DiaLteG – Learn How To Attract Your Ideal Woman… Naturally

Don't you just want to meet a REAL woman who is into you... for YOU?

You don't want to play a part or a role, compete with her last ex-boyfriend, pretend you're somebody else, or get shot down (flat out and rudely rejected) when you're just trying to talk to a woman you find attractive.

You've had enough of the bad attitudes and the smug looks of superiority on their faces - just because she's hot or you find her attractive - does NOT make her better than you or anyone else. You know it but apparently "they" just don't GET IT!

So what?

You've made some mistakes in the past with women.

You understand and admit you're not perfect.

You don't always say the right things.

You're don't always remember EVERYTHING.

When you're focused - you're focused and you're simply trying to make a life for yourself just like everyone else is too.


It feels like women don't respect that about you or even care that you're a stand up guy.

It's like they're always looking for something more - better - makes you feel like a piece of shit who is what... not good enough!

You don't always act responsibly... but most of the time - you TRY because you're a GOOD GUY.

And it's still not enough.

Being good or "nice" is like some curse set upon you to stop you from finding, meeting, marrying, and starting a family with the woman of your dreams.

You've achieved a lot in your life - you work hard - you're successful at what you do and you're proud of it - why should women be any different, right?

You've worked hard FOR them.

You've done the work...

BUT based on what you've seen and experienced - the harder you try - the less interested they become in you.

They seem more interested in some guy who doesn't even care or who treats them like shit!

So just for a laugh or two or maybe because you're smart and you think you figured it out - you go the other way - you try the "indifferent" approach and ACT like you don't care AND what happens... nothing.

Absolutely nothing!

Now you're certainly feeling like something is going on and the world of women are totally against you.

They're not out to get you, nope, that would be too nice, it's far worse...

They're out to make sure you're destined to be ALONE for the rest of your life OR to get stuck settling for some woman you don't even care for that much at all!

Well today - ALL that changes!

My methods are built on simplicity. No games. Less is more.

It's a matter of fact style that quickly pushes aside all the bullshit of attraction and women and gets to the real issues so you can fix this problem quickly and EASILY...

Saving you time while giving you an attractive positive edge that works on any woman you meet.

I want to give you the opportunity to change your apparent destiny with women... from LOSER to CHOOSER.

Lots Of Beautiful Women

From loser to chooser based on my DiaLteG TM "natural" approach to finding, meeting, attracting, dating, and CHOOSING your ideal woman so you can finally be in charge of the direction you want to go in your life and...

Enjoy a real relationship with the woman you would do anything for,who appreciates and loves you for you; and happily gives it all back.

Not because you've mind-tricked her into it - but because she WANTS to with all her heart.

This is about living your life the way you want to with purpose and fun.

This is about building a positive mindset which is attractive from the inside and out.

This is a way of life and a life which is yours to OWN.

When you can do all that - the woman you choose will gladly join you because it will feel right to her and how it was all... Meant to be.

It all starts today:

Click Here for The REAL Secret to Attracting Women & Getting Laid!

Within your starter Ebook you WILL learn EXACTLY what must happen and how you must make a woman feel - BEFORE she will EVER feel attracted to you and it's entirely FREE.

AND NO!!!!

You don't have to give me your email for it, I'm not asking to enter your "inbox", I'm not begging you to PLEASE get on my list so I can sell you a dream house.

I wish I could tell you I'm overselling it all - because I've made some pretty bold statements and living up to those expectations from you could mark me as a failure - a liar - someone who promises the world but can't deliver... but I'm not.

I know these are FACTS.

I've lived through it all.

I've gone way down the deep end with no hope of ever recovering from my dismal, meaningless, non-existent relationships with women.

I've gone from loser to chooser and CHOSE my wife - the love of my life - and she's a REAL woman who doesn't succumb to the typical, who doesn't settle for the mundane, who expects more, who respects me, loves me just the same - and is HAPPY that despite all the (all too easily to settle for less) mismatches in the world - we found EACH OTHER.

Let's talk a little more about what you're going to find around here.

DiaLteG TM is "get laid" spelled backwards but it means so much more than just having sex. It's about knowing and learning the right skills and developing proven traits to naturally attract women.

There's one part of your life you may find hard to admit publicly and that's the gnawing, helplessness feeling of being LONELY.

