Hey Guys! Are You Frustrated With Your Online Dating Experience?

Online dating can be a frustrating experience for any guy and it's especially true for a man who struggles with women outside the internet in real life.

Well that's all about to change starting today!

I've set up this incredible "online course" to get you going in the right direction with all my best tips I've personally used to master and succeed dating from my computer. (Part two is right here.) With years of experience, trials, and testing along with the greatest product you can purchase for yourself when you're ready for it.

Let me know if you can relate to what you're about to read.

It all starts when you reluctantly decide to join a dating site and put up some kind of profile. You're hoping to entice a woman to check it out and message you first, because you absolute hate sending the first mail. You just never know what to write.

You keep your excitement to a minimum. Why bother getting worked up just yet. You've done it before and it didn't work out, what makes this time any different, right?

Once again, you feel justified and unfortunately correct in your assumption.  Not a single message comes your way.

Crickets and mind numbing silence!

You begin to wonder if you're even showing up on any of their searches. Are they even seeing your profile? You're starting to realize there are probably way too many men women can choose from and they're not looking for you.

The competition can be fierce.

Since the messages aren't piling up in your inbox you begin the search yourself and you do find a few women you're interested in meeting.

You send what you believe is a genuine heart-felt message or two and patiently wait for a reply... nothing. More fucking silence and now it's starting to piss you off.

What do you have to do to get an answer back from someone?!!!!

It wouldn't be all that bad but you spent way too much time thinking about what to send her trying to make it perfect. So much effort and no return. What a waste. Makes you feel like giving up entirely, doesn't it?

I hear you loud and clear man!

My past experience though online dating gave me more than a few "fake" Russians looking for my cash, some local women who wouldn't give me the time of day, and one useless boring dating with a bitchy girl who seemed like she was just looking for a free meal and she got it too.

But that ALL changed one day for me and have never looked back.

I honestly believe it can happen for you too.

You CAN succeed online.

It's actually pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

I bought a book on attraction, two of them actually: Attraction Isn't A Choice and Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo and threw myself into practicing the techniques and building my skills outside the internet.

Then I joined some "skeezy sites" and a few classic ones too just to round it all out and began using my newly-found skills and techniques on al of them.

It wasn't quite enough to get to the next BIG step (like actually dating in person because something was missing) but I kept pushing. I was enjoying the conversations and messages I was having with some pretty hot cool women and couldn't help myself.

Most were too far away, some were bat-shit crazy, some were probably dudes, and others turned out to be great long-distance friends where we would fuck around with phone sex.

But there was even more.

Perhaps I shouldn't brag but the results I was getting were incredible!

However, if you insist: A few hot models, some sexy wives who were looking to cheat, a couple women who were actually willing to pay me to get them off online with my camera, and way more than my share of sexually explicit "dirty" girls who just wanted to "play."

Real online dating success was just around the corner. I just needed to find the next step on how to achieve it.

A friend of mine gave me his copy of Meeting Women Online, built by David of course, and I dove in head first not holding back anything because I wanted something more real and close by of course.

This all eventually led to me meeting my amazing hot sexy and beautiful wife (inside and out) online. I married the woman of my dreams and we met through the internet.

It didn't happen overnight. Lots of time passed between screwing around and then dating real women. It took some time because I wanted to make sure we were perfect for each other.

Go in any direction you want just make sure you're enjoying yourself and having fun with it. If you're not an ass and taking advantage or lying to women, you deserve it.

Okay... moving on.

The real frustrations with online dating can hurt, but can and will be eliminated.

You probably went online because you felt helpless in the real world of dating.

Let's face it, if you're not meeting women through friends or at work, then you're probably not going to start approaching them either leaving you with no options at all.

It feels like you've now given in to becoming nothing more than "window shopping" material to women and it feels awful!

You're a man, it should not be this way.

You spend hours perfecting your profile but you don't think women are actually reading it anyways. She's skimming through your genuine and honest words, checking out your pictures, and in all likelihood deciding you're not date-worthy.

It's like the sexual roles are reversed. You're now just a  piece of meat and she will choose only the best.

You're either Grade A or the NEXT button which is all too easily clicked.

And when you DO receive a message it's usually a woman who struggles with men or has some more than obvious flaws.

Worse yet, you're more picky online than in real life going through lots of pictures hoping the next one is better than the last.

You end up treating their profiles the same way you feel like you're being treated.

Clicking away.

Exclaiming NOPE! Next. Not. Next again. Definitely not HER. Eww gross!!! What the fuck is that???!!!

Next... please.

Now you're hooked though like it's some sort of video game, you find yourself checking your mail fifteen times an hour.

