A “Nice Guys” Approach to Attracting Women

You're a nice guy. You want to attract women but it's not working out for you. There's a strong possibility that you believe being nice is the biggest reason why it's not happening.

You found your way here for one or more reasons:

You're looking for someone to agree with you and your beliefs based on FACTS you've experienced in your life:

Those are the FACTS, right?

This is not something you've made up and who in their right mind would make that shit up anyways. What purpose would it serve anyone?

You've come to those bitter conclusions based on your many experiences with women which started when you got your first hard-on over some chic.

Maybe you became her friend. Maybe you just day-dreamed about her and never talked to her.

Maybe she sat across from you in math class and that's as far as it ever went. She probably ended up going to prom with some jock asshole who was your friend too - sort of - and you watched her and every other hot chic in school trade him off as their boyfriend. She might've been single for a day or two so it's not like you had a real opportunity to do something about it anyways.

All that aside it certainly would be great to find someone who has "suffered" through the same stuff along the way. That's for sure. Someone to help prove to you that what you've done, where you've been, and where you are today is not all in your head.

I know over many years the ONLY guys (aside from the current friends zone I was in) I would hang out with were guys who were going through the same thing too. It helped a little but as you'll soon learn - it's actually more harmful than good but more on that later.

How about another valid reason why you came here:

You were looking for INFORMATION about a certain woman or women in your life.

Cute Woman Looking At Phone

She could've told you that you were TOO NICE FOR HER. Yeah, like that's perfectly valid reason to reject a guy. Too nice? Tell me about it! You went out searching for what the REAL reason was and not some lame excuse she was giving you.

Perhaps you've had a few NOT CHOSEN girlfriends and none of them worked out because she was either a little crazy, not that nice, not very attractive, perhaps a decent person BUT eventually either she left you for some jerk and you left her because let's be honest - SHE chased you down, you agreed, but you were just not into her all that much anyways so you let it fall apart.

Maybe - just maybe there IS some girl in your life who does it for you. Probably a woman from work or school or even just someone you see everyday OR a friend of a friend - you've grown somewhat close in a short time but you feel like she's just going to be another woman who puts you in her friends zone and will never let you out... let alone do things to her naked.

You're curious. Wondering how and why it keeps happening to you. You're looking for a way out so you type "Nice Guy Stuck In Friends Zone - What Do I Do?"

How about this one:

You just don't know what to do about ANY women in your life and it's driving you a little crazy!

Nice Guy Being Rejected By Woman

You don't know how to make it happen because EVERYTHING you've done before didn't work and for this one or the many - you're looking for ADVICE on how to get with her WITHOUT playing games.

You want to keep your nice guy status because in all fairness...

When it comes to nice guys and women - BEING NICE is the ONLY thing you have which makes you feel good about yourself.

Would suck to give that up. After all you keep telling yourself that one day, yes it's going to happen... you're going to meet a girl who likes you for YOU. She won't be into playing games. She won't be your typical "chic". You'll fall madly in love with each other and the rest will be history!

Yeah - that COULD happen but you have your doubts, don't you? You want to believe it but there's a man inside you that insists it's NEVER going to happen. Women don't work that way. You know that - it would've happened ALREADY.

Listen: I know this whole "NICE GUY" approach to attracting women thing is kind of weird.

A quick read and it looks sarcastic. Almost like I'm saying,

"Sure, sure, nice guy - no worries guys, this is NOT nice stuff. You're going to learn how to play women and get laid. It's all about how many women you can fuck. I threw in the nice guy thing to throw off women and to bait sad lonely guys who are, after years of no sex FINALLY READY to turn to the dark side and screw over some women."

But that's far from what it means and it's sad I have to explain it all but in all honestly, I bought the domain years ago based on my actual nice guy approach - because I USED to be one of those guys and being stubborn (which is certainly a nice guy trait I have yet to shed) I refuse to give it up. I'm determined to make something out of it.

I'm determined and VERY capable to turn ANY nice guy into a man who can naturally create attraction.

Beautiful Women Checking Staring

A guy who doesn't have to give up on being nice. Who doesn't want to play games. Who is a genuinely decent good guy who feels like has been a little unfair to him in the women department and more.

I CAN do it starting with one simple premise you might fight me over - but once you hear what's behind it - things will make sense to you.

You're no longer a nice guy!

You're "something else" which is revealed in depth as part of Nice Guys Can Finish First When It comes To Attracting Women.

Back to business...

Here's how I'll do it (turn you into an attractive guy who naturally creates attraction in women) in as few words as possible:

Everyone knows nice guys make a lot of mistakes when it comes to women. Sometimes they don't know they're doing them, sometimes they do but refuse to change for the WRONG reasons.

You'll be shown practically EVERY mistake I ever made with women, why they're working against you, and I help you to STOP making them in a way which allows you to remain satisfied and stable within your CHARACTER.

Character in this sense is your ethics, your morals, and some of your beliefs.