Let's be HONEST:

No guy cries to his "dude" friends that he's sick and tired of being alone. It's often re-worded or redirected to complaining about girls in general and pretending that it's not getting to him...

When you know deep down - it sucks not feeling capable or confident enough to get the women you desire the most.

You don't have to tell me about it because for years I suffered through the same dilemma or problem:

You don't understand how women think and how they "decide" to sleep with, date, or marry some of what appears to be the worst possible choice for them.

It's upsetting, isn't it?

You don't understand how some guys naturally attract women and yet you, this genuinely nice "good" guy find it impossible to go from meeting a woman to an actual relationship. It's as if someone is playing a cruel joke on you but you're not laughing, because to you - it's just the harsh reality of your life.

You may have been through a relationship or two. You felt like you got lucky. Some chic liked you and you accepted her.

But be honest - didn't it feel like you settled for her which is not only an awful thing to go through but you also knew just how unfair it was to her.

But enough of that bad stuff... let's focus on the positive.

The purpose of DiaLteG TM is to help you in ALL the areas you feel you're struggling with women.

The acronym for "DiaLteG" covers everything you'll ever need to finally solve your "woman" problems and the loneliness you might be experiencing right at this very moment.

Beautiful Woman Attract

Dating  Interaction  Attraction  Lifestyle  Technique  Exercise  Girlfriend

Dating - Dating is about the fun process involved in connecting with a woman. It's about exploring your options, qualifying your next partner, enjoying casual sex, approaching & meeting women, creating amazing dates, and everything that leads up to more exciting dates which of course leads to natural attraction.

Click Here For All the Posts on Dating.

Interactions - Communicating to women in a way which builds comfort, connection, and attraction.

The interacting part is often where guys fail to trigger attraction because they don't have the right communication skills.

From flirting, sexuality, touching, teasing, and the all important conversations - this is where you convey your natural self.

Click here for all the posts on Interactions

Attraction - An instinctual "emotional" trigger often misunderstood by men and women alike.

A man who interacts with women in a certain way can stimulate her attraction and when done in context can be seen or felt to be a more naturally attractive man.

Attraction requires skills but it is not a skill itself.

It's a feeling. It's an emotional response to an outside source.

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Lifestyle - How you live your life in any way you find rewarding up to and including your style, your social status, your travel plans, your goals, aspirations, dreams, passions and desires.

Whereas dating is meant to get to know another person, interacting is what happens on those dates and outside the normal dating routine, attraction is what happens or is triggered during any and all interactions you have with women - lifestyle is...

HOW you set up your life to live out a more naturally attractive existence.

Click here for all the posts in Lifestyle.

Techniques - The way in which you interact with women often requires skills or techniques which build the attraction.

It's the way in which you carry out your task of creating attraction, building a connection, establishing a comfortable bond between you and anyone else which happens to include women.

Your techniques also covers how you build yourself into a more naturally attractive man.

Click here for all the posts on Techniques.

Exercise - The word exercise normally doesn't need much of an explanation but here it goes: Being healthy, fit, in shape, able and capable of living your life aware and energized enough to enjoy life to the fullest of all your capabilities.

It relates to natural attraction in many ways: Better sex. Healthier living which inspires others. Clearer thinking to accomplish goals and learn new things.

Exercise is not only for the body but for the mind too.

On the side being in shape can and does trigger a physical attraction which may not be necessary for everyone,certainly does not hurt or harm the process of triggering attraction.

Click here for posts on Exercise & Health

Girlfriend - Most guys who start learning about attraction are not interested in get laid quick schemes, playing women, or becoming some a super star pick up artist.

This covers what lot of guys really want - a girlfriend that they are physically, mentally, and emotionally attracted to who also is attracted to them.

Getting a girlfriend covers all the steps needed, building a healthy relationship, the maintenance and upkeep of keeping it all forever growing and exciting too.

Click here for all the posts on Getting A Girlfriend.


11 Steps On How You Can Get A Girlfriend

I believe YOU CAN LEARN how to attract women naturally and you don't have to play any mind games, follow some stupid rules or playbook, and you certainly don't ever have to become a jerk or abandon your "nice good guy" ways.

All you have to do is to first be open to a new mindset which can open up the so-called secret world of women to you and that's starts today!

You don't need luck.

You don't have to be all that good-looking...


