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Hello – great to meet you. That’s me and my wife above – Estee White. The woman of my dreams and I want to help you meet yours too.

I’ve been in studying, practicing, and helping others out in the area of attraction, dating, and a little relationships for 16 years now. Hard to believe it’s been that long and DiaLteG TM first came to mind 2009.

What a journey.

Let me sum up my experience with women in as few words as possible in the simplest way I can:

Puberty – a waste of my hormones. One girlfriend that lasted eight months. She got me. I didn’t get her because to be honest, I wasn’t initially that attracted to her.

I wanted her friend. Her friend was setting me up to meet her. It all worked out because she turned out to be pretty cool and we had lots of sex. We broke and maybe someday I’ll tell you that story. It’s actually a pretty good learning tool so you’ll have to sign up for THAT privileged and private information.

Post puberty – Got laid in college ONCE but hey, in my defense I ran out of money after the first year and back then – the music scholarships were turned down so they could build a new music section.

The next ten years (as it relates to dating and attracting women) NOTHING to talk about at all. Devoid of any and all sexual interactions or fun. Yeah it was a tough time for the guy downstairs if you know what I mean – IT was pretty upset with me and my inability to land some “hottie”.

A short time before I turned the big three zero I met a nineteen year old. We worked together. She wanted to some kind of hairdresser or something like that – not sure and it doesn’t matter anyways – I just wanted her. I wanted to date chics much younger than me to make up for all those lonely missed years.

We moved into together as non-sexual friends. She started stripping and supported me for a while. She tore me up but taught me some very valuable lessons about women. I had enough and just took off one morning to live on a great friends couch until I found my own apartment.

The years after “Jamie” I blew off women off, not entirely – but enough to try and make myself believe it, even though it wasn’t true.

THEN one fateful day one single man changed my life FOREVER – David DeAngelo. (That’s his page here at DiaLteG TM.)

I’m not going to get into all the details but within a few short days – based on his teachings – EVERYTHING changed and that’s no lie. Again, we can get into all that later or on my newsletter below. It’s not important for this page.

Many years and lots of women later I met my wife and here I am.

My story is far more exciting and I have lots of great stories and experiences to tell but I decided NOT to write a biography here because you’ll find a piece of me and my life on every post and page I’ve written over the years.

Otherwise just ask.

Thanks for stopping by and I do hope I can help you solve any and all of your attraction problem with women in a most unique and beneficial way…

Peter White

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About the author: Peter White – Blatantly honest with an awesome ability to see the reality of attraction, dating, & relationships for men and women. DiaLteG TM started as a way to help you become better with women and more attractive. All you need is here. It’s transformed into something more: A place to discuss our man problems that women just don’t seem to get or understand.

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  • India


    I am in a dilenma and was wondering if you could help me. Have you got an email address?

    • peter white

      Hey India,

      I don’t get a chance to answer everyone but depending on which website you join, I gave my contact information out with every mail I send out. You can also try me on Facebook.



  • peter white

    You’re welcome Maisy. I hope he discovers himself too. I’ve met so many men who just don’t realize it only takes a few simple changes in their life to make a huge difference. And not just in our appearance but our attitude. If I was the same guy inside my appearance would’ve have meant absolutely nothing.

    I know Steff (still my favorite pain in the ass 🙂 ) ,Sade (Who I’m sure the world misses her not nearly as much as I do 🙁 ), and Maisy (it appears I’ve inspired you in more ways than 1 😉 ), would totally agree with this statement:

    If you’re a guy just struggling to meet and date a good women… no one is asking you to become a super model or a master seducer. Just a small investment in yourself and a small shift in your beliefs can have a major effect on the world around you. Sure if you want to date the elite you may have to do more. But if you just want to give yourself more opportunities to explore and find a good woman it can be a lot easier than you may believe.

  • maisy

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your story. Here’s one totally inspired woman 😉 Your story describes one of my males friends and his life. I wish he read this. Ah well, at least i can understand “what’s with him”, as some of other friends seem to comment of this friend’s life. I hope he discovers himself…cheers

  • Sade

    Shame on me!!!!… Hey I’m not the one with naked photos out there!!!!!!!!…………….. Showing off the the extra little belly button I see. Shame on you!

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