I don't encourage you to CHANGE yourself or your core beliefs. I merely give you a different perspective that makes logical sense and let you convince yourself it's not only the right way to do it BUT also how it won't turn you into someone you wouldn't be proud of when you look in the mirror or reflect on your actions.

Peter White - Ex Nice Guy

By the way - I'm Peter White, ex-nice guy and now "something else".

You'll be hearing more from me soon enough when you do sign up to my newsletter.

Let's dig deep into the book and what you'll be getting:

*You'll be shown or taught how to find and achieve a MINDSET that is naturally attractive to women. How changing a few simple beliefs about yourself and women and the world around you AUTOMATICALLY sets you up as an attractive guy... AND it's something ALL women NOTICE immediately!
*How and why you're NOT destined to be alone just because you're a nice guy. Your life is not preset in dating and attraction. There's only a few things holding you back from success. Your "niceness" is NOT the reason why you've failed.

* How changing a few words to describe yourself changes EVERYTHING. Remember what I told you above - how you're not longer a nice guy - well this is where I finally REVEAL what you can call yourself and start seeing yourself that REMOVES this nice guy stigma forever.

This is where you'll learn how you can safely interact with any woman you desire without fear of being turned down just because you're a nice guy AND gives you the freedom to basically DO whatever the hell you want "nicely".

BUT I have a rule you must follow for it to work and don't worry, it's an easy one. It's actually less work than you've already been doing which has been failing you.

*The nicest thing you CAN do for women. What they really want from you to feel attracted to you. Yes, I actually PROVE to you that just by being nice in this way - they'll want more of it from you. It's kind of cool - BE NICE doing this and you WILL create attraction.
*Why being nice has little to do with attraction. In the beginning you're going to learn the reality of attraction so you're no longer in the wrong mindset that your niceness is what stopped you. This is an integral piece and must not be overlooked or ignored IF you want my "teaching" to help you in the way I intend to do it.

* What you must do so a woman will feel sexually attracted to you. No more guessing. No more hoping or worrying about doing the WRONG thing. This is something you MUST do or she will NEVER (at least the women you actually do want) feel sexually attracted to you.

Highlighted of course by the tons of research I've done on what makes a man SEXY. Which of course is explained in full with just one click and no money.

* How to stop living in the future and stay in the moment. Now this might not be a big selling point to a book (I'm not selling anyways) but trust the present is the ONLY time you can create attraction so you must do everything within your power to stay there for all reasonable times.

The fact is - while you're looking for excuses or regretting some junk you've done or trying to not make the same mistakes again, you're living in the past and SHE will pass you by. While you're thinking about all the good fun stuff you'll do with her or TO her or while you're so innocently dreaming of a future with a very cool girl - SHE WILL PASS you by and you'll find it nearly IMPOSSIBLE to connect and create the right amount of attraction.

So yeah - being in the present is a very important SKILL, yes - it's a skill to MASTER and it's something you CAN do quite easily once you remove a few things from your life.

*What to do and what it means when a woman is flirting with you. What's goes on inside your mind when a woman is flirting with you? What does it to you? Do you know what to do, when it means, and exactly what comes next. This may not seem all that important but no knowing this answers DESTROYS everything I give you to succeed with women.

* When to make the first move and how to do it confidently. Nice guys (I know this from experience) are notorious for never making the first move on a woman which lands them in too many friends zone and has them miss opportunities most "other" guys don't miss. You're going to be shown a rather EASY method to NEVER miss out on it again. And no - I'm not going to promise you or show you how to get a woman to do it for you. That's YOUR responsibility and not hers.

BUT again - with a clever unique way of looking at things AND tools you need to confidently make that first move - you'll find it easier than ever before. In fact you'll WANT to do it so often you could find yourself asking women out just so you can do it. So be warned - this is not to be used lightly.

* How to stop disqualifying yourself to women and avoid being rejected. Nice guys of course tend to hand over every reason to be rejected by a woman. That's going to stop today. No longer will you have to worry about her not choosing you, you won't even care anymore in fact, because YOU'LL be in CHARGE of making the decisions - to continue to move forward and date her... or not ... or to proceed to making her your girlfriend.

(By the way - couple this with my getting a hot girlfriend steps - you'll have the entire package a REAL attractive man has and women WILL notice you're a - I'll say it but remember you're not one anymore! Yes, the girlfriend steps are free too.)

