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Can Self Affirmations Make You More Attractive?

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Do Our Affirmations make us more attractive?

I recently had a great conversation and it turned towards affirmations.

I’m not completely sold on staring into a mirror and telling yourself how wonderful you are. To me it just seems silly.

I’m not against practicing your mannerisms or how you speak, I’ve done it.

But constantly peering at yourself and telling you how you want others to see you, to me,  defeats the purpose of becoming a unique attractive individual with traits of indifference and natural confidence.

However there is something greater to these affirmations.

It’s one of the most important parts of becoming a more attractive person.

It’s an essential piece of becoming successful in dating, your relationships, increasing your wealth, and basically becoming a complete man or woman.

Here is my take on affirmations.

Instead of talking into a mirror to yourself how great you think you are, close your eyes and imagine the person you want to be in every detail, and then see yourself step into that person.

You may never become that person you dream of, dreams do change and evolve. People’s wants and needs change constantly.

You may never experience the full effect of how that person you want to be attracts the world to them, but and this is a big but…

You will never become what you want, if you can not imagine yourself being that person.

It’s as simple as that.

I can never become a highly attractive man if I can’t see myself being that attractive person.

I can not act like a real man if I can not see myself acting masculine.

Think of it this way.

Have you ever met a truly talented person? I mean just pure raw talent. Yet for some reason this person despised their talents. They hated it.

They resented how their talent has dictated their lives. They just can not, or will not, allow themselves to play into the role others desire them to be.

People will often despise this person for wasting a talent they wish they had.

When this talented person has no choice but to play the role that others desire them to be, they usually end up a shell of a person. This man or woman turn out to have the darkest thoughts.

Some eventually seclude themselves.

Some turn to drugs, terrible relationships, and so on. You get the picture.

Those talented individuals can not see themselves living the role everyone else wants so they inadvertently sabotage themselves with their sometime criminal behavior.

Sort of like they are lashing out at the world.

Their self fulfilled prophecies are made true by their self-destructive attitude in the same way a child acts out of frustration towards their parents of not getting what they want.

They are not getting want they want so they throw a tantrum at the world.

They may have a clear image of who they want to be but they can not see themselves actually fulfilling that role because they let others decide for them.

It is so important for you as a man ( or woman ) to not only see yourself being who you want to be but to also to see how you act as that person in the role you wish to play in your life.

Yeah I know I’m getting deep here.

A good close friend of mine asked me this last year,

“What are you going to do when you start to get more and more visitors to your site? What are you going to do when other’s begin to recognize your name as a name in this field of attraction. What are you going to do when your work load doubles and triples because of the upkeep of your new goals?”

You know I thought the answer was a simple,

“I can handle it. I will just have to work harder. I don’t want to fail. I want to succeed for it is my passion in my life and I’m going to succeed.”

But months later it hit me the answer I gave to my friend was not the answer that would make me more successful.

It only reinforced my fortitude.

It only reinforced the drive I have to attain my desires. Which is great. This I know but…

What I truly needed to develop was my ability to see myself being the person I wanted to be.

And I could not at the time he asked me.

I never even thought about what my life would be like when it all started happening. I never really saw myself in that role I desired and therefore I kept hitting stumbling blocks which were my own self-fulfilling prophecies of not seeing myself as that person.

All of a sudden it hit me how I was able to do that when it came to attracting women.

I did allow myself to see that sexy guy, how I would act around women, how they would be drawn to me how I would flirt with them, how I could get and have better sex, how I could be with the women my high standards set so long ago.

This is why I believe that self-affirmations may not make you more attractive.

Sure they can drive you along and anytime you are having a positive conversation with yourself you are doing good and anytime you speak negatively about yourself you are doing bad for yourself.

Keep up those positive conversations with yourself. I would not be real to tell you any differently.

But also, to become that attractive person, you are going to have to see YOURSELF as that person.

There are no exceptions.

I can guarantee you any man or woman who have gone through incredible transformations of their attractiveness to others have at some point realized how true this it is.

Yes it is a form of NLP and in order to gain the greatest results you are going to have to tweak a few things but it doesn’t take that long at all.

It can be a mere five minutes of your day.

Instead of sitting around flipping through channels during a commercial, close your eyes and try it.

Tweak it by changing your performance.

Change the outcomes a little.

Change the surroundings a little.

Change your goals and see how your new self reacts.

Remember this is not an experiment to get you daydreaming.

Always see yourself as who you want to be, and then put your present image into the new image.

See how the new image changes and things change around you.

For example, let’s say you only are able to see your present self in black and white. Imagine your new attractive self also in a colorless world, and the when you put yourself into that new person, notice how colors around you start to form and become extremely vivid and dynamic.

While this post is still fresh in your mind try it.

I’m willing to bet you have five or ten minutes to do it right now.

Then try it again tomorrow.

Notice how your positive energy seems to grow.

Notice how people are responding to you differently over time.

Feel free to post a comment and tell me how it goes for you. I really want to hear about it.

Remember this post and always keep this in mind…

In all likelihood you will never become that more attractive person if you can not first begin to see yourself as that attractive person.

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