You need knowledge and you must learn how to put that information into practice starting IMMEDIATELY.

Thanks for stopping by,

Peter White - DiaLteG TM

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Dave here I like the way you communicate, it makes me think. I am what I call a thinker, meaning I am always consciously thinking about something, usually a project or a future project how to proceed about things. But for some reason I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL anyway You make me think in ways I haven’t before and it is making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. If you want to feel free to use this letter.
Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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  • Paul Janvier

    I am trying to download your Ebooks but they don’t seem to be available. Specifically “Attraction Isn’t A Choice Ebook Special Offer. This is described in “How You Can Be More Attracted To Women: You’re Not A Nice Guy Anymore” by Peter White.

    Paul Janvier (UK)

    • Hi Paul, sorry about that and thank you for pointing it out to me. The links in the book should have been changed and I’m going to work on that right now and download a newer version with the right links in it.

      Here’s the link to Download Attraction Isn’t A Choice.

      I do hope you know that was not written by me, it must be purchased, and that is my affiliate link.

      I appreciate you letting me know and the new version of “How You Can Be More Attracted To Women: You’re Not A Nice Guy Anymore” should be up in less than a few hours. That’s the free one. The link to it will be the same.

      Thanks again,


  • Brett

    So my girlfriend and I started dating September 2017 and long distance as we both lived in different cities. By April 2018 I had moved back to my hometown where she lives and we moved in together. However, right around mid to end May things withnus started changing and she was becoming more distant as well as me. We have both thought about ending it at times because of fights etc but both are the good in one another. We had a big fight at the end of June and now we are taking a break and having space. What can I do to improve our communication as well as build the attraction back as well as the relationship? She is a type a personality person and I am more of a type B so we clash on certain things like projects for the home etc which caused a lot of this. We are both career driven and independent however with myself I like that emotional and intimacy support from my girlfriend. What’s re steps I can do to bring our relationship back to healthy and prosperous?

    • Hey Brett, I’ll start off by saying I’m not into all the personality type a and type b stuff so you have to understand I’m just going to ignore that part.

      Second – of course you want emotional support and intimacy in a relationship – who doesn’t? BUT are you getting it and if not, why? Was it there in the beginning and just slowly disappeared. Something happened which caused you to feel like it stopped or trickled down to nothing. Knowing that answer could certainly help you a lot. PLUS, in all honesty, if getting it back is impossible then it’s unfortunate and hurts to say – but then it’s time you move on before it gets worse.

      Third, there’s no easy answer or exact steps you can do because I’m not in the position of being a relationship adviser where I can see both of your perspectives and see where the communication is breaking down. I could easily suggest something which covers these types of problems you’re having but they’re mostly for women and in those cases it wouldn’t do you much good. Besides something like this:


      Is only designed to respark the romance and it may not cover the communication problems you’re having which will mean you’ll only delay things and the problem will resurface again. However maybe that’s what is missing.

      Maybe you too have grown too complacent with each other. Maybe all you need is a boost of romance and fun and excitement back in your relationship. It won’t solve your communication problems BUT it could open the door so both of you will be more willing and open to solving the problem.

      If you have any specific communication problems, just let me know. It will be easier for me to help you out.

      Here’s some quick advice off the top of my head I can give you which could help:

      Both of you need to take a break from your everyday life – make time for each other and START doing things you enjoy TOGETHER. Resurface some of those old memories and feelings you once shared. You don’t need to re-live them, but you do need to start LIVING them now, in the present.

      Learn to LISTEN to what she’s feeling and not what she’s saying. Don’t try to solve her problems. Don’t try to solve your relationship problems alone. If you feel she’s not listening to you – listening to her and repeating back how certain things make you feel is a good start.

      The good news is you two have been together long enough to know each other quite well and so you both should be open to real candid discussions without BLAME and feeling free to speak what’s on your mind without the fear of reprisal or another fight.

      Do NOT expect or push ANY real discussion while you’re in a fight. The emotions take over and you won’t get anywhere. Save the talks when you’re both relaxed, comfortable, and calm. Most people try to iron out their problems when they’re angry or upset and it just doesn’t work.

      You shouldn’t have to re-create the attraction – it never left. Don’t worry about going back to the beginning and start building something NEW and EXCITING TODAY.

      Hope all the helps you out and let me know how things work out for you.


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