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4 Answers To My Personality Test, “Are You A Man or a Wussy?” Part Two

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You should not have to apologize for finding this attractive.

Take this quick “test” and see how you would respond IF you were put in this situations with women.

It can show you if you’re a “man or a wussy”.

This is based on David DeAngelo’s “wussy slap” he gave me so many years ago which eventually led me to start DiaLteG TM.

Part Two. Part one is here: of “Are You a Man or a Wussy?”.

6.  You’re kissing a woman and she starts saying quietly, “We should stop.

  • A.  You’re in a position where the next level will not be possible so you look at her and say. “Okay.” Then you walk away.
  • B.  You’re in a position where the next level will be possible so you look in her eyes for a second. Smirk, and then walk away not saying anything.
  • C.  You push the issue trying to raise the night to a new level.
  • D   You’re not in a position where the next level will be possible so you look at her and say. “You’re right. It’s late and I’ve got to get going anyways.

There are many right answers here but which is the best answer to increase her attraction towards you.

Which is the best response that will have her wanting more the next time you see her.

It seems quite obvious when I put it that way.

Selecting A is ( mostly ) the right thing to do.

It’s not a so called nice guy move. It’s just the outcome of the evening. The problem with this selection is IF you say something. You agree with her. You get plenty of points for doing the respectable thing but lose for the reason I will explain next.

I absolutely agree with B.

The key here you are in a position to push things to the next level.

Meaning “We should stop” is not “Stop IT!” So she’s feeling good and so are you.

The moment is right for more to happen and most guys will take it further but showing her you’re strong enough to walk away and tease her is so much more fun.

She most likely will chase you down but don’t give in at first. Tease, tease, tease.

Let the anticipation grow so deeply in her that she must have you.

C is just plain wrong.

It’s a sign that you must look into how you treat women. I know it’s not the worst you can do because she is not blatantly telling you no.

There’s definitely a hint of please don’t stop which is implied in her words but there’s no still reason to push it further.

Chances are it will turn her off a little.

Chances are you will seen as every other guy she has been with.

If you want to separate yourself and give her an ultimate experience do not choose this one.

Choosing D is easy and you get extra points for setting up your life to make it easy to tease a woman.

Having things to do and being busy makes you hard to get.

It makes you a tease without having to try.

If you struggle with being strong in this situation to tease a woman then not having your life around a single outcome will automatically take care of this for you.

7.  Choose one below that fit’s close to how you feel about pickup lines?

  • A.  They don’t work for me.
  • B.   It doesn’t matter what I say, body language and tonality are more important.
  • C.   I would like to find the perfect one.
  • D.   They only work for men that are good-looking.

This is a tough one. I struggled with answering it a little myself when I wrote this the test.

Selecting A may not be the greatest answer but it tells me you feel pick up lines are over used and don’t come from you and your true personality.

It tells me you feel just connecting with a woman is more important than “trying to pick her up”.

I believe B is the most correct answer.

I have not only experienced the difference but I have also done test situations with guys that proved to them without a doubt your body language and tonality are more important than what you actually say.

Within common sense of course.

For example I knew this one guy who was a little too cocky but I could tell deep down he was not a confident person when it came to women.

He said to me one night at a club,

Dude, that chic has incredible tits. I would love to bury my face in them.

And of course the idiot walked up to her and told her she had amazing tits.

Yeah, she didn’t take it too well.

The problem was he walked up quickly. Said it very loudly and basically embarrassed her.

He then walks back up to me and said,

I thought you said I could say anything to a chic if I just walked up confidently to her.

I laughed at him of course and replied,

I said you can say what you want if you know how to say it. She saw right through your bullshit. You practically attacked her and you put her tits in the spotlight of everyone around her. Now if you walked up to her slowly, looked right into her eyes, and not her boobs, and merely hinted with a slow low voice that her breasts were incredible. She might have been flattered.

B will get you ten points almost every time.

Using true confident body language and the proper “tonality” will allow you to start some great conversations with women.

I wouldn’t advocate commenting on a woman tits when you first meet her but if you must, DO IT RIGHT or you will just come across as a complete ass and she will see right through your false confidence.

If you really want to choose C and you feel a perfect one is suited for you.

