Afraid Of Making A Move On Her? Getting To And Past That First Kiss

A big problem for nice guys to get past is going from a date or any closeness to that first kiss and beyond.

They're typically called "physical transitions" and they are not limited to a kiss.

"Physical Transitions" or sometimes known as "making a move" can be anything from holding her hand to making out to intimacy or even sex.

My biggest obstacle with women started with me not being able to create attraction in the ones I really wanted which resulted in THEM making the first move on ME.

All I had to do was sit back and relax and eventually she came to me.

Yeah I know that sounds great BUT this actually creates a bigger problem for us...

Never learning how to make that first move limits our choices because we only "hook up" with those who are willing to play OUR masculine role.

This narrows our selective field down to only those we're not "that" attracted to. Maybe a little but you must admit they are RARELY IF EVER OUR FIRST CHOICE.

It's also clearly not fair to those women because our heart isn't where it could be.

The not so obvious path easily leads us into the dreaded friend zone often leaving us hooked on a woman we may never get to be with.

Add to all that we never learn a valuable skill which can make us so much more attractive and masculine too.

A truly confident man knows how to lead women.

This confidence is "sensed" by women making us more attractive before we even make that first move.

Think of it this way...

What if you knew, without a doubt, each step of seduction.

When, where, how, and you've performed it successfully with several different women?

Don't you think THAT is a confidence women will generally feel from you?

You won't have to tell her because she's going to realize it. Women are extremely good at figuring this stuff out.

So, lacking this skill also creates a fear which stops us nice guys from truly succeeding with women.

We're not experienced enough and become stuck waiting around, hoping she'll come to us and let's be completely honest...

TO believe we are a REAL MAN nothing feels better or works more efficiently than to know without a doubt we have the ability or can fearlessly seduce a woman.

Tell me if I'm wrong here.

We're not talking all out movie style with fireworks and shit like that either.

Just something simple that makes her feel great about what is happening and then after that it DID happen.

It can literally hurt us inside knowing or feeling like we have absolutely no control over those moments and it's all left for her to decide.

We act nice. We play nice.

We're good people yet it feels like the world around us has decided we're not the type of guy who should learn this skill.

How seduction is an art form reserved for the bad boys and players.

Or how women regret being seduced as if it's a bad thing.

Well let me tell you WOMEN WANT TO BE SEDUCED.

They do NOT want to be manipulated, used, or talked into doing something they will regret.

That's the difference here.

Just because you're a good guy this must not stop you from progressing with a woman you desire out of fear, disbelief, low confidence, social stereotypes, or lack of experience.

If you're granted man parts, testosterone, masculinity... if You have earned the right to maturity, reliability, and take responsibility in your life...

You OWE it to yourself to get past all your fears around the physical, the sexual, and the emotional transitions because once your learn it, live it, and experience it for all its fullness, the limits of your success with women become completely within your grasp.

Making the first is not only important and required it can also be screwed up way too easily.

"The Kiss Technique makes it so that when you’re speaking to a woman, you can intentionally give off subconscious triggers that will make her think about kissing you!"

The Kiss Technique – Get A Girl to Kiss You Without Fear of Rejection

Probably another reason why "nice guys" avoid it and play the "waiting" game.

Diving in for the first kiss awkwardly and without a plan might work some of the time but I know you want to give a woman who could be the girl of your dreams more.

There's a simple formula to use. Something I have used myself very successfully.

1. Create enormous amounts attraction almost immediately. This IS a must.

I know, easier said than done right? Wrong. ANY man can learn HOW to do that.

2. Set up the moments so the first kiss happens more naturally.

All that means is to take the real pressure off both of you by planning some intimate alone time. Why make it harder on yourself than it has to be.

3. Have fun with her. Get her excited or emotionally charged and then go somewhere more intimate.

"You could just lean in for a kiss while casually missing her lips and then whisper something amusing yet sexual in her ear."

The First Move

Don't rush it.

Erase the words "should" and "could" and "what if" from your vocabulary. Stay sober.

Stay in the moment WITH HER and use your fears to create her anxiousness and anticipation.

4. Release her energy by CONFIDENTLY and SLOWLY putting your lips against hers.

Once you get all that down THEN you can work on the seduction part. 🙂

Yeah I know, I make it sound so simple but do you really think on a 1000 word post on some blog you would learn everything about making the first move or "physical transitions" or that I could have all your fears around women totally erased.

BUT what I've given you proves it can be done.

You've been given many reasons why it's a skill you must learn and rightfully deserve to learn and why it hurts you to not learn how.

You also have a plan of action to try even as soon as your next date.

Now all you need to do is figure out which areas you feel you're failing at the most, or what's holding you back, and spend some real time fixing it immediately.

Do NOT hesitate...

Making the first move, or that first kiss, or transitioning to a deeper connection with women must not be left to chance anymore.

Here's some more "seduction" help to get you headed in the right direction:

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Dave here (…) I never put it use in my social life probably because I was raised to believe only “sluts” want sex and who wants a slut, right? Right now she is looking pretty good. LOL (…)  making me feel better about many things I just wanted to say I am glad I accidentally ran across your site and to say Thank You and keep up the good work. 

Thank You again your awesome and your teachings are also, Dave Allen

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