*Pity dates and how it relates to how women see you and feel attracted to you. This is a HUGE mistake ALL nice guys make (again done it myself which you'll read about) and you won't be making this one again. It's explained to you in such a way it will DISGUST you. You'll learn how it makes a woman feel and what it does to your relationships with her. This INSTANT result stuff. What you learn about it is powerful stuff.
*Why you should avoid trying to buy her attraction. Spending less and getting is not some weird thrifty ways of some cheap old bastard. It's a major factor in creating attraction. You'll be shown HOW you can do it all without spending barely any money at all - on her - on the date - or anywhere AND she'll want you more for it.
*Rejection sucks! I'd like to say I can make it go away for you but I won't because it WILL happen as it's happened before way too many times. My guarantee (as a nice guy) is NOT that you'll be able to get any woman you want at anytime you want. Don't believe it because it's not true and you know it BUT knowing and learning HOW to handle rejection can and will make you a more attractive man. It's going to be incredible to know without a doubt, when one woman turns you down will actually HELP you attract the next one.
*Why you shouldn't always agree with her. Nice guys have a habit of being a little "kiss-ass-y" to women. They afraid to upset a woman. They agree with her in the hopes she'll like them back. That stops now because you'll be shown how you can disagree with a woman in a way which actually makes her feel MORE attracted to you.
*How sticking to your beliefs makes you a more attractive man in her eyes. Women don't feel much for guys who are pushovers. Like the point above - sticking to your beliefs whether she agrees with them or not can and will make her feel more attracted to you. You just have to know how to do it, why it's true, and how to use it to your advantage in a way which still makes you a decent man.
*The kind of humor that attracts women and the kind that makes her think you're nothing more than joke. It's important to make a woman laugh, women love it when a guy can do that. BUT if you keep making her laugh the wrong way - all you're doing is becoming a joke to her. Don't let that happen - make her laugh the right way.
*How to flirt, when to flirt, and the best way to do it. Flirting with women is an essential skill for any guy but more important for the nice guy because he doesn't do it enough if at all. It's not an all inclusive guide to flirting but enough is included to assure you have enough to go out and start doing it immediately.
*The four rules of teasing a woman and how women WANT to be teased. Another nice guy mistake is not teasing a woman enough in many different ways. You'll be shown why it's so important PLUS how if you follow the four rules - you will create sexual attraction.
*What you should NEVER ask a woman and what you must say instead. It's good to ask a lot of questions from a woman you are interested in but knowing WHAT to ask is more important and how to ask them too.  You'll know exactly what NOT to ask her leaving everything else open to explore and she'll enjoy your interest in her rather than think you're just trying to get something out of her or worse yet - trying too hard to get something in her.
*How to turn your words into powerful statements that make women want to listen to you and feel attracted to you. Weak statements are attraction KILLERS and too many nice guys center their whole conversation around them. You'll be shown exactly how to turn ANY weak statement into something power and attractive too.
*Why you must stop giving women what you think they want and start giving this instead. Nice guys GIVE way too much and it's usually NOT what women want. If you want to create enormous attraction you must learn the difference PLUS how to decode what women really want from a guy that makes him an attractive man to her.
*Why you get thrown in the friends zone. How you get there and HOW to GET OUT! The friends zone is unfortunately littered with nice guys and it's not a fun place to be stuck. You'll get why you're there, how to stop yourself from going there AND my three step process for getting or escaping the friends zone. Finally - there IS a way OUT!
*What your body language is telling women and how to make it attractive so women notice you more. There's one thing women notice on guys which makes all the difference IF you know what that is - if you don't you could be sabotaging your chances with women BEFORE you even open your mouth. You'll get a basic course on body language, the parts the matter the most to women and your success with them PLUS how to create attractive body movements to women sit up and take notice of you even from across a room.
*How to continue to live your life the way you want and attract women. Nice guys are stubborn just like me. They want to continue to do the same things and get results and unfortunately it NEVER works in their favor. You want to live your own life then you must  read how you can still do all the things you love, the way you want, and yet still attract women and make them WANT to be a part of your life with you.
*WHO are you blaming for your woman problems? It is you? Do you blame other guys or woman? Well this STEP in attracting women takes out the blame and puts it where it belongs. Knowing the secret of blame and what it does to attraction is a CRITICAL step to becoming an attractive guy.
*What you MUST give women so they can begin to feel something for you. ALL women want this from when you first meet them to even after you're married for a lifetime. Not knowing what it is or how to give it makes attracting a real genuine quality woman impossible. So make sure you GIVE HER THIS and the right amount too. Too little and you're done. Too much and you're done it.
*Confidence, what it is, why it's so attractive to women and HOW to get it easily and quickly. Confidence is an illusive thing for nice guys because they don't know what it is, how to get it, and WHY ALL women are attracted to this trait. I break down confidence for you, how you can get some quickly, and show you how it affects your life with or without women... positively or negatively. Yes - some confidence is NOT good so you must learn when it's too much and scares women away.
*How to be the BEST version of yourself and what it means to the women you interact with everyday. You're not perfect. Neither am I or women too BUT you CAN be the best version of yourself at any given time and it's that version women want. They don't want a perfect guy - here's where you can let it all hang out and STOP trying to be EVERYTHING to women.
*Are you sick of the jerks and the assholes getting all the women and you don't know why? This ends today. I'm going to show you how to turn all their BAD traits that only hurt women, why they're attracted to them and how you can use your "nice" ways to attract them even better than them. You'll finally have an edge over any jerk when it comes to attracting a REAL woman.
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