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Stuck In Her Friend Zone, How Long Does it Take You To Ask For A Date?

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The longer you wait to ask for a date, the more likely she will put you in the her friends zone.

You can easily end up in any woman’s friend zone if you wait way too long to ask for date.

This is based from question 7 on the Friends Zone Test/Survey and from my personal experience in being putting the friends zone a lot.

Let’s say you meet a girl but you don’t see the signs she is attracted to you. You’re just not sure so you decide to wait to ask her out.asking her out would not be a smart thing.

Then, maybe you see her again a couple times but the longer you wait the harder it becomes.

By the time you convinced yourself she’s gave you a “yes” signal – she is either seeing some other guy – or worse yet she says she only wants to be friends and now it’s too late.

You’ve missed your opportunity and you’re stuck playing the “hope”and “wait” game as the guy who didn’t hold back is right where you wanted to be… with her or dating her.

There are may reasons why waiting too long can hurt and not all of them are obvious.

For example, did you know once you fail to take the next step she will be more likely to assume you don’t like her?

She may feel rejected.

She might instantly put you in the friend’s zone just to make herself feel better and as a natural guard to protect her ego.

Another reason is if you wait too long you’re also more likely to make a mistake.

If you show her you’re confident enough to approach and start a conversation but fail to take the next step she might lose confidence in you.

This indecision causes her to lose her first interest in you and even though she may still want to talk or see you again you’ll be labeled a “potential” friend and that is all.

The important thing to remember here is, women assume if you have the balls to approach her you’re doing something different than most guys. You’re succeeding where so many men fail because they either lack the skills or are just total creeps who haven’t a clue on how to be a genuinely social person.

Way too many men wait for her to give some sign as to whether she wants you to ask her out and a the same time they’re missing the subtle clue or hints she feels are obvious.

She feels like she gave you the “go sign” and when you don’t respond to it she’ll assume many reasons why. The result ends up her becoming a friend and you becoming a non-date-able option.

If that is you, if you’re waiting around, or spending all your time trying to read how she feels about you, then you’re almost always guaranteeing you’re actually going to miss the signs because your focus is not in the moment.

It makes it harder for you to have a real conversation which may enhance her sexual attraction for you.

So what IF it’s too late and you already missed your moment or opportunity with her and now you have an uphill battle to turn her feelings around and give you a second chance.

When you’re in a “just friends relationship” for several months or even years because you failed to ask her out it’s not all bad news.

For all you know, she could have felt something for you before.

So for you to escape your situation you must follow my three steps to even give you a chance:

  1. Distract – Remove your focus on her and put it on yourself.
  2. Attract – Learn what attracts all women and gain the skills to trigger sexual attraction
  3. Re-Introduction – after a  “vacation” from her slowly re-introduce yourself back to her as more than just a friend.

You’ll find each of those covered in detail in my free Ebook – Eliminate the Friends Zone.

When it comes to the friends zone, avoiding it and or eliminating it from your life it’s almost always better to ACT FIRST.

Set yourself up as a “dating option” first and then if she only sees you as a friend, it’s probably because she isn’t feeling attracted to you. Which will save you lots of time and energy and keep you from guessing.

Do NOT wait too long to set up some form of date.

If the friends zone is a serious problem for you AND you are waiting too long to ask… it’s clear that pattern must change if you’re ever going to eliminate it.

Here’s a great list of places to meet up with her to help you out: 32 Great Date Places – Where To Go and Meet Up With Her

The most clever way to avoid this problem is actually to just avoid “asking for a date”.

Start by building some attraction and connecting with her on something more than just friendly.

Then invite her to DO something with you.

The details on how to do just that, and to avoid “asking for a date” are all right here: How to Ask a Woman On a Date – Follow This Simple Secret of Success.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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