Go for it but I guarantee there is not one perfect line that will work in every situation with every type of woman you encounter.

Obviously choosing D get you no points at all.

Believe it or not some good looking guys have a ton a trouble approaching women.

Just because they are good looking doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.

Sure they may get laid occasionally by their looks alone but it in no way reflects who they are.

Also, on the down side good looking guys can come off as serious players when using pickup lines.

8.  You see an attractive woman so you walk up to her to start a conversation. What do you usually do?

  • A. Compliment her by telling her how beautiful you think she is.
  • B. Shake and tremble, your mouth goes dry, so you just keep walking.
  • C. Use your best pickup line on her.
  • D.  Treat her like an old friend, or bratty little sister and and bust on her in a funny yet confident way.

Selecting A is what most guys want to do.

If you want to be seen just like everyone or every other guy that approaches then compliment her right away.

The problem is you’ll probably blend into background with her. She won’t trust your sincerity. She will probably shrug you off with a smile.

You get points for having the balls to approach but that’s all.

Attractive women are approached all the time so you must be a little different than the rest. You must learn how to stand out from them.

I’m sorry to hear it if you chose B.

I hate to hear how tough it is for some men that can get so nervous in a situation in which there is no reason to be.

She’s a person just like you.

Her looks mean nothing.

Her insecurities are still there just like everybody else.

Try C if it works for you.

If you’re good enough and come up with something different it just might work.

I personally don’t recommend it as an approach for an extremely attractive woman.

She’s been hit on so many times in her life you will make it really hard on yourself.

If you can make her laugh with some cheesy line then lead into something with more substance you’re doing pretty good.

Just remember to lead into the substance as quickly as possible before she runs away.

Remember she has a life and her time is as valuable as yours. So if you must, use the pickup line as a laugh, lead into some substance quickly, and then get her phone number.

After that get away as soon as possible.

Don’t linger around because chances are you might screw it things up.

This Three Minute Phone Number Technique works great. So use it.

D is without a doubt the best approach you can learn.

It works like magic when done properly.

I will warn though. Treating an exceptional woman that you just met like an old friend might cause her to back of a little. I hear women say all the time, mostly on social sites, say things like,

I don’t even know you.

But remember it’s how the interaction is going and how you make her feel is more important than her words.

Just because she is saying one thing it doesn’t mean she is feeling that.

If she is still talking to you and you’re making her laugh you are on the right track so keep it up.

I’m sure by now you have heard all about the cocky/funny approach and this is exactly what it is all about.

It’s popular because it works.

I’ve seen it work like magic and I’ve done it myself.

Once the lights were turned on inside my head it was one of the best A-Ha moments I have ever had in my life.

There’s also an entire course dedicated to teach you the cocky/comedy routine and you must get it: Cocky Comedy

9.  You meet a woman and for some reason you find yourself staring at her breasts. She responds angrily and asks you to stop. How do you handle the situation?

  • A.  Continue to stare, ignoring her words.
  • B.   Continue to start and say, “I think your breasts are amazing and I can’t keep my eyes off of them.”
  • C.   Stop staring and apologize.
  • D.   Stop staring and then feel bad about it so you attempt to make it up to her.

If you want to be a pig, then A is the way to go.

Just remember this.

There is a fine line being being a pig and being a sexual man.

If you are all about staring and you don’t give two shits about her knowing it, then that is who you must be at all times. Most likely you will turn her off to you but again if it is what you are all about then don’t worry about it.

Throw in some true confidence and don’t laugh and she just might be curious enough to wonder what the hell you are all about.

I don’t condone this “attitude approach” for anyone but I’m also not into telling people NOT to be something they are not.

B is exactly what I was talking about above when I mentioned having the confidence to allow yourself to be who you are.

If you find her tits amazing then it’s alright.

There is nothing wrong with being sexually attracted to a female.

It’s all how you handle the situation and how consistent you are with yourself.

If you are a strong confident man and you don’t back down she just might give you a chance.

If you lead into to some skeezy dirty talk and make her FEEL like she is a piece of meat, then you will fail miserably.

You will not be a wussy. You will be a scumbag. If she understands you are just admiring her beauty and can lead into some great conversation after which makes her laugh you’re going to get pretty far.