You're constantly updating the "local" selection trying to be the FIRST to contact her before the hordes of desperate men clog her inbox with their bullshit.

Unfortunately, the same women keep popping up who probably haven't been online in months anyways. They're useless.

Told you I've been through it all.

You're so positive in the beginning but as it begins to feel like your money is just being squeezed away you get more and more negative about the whole online dating scam.

It begins to seem like online dating was only invented to take your money and give women the upper edge in dating. To get the ones who can get dates, even more dates.

You think you're being set  up! Just another "nice guy" black hole of loneliness.

Okay, enough of that...

Here's the FIRST thing you must understand about online dating IF you want REAL RESULTS:

You must approach online dating with a realistic plan of ACTION and you must always remain POSITIVE!

No excuses man. None. Put them away.

Objectivity is your new friend because, among many other things, helps you see some advantages you will always miss.


Not influenced by personal feelings or opinions in considering and representing facts.


Dating online has many advantages. Learn them and Use them.

Now would be a perfect time to try and come up with some on your own.

This one is a big one:

If what you're doing is NOT working (messages, profiles, headlines, pictures, etc...) you must  ERASE IT COMPLETELY and START SOMETHING NEW AND DIFFERENT IMMEDIATELY.

You have this incredible opportunity to reinvent yourself and your dating profile over and over again until you find something that works for you.


Assume your profile will never be read or seen by any women you want to date, unless you message her first. 

Don't focus on the few who break this rule, they're bonuses but not the norm. It won't help you so don't even bother with it for now.

When you're in this mindset you'll lead yourself and eventually her too.

Next again...

The two items listed have to come together and will be discussed in more details below:

  1. Make sure you actually have a life outside the internet.
  2. Learn, understand and know the difference between how to talk TO women, and how to talk WITH women.

If you do not fulfill those requirements  you're more than likely going to continually fail with women on the internet, just the same as you would in the real world. Whether it's a social site or a paid dating service. It doesn't matter.

Now of course, since you've assumed no women will contact or message you first:

You must take the lead and contact her first.

If she likes what she read or is curious enough about you, she will then look at your pictures and finish or start reading your profile.

Remember above when I say to always remain positive, here's one way among everything in life where it's going to help you online.

Having a positive mindset means you'll message many women without worrying which one responds. Sometimes you won't even bother checking her out again.

You won't spend any of your valuable time wondering why she didn't respond. It won't matter to you unless you're tweaking or screwing up terribly and need to fix some things.

Trust theses strategies work.

You can question them all you want BUT if those questions are not objective you won't learn much from the answers anyways.

Sure you can and MUST re-read your message(s) because who knows, maybe you came off like an ass. Maybe a simple proofread later on will point out an obvious mistake you didn't see the first time.

(Showing you how to send messages that get quick responses will come later in this series or page.)

Things go wrong all the time. Don't take them to heart. LEARN from them with your new found objective mindset.

No excuses!

Make sure you have a life OUTSIDE then internet so you can be in charge of where to take things after the first contact.

This allows you to not put so much emphasis on the actual date. You don't have to give her this amazing experience. Sure, it would be cool but keep the pressure on yourself, especially in the beginning to a minimum.

Create the perfect low-cost fun date with little pressure on you and her - Much Better Than Taking Her To Dinner

You can and must prepare, after all it is a real date but typically you don't know her that well and you may not be into her once it's happening.

Keep the early dates simple and relatively quick if you can.

Once more, make sure you have a real productive and happy life outside the internet FIRST. If you don't, then now is the perfect time to start going down that path.

No lie, I had to get my affairs in order early on which actually included getting my apartment ready for a woman to show up. Since I had not dating at all, it was not at all woman-friendly. Keep that mind before you start inviting women over to your place.

If you have to, go through lessons 1 and 2 of the getting a hot girlfriend chapters to help you develop an attractive social life women will gladly want to be a part of:

Control Your Life Effortlessly & Women Will Want To Be In It

Develop A Social Life, Get Involved, & Give Something Back Women Do Want

Sorry... those are only review pages. You must be a paid member to unlock them.

You can purchase your full membership right here.

Next up...

Learn how to have a real conversation with a woman that will create attraction.

Two Woman On Bed Looking At Online Dating Profiles

Communication is key to success with women whether it's online or not.

This requirement comes in two parts:

  1. How to talk TO women.
  2. How to talk WITH women.

They are different and understanding the difference will help you communicate with women on a level most guys just don't do or know how to do.

Talking WITH women is your basic conversational skills. You'll make some friends. Share some information. Connect on a few things you have in common. It's generally easy for most guys which is why they end up in the friends zone so much.

But this way of speaking with women rarely if ever creates or triggers a spark of attraction.

