

Does your life always seems to revolve around a different woman? You can look back and mark the “chapters” by every woman you have loved in your life who didn’t feel the same about you?

Have you secluded yourself many times because you were feeling lonely, depressed, and helpless when it came to women? And you beat your head against the wall hoping the pain will go away. In other words how many times have you told yourself to just give up already and either settle or not bother with women anymore.

Answering yes to many of those questions has a lot to do with you being in the friends zone.

They represent a constant pattern of the three reasons I mentioned in the beginning:

How you act around women ( destroying attraction or not allowing it to happen ) , the way you have reacted to her tests ( disqualifying yourself ) , and not understanding how attraction works.

They, just like the tips below – are littered with excuses and those excuses are stopping you from succeeding with women.

They’ll have you fighting change. They will give you a false set of negative beliefs in yourself. They will stop you from “doing real work” to get this problem solved once and for all.

They start but not end here…

Why do you feel women put you in the friends zone?

Is it your physical appearance? Maybe you’re too tall, too short, too ugly, too pretty.

Maybe you get so nervous around hot women you’re never yourself and if women would just get to know the “real” you, things would be different.

Maybe the problem is you want women to like you for who you are so badly you convince yourself if she doesn’t then she’s must not be right for you.

Whatever you feel are your reasons I guarantee that I have used them myself.

And I too also believed they were unique to myself but sadly – they were not.

Practically everyone of of us, who feels our excuses are unique, shares many of them.

They’re usually built from a lifetime of fears, disappointments, and failures.

They’re based approval seeking and wanting women to like us so badly it clouds our ability to act like a real man.

Again – this is good news – because so many of us have these in common – we can work together – and since others have worked past them, we can too!

Hopefully it all starts here, today, right now, and continues…

20 Nice Guys Laws to Attract Women and Stay Out of The Friends Zone…


  1. Being Nice – Being nice has little or nothing to do with Attraction.
  2. Women Flirt – Just because a woman is flirting with you doesn’t mean you’ve found your next girlfriend.
  3. First Move – Don’t be afraid to make the first move when the situation arrives.
  4. Disqualify – Don’t ever tell a woman why you THINK she will turn you down.
  5. Pity Date – Don’t try and make a woman feel sorry for you, hoping she will give you a pity date.
  6. Buy Attraction – Never try to buy her affection with money or favors.
  7. Rejected – Never feel sorry for yourself because you got turned down.
  8. Agree Beliefs – Never agree with everything a woman says if it goes against your beliefs.
  9. Learn Funny – Learn to be funny but don’t over do it.
  10. Tease – Tease her often.
  11. Learn Flirt – Learn to “play” with women through flirty conversations.
  12. Like Me – Never ask, “Do you like me?
  13. Women Want – Never ask, “Am I you boyfriend?
  14. Friend Zone – If you ever feel that you are already in the friend zone. Learn what you can immediately what you did wrong and move on, quickly.
  15. Body Language – Pay extreme detail to your body language. No slouching. Hovering. Take up the space around you and learn how to own that space.
  16. Live Life – Never feel like you have to answer any or every question a woman throws at you.
  17. Blame – Stop blaming women for your own failures.
  18. Space – Don’t jump all over a woman just because you are attracted to her.
  19. Confidence – Learn to be confident but not arrogant.
  20. Invest – Invest in yourself.

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