Personally this choice won’t work for me. I’m an ass man.

Selecting C isn’t entire wrong but apologizing for something that is not causing harm or willfully demeaning another person is kind of a cop out.

You can admit to her that you were caught but why bother apologizing.

You’re not really sorry for checking her out.

You;re just sorry you got caught!

D is the classic wussy response.

A wussy response is pretending to be something you are not.

Why should you feel bad about admiring beauty.

Granted if you act like a pig and point at her with your friends you are acting like pig but feeling bad about it tells her you don’t own up to your own masculinity.

We’re men.

We are attracted visually all the time.

If she can’t understand that fact then that is HER problem. Not yours. So move on.

If you attempt to make it up to her she will instantly put you below her in status.

Go ahead and admit what you did but I see no reason for kissing her ass. Trust me, she will get over it.

We’ve covered teasing, pick up lines, approaching, and owning up to your masculinity in just four questions.

All four are closely related and one when fails the others don’t work as well.

That is why it is important for you to look at all aspects of attraction to separate and make the wussy guy inside you disappear forever.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

Please visit all my pages: The Nice Guy Approach | The Approach | Why Do Guys…? | Why Do Chics…? OR Like my Facebook fan pages: Why Do Chics…? | DiaLteG TM OR JOIN the best group on women at Why Do Chics…?. Yes, I’m a very busy guy. 🙂 Oh… I almost forgot Twitter – Peter White.

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6 comments… add one
  • Sahil

    I’m from India. Let me add here the tips offered by this blog author are culturally relative and responses to these situations should be based on the unique attributes of your culture. This is how the responses vary for Indian women:

    For Q7., I agree with B – in contrast pick-up lines don’t work that well in an Indian situation as they are seen as too cheesy and only desperate men employ such tactics. The key here is to simply strike the conversation based on topics of familiarity and lead it up to what you want from her, slowly.

    In my opinion, for Q6., if she asks me not to kiss her after luring me this far ahead, I would ignore her word and kiss her up anyway – she might get offended a bit but unlikely to break up over this. After all, she understands it was her idea.

    I disagree with your best response for Q8. If you treat her like an old friend, or bratty little sister, you’d straight away fall into that “friends” zone. Unless you’re a very attractive male, you will never come out of it. I think Option A would work much better. Indian women spend a lot of time and money trying to dress beautifully, with all that make-up, jewellery and stuff. They generally appreciate it if I come with an original compliment without being demanding. In fact many Indian men don’t really know how to compliment a woman in the fear they may be acting too forward – that kills the spark!

    For Q9. again, option B isn’t good. She will not appreciate you making up a story after ogling her so long. If you’ve been ogling her, it’s important to show some guilt and an apology isn’t a bad idea either especially when she doesn’t know you that well. She would let it pass and it won’t affect your future relationship. Moreover she will appreciate you for your ability to restrain yourself in the future.

    • Thanks for the culture perspective. I appreciate it.

      As for question 6 you may have missed the point but I’ll take partly the blame. In my head I was clear on the situation but in writing I wasn’t. I’ll make that a little clearer. This is a first, second or possibly third date experience. For some it will be even more. I understand the chemistry and passion is there and for some guys it is best to do what you offer. However for this exercise or the point of the post, “Wussy or Man” is to not only show a “Wussy” what men do but also to teach them the power and strength behind their masculinity. When women notice your ability and strength to walk away and I’ll add, have fun with it, it turns up her frustration and confuses her just enough to turn her on even more.

      But again most nice guys who would consider themselves “Wussies” might have to risk burning an interaction to strengthen their masculinity and to learn the real power behind saying “no” to a woman.

      For question 8 , yeah you’re probably right. But I only feel this way because knowing the right way to treat like a bratty little sister is a tough line for men to walk who don’t have the experience. You hit a key note also, “an original compliment.” Most men go right for the obvious.

      Cultural differences aside we will probably always disagree on question 9. But again for this post and for the nice guy who already apologize way too much for just being a man, I think it’s important for him to learn to not apologize for trivial events such as this. As far as I’m concerning nothing turns off a woman so much as a nice guy who apologizes for everything.