Talking TO women goes beyond your normal conversational skills and there are plenty of techniques you can learn and use. They will especially well online.

This is where a woman says to herself, "Wow. This guy gets it!"

Trust me, this is rare for her so you'll make an amazing first impression while creating attraction too. When you're approaching women, even online, you want to speak to her feminine side and ignite her passions.

Fueling her passions and desires by talking to her gives you the choice of having that same fire and desire directed towards you.

Here's an easy way to detect if you know how to talk TO women or if you're just talking with them:

If it feels like work and/or that you're trying to impress her, you're talking with them.

It's as simple as that. It's sad and sucks, but a woman will let you work your ass off trying to impress her so don't go there.

Think about how many women have actually said to you, "Stop trying so hard. I already like you."

Not many or none?

That's because that stuff rarely happens in life. It's a movie fantasy. Women are not going to tell you how to attract them but they certainly will let you try for way too long. Especially if they're getting something out of it.

This is important in real life and online because you might get the feeling she's giving you a green light to proceed, or is into you but unless you have this "sexual communication" thing happening, you're  totally misreading the situation and wasting your time.

Assume this:

If it feel like you're having to work way too hard your messages, then it is NOT working. It's a clear sign telling you to MOVE ON.

End it there. Delete. Try again.

Don't ever TRY to get a woman to like you.

Don't ever waste your time trying to impress her.

Seeking her approval does not and will never create attraction.

MISTAKE #2: Trying To “Convince Her To Like You".

What do most guys do when they meet a woman that they REALLY like but she's just not interested?

They try to "convince" the woman to feel differently.


MISTAKE #3: Looking To Her For Approval Or Permission.

In our desire to please women (which we mistakenly think will make them like us), us guys are always doing things to get a woman's "approval" or "permission".

Top Ten Reasons Why Men Fail With Women – Common Mistakes to Avoid

If it's not working - then doing the same thing even harder or keeping it up isn't going to change a thing. Once she's not feeling it for you, it's over.

Either change your approach quickly or move on before you get stuck trying to make her like you.

Here's some extra reading to show you how to talk TO women that creates or triggers attraction from the master speaker himself and a perfect way to communicate sexually and confidently from another master:

This brings us up to the next ADVANTAGE in online dating.

You have more time to think about what you're going to send and how to reply to her message, so you can get it right.

Don't try to perfect it and make her wait forever.

Use the time to get something good going with her, that's all.

I used it to the fullest by practicing my new techniques on lots of women. Women I wouldn't even date just to see "What happens if I say this..."

Sure, I burned some bridges and fucked up a lot before I started getting better at it, but that didn't stop me trying them out. For this I mainly stuck to women too far to date making easier on me and her I hope, when I screwed up.

The conclusion and recap of your first lesson dating online.

Online dating can be a frustrating experience but don't let it get to you. It's an opportunity to learn and meet lots of single available women who are there on purpose to find a date and not just hang around.

Have a life outside the internet.

It must be obvious by now, if you need to work on making it happen, then take time appropriate to make it happen. You can do both simultaneously.

Online dating is not an alternative lifestyle to the real world. It is merely another avenue to explore more options. That's it.

The internet is mostly just a microcosm of the real world and you'll want to create a lifestyle that women will gladly want to be a part of, or share with you.

Always maintain a positive attitude and be objective.

Women are members of online sites because they are looking for dates and to socialize. They spend an enormous amount of time doing so and this is great news for you!

Don't get stuck on one woman.

This includes spending way too much time thinking about your first message or staring at her picture. Use the numbers to your advantage.

Women are NOT going to tell you what you're doing wrong. If things are not progressing forward she's probably not interested or you're not leading it positively and effectively.

This includes responding to your first message and continuing to talk after a second message.

Don't EVER expect to be contacted first.

It could happen but success happens more if you make first contact. There are ways to assure you get contacted first and will be covered later.

Understand the important difference between talking "TO" women and talking "WITH" women.

The only notable difference between talking to women online or in person is that you generally have more time to think about your answer online.

Practice your skills and techniques.

Use the internet to practice and develop your skills. It's the perfect opportunity to continually create or re-create yourself until you find something that is working for you.

As I stated early, I was in a place where I needed lots of help in the beginning.

My FIRST step was to buy THE books on attraction: Attraction Isn't A Choice and Double Your Dating by David DeAngelo and used them to practice in the internet and in real life.

My friend tossed me the next step, meeting women online which you can read about below.

Thanks for stopping by, I honestly do appreciate it and love it when a guy succeeds from something I wrote or from being sent to one of my many affiliates with pre-packaged programs to go through.

If you have any problems, questions, comments, experiences, advice, tips, or whatever that pertains to this page in online dating - leave them below.

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