  • Kat

    Hi. 🙂 I’m doing research for an ebook I am writing as part of my work as a freelance writer. The ebook itself is about how to “decode” and “understand” what a woman does when she tests a guy. I’m writing this for someone else, to be honest, since he trusts my judgment, and English is not his first language. 🙂

    But aside from my research, I am going to give you my own perspective, while I’m here.

    As a woman, I must admit, I found many of your Q & A’s throughout your site to be spot on–even though I admittedly don’t really socialize a lot, owing to my introverted nature. I know what I want in a guy, and what I want is more likely to be found at either a musical theater, or a Pagan/Metaphysical or Renaissance festival than in a bar or club. 😛

    Speaking as something of a Pagan, I found Q. 9 on this page to be somewhat amusing to me, to be quite truthful. If I caught a guy staring at my breasts, I must admit, I’d personally feel flattered, where other women might get a bit ouchy. Yes, I appreciate a guy who appreciates my brains. But hey, I also know biology. And I am not exactly going to apologize for checking a guy out, physically speaking, either.

    I think the women who get overly ouchy about a guy checking them out physically need to get in touch with their Inner Goddess–the part of them that knows biology, and does not see sex as a sin (the latter of which is part of why we have these issues between the genders in the first place), but still wants to take things slowly for a more satisfying relationship.

    If it was me, instead of getting angry with a guy for staring, I’d likely smirk at him, and say, “Hmmm, like what you see? Well, how about a conversation so that you know my brain just as intimately?” I don’t know how you’d personally respond, but I would personally hope that a guy would see the comment for what it is: the woman’s acknowledgement of his biological response, as well as someone who’s okay with her sexuality–but still wants to be appreciated for her intelligence as well. A balance of “Sexually confident AND brainy” is what I aim for. 😉

    And IMHO, as I said, the women who get wound up about being stared at are the ones who are likely really, really confused about the balance of being sexually confident as well as intelligent. They’re made to think it’s an either/or situation. I blame conservative religious thinking for that, and it’s a shame. But then I am something of a Pagan.

    I would imagine you don’t get many comments from females on your site. And if you don’t see this comment, that’s okay…the men who will end up reading it WILL…and they’ll know that not all women are confused about how to respond to male biology in a confident way.

    Keep going with this site. In fact, I have a blog where I might feature links to some of your posts because I’m one of those women who absolutely delight in the dance of male-female energy…and I want to provide an alternative perspective. I don’t have too many posts up yet, owing to the fact I’m one of those people who think they have to juggle a million things (:-P), but what you’ve written here has given me much inspiration–not just for my blog, but for the freelance writing job I’m doing.

    Before I sign off–your site is actually quite educational to those of us women who DON’T socialize much but want to hear things from a guy’s point of view. But then, I’m not your typical woman either.

    Thanks a bunch,
    Kat ^.^

    • You’re welcome Kat and thank you for your input. It is definitely appreciated and will be beneficial to guys and women. Just so you know, at my why do guys site I give all the women there a guys perspective on everything. 🙂

      Thanks again Kat and the best of success to you and your business,


  • Jean Fradet

    About the breast stare. I was the shyest guy ever and virgin and but was caught staring at a coworkers breast (actually I was reading her shirt! Not even looking at her breast).

    Someone blurted out loud “Are you staring at her breast?”

    Now normally I would of froze up and became ashamed but since I was actually just innocently reading her shirt I said with a sly smile “yes I am!”. Before I could clarify how I was actually kidding the women said whose breast were apparently being ogled stated out loud “that’s ok. At least you are honest” as she put her arm on my shoulder.

    At that moment my jaw hit the floor….. i was shocked she reacted what I could only describe as enthusiastic that I was staring at her breast and she started to hit on me after that moment. I hadn’t really connected the dots till just now but…. It’s absolutely true.
    When you are caught own up to it but don’t apologize. Make a light joke but don’t be ashamed. Note that I don’t recommend you turn this into a pickup move, just how to handle being caught.

    • Great story Jean and thanks for sharing. I especially love this, “When you are caught own up to it but don’t apologize. Make a light joke but don’t be ashamed.”

      Remember guys, we’re men and women (most of them) want men.

      Thanks Jean,


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