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Are You A Nice Guy Who Is Afraid to Admit You Want A Hot Girlfriend?

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Are you settling for average when deep down, you just want a fun, cool, hot girlfriend?

Aas strange as it sounds I find, and have met way too many nice guys who are afraid to admit they want a hot girlfriend?

“I just want a nice girlfriend. Someone who won’t treat me like shit, cheat on me, or screw me over for some jerk.”

If you’re one of those guys don’t you feel like you’re settling with a less hotter girl?

Is there just maybe a piece of you that doesn’t feel like you can do better anyways?

Or maybe this – tell me if I’m wrong but…

Have you ever felt like the “hotter” ones are just way too much work to get.

I mean meeting them alone is a pain in the ass but landing a hot girlfriend too – wow!

Might as well climb Mount Everest while you’re at it.

Whether you’re nice or not, getting a so-called “hottie” does have a “how to book.” In fact there are plenty of them everywhere.

But they’re not for you right?

They’re for the “other” guys. The not so no nice guys.

The guys who are so desperate or shallow they will do anything to make themselves look better in front of their friends.

Those supposed “other guys” will have two choices and not one of them is something you’re willing to do.

1. The quickie method full of tricks.

They will have you put on a mask and teach you how to play “the game” perfectly from start to finish. Do what you’re told exactly and over time they do work.


I’m not lying.

Despite the hype and trash talk about quick pick up and easy seduction, if you follow their plan eventually it will work. Skip a step though or get one wrong and you’re “Screwed, blued, and tattooed.”

You’ll wind up fucking over a lot of women, probably get your ass kicked once or twice, and besides needing a few tattoos you’ll labeled a player.

Rightfully so because you’re “playing” a bad game.

But hey… It will work. It does work. You know it and so do I.

But I’m sure you also know what you’ll end up with in the end.

2. The long-term commitment method.

This is a lot of inner game work. Normally these methods have little to do with getting a girlfriend and more about you and what you got going on inside or I’m not afraid to admit, how much you actually love yourself and the life you’ve created for yourself.

This is the “natural” approach and for most nice guys who are between the age of 28 and 40 this could take some time. Depending on where you are and what you have.

The problem with this method, besides the time loss, is you wind up doing a whole bunch of shit you’ve been avoiding your whole life.

If you’re not meeting hotter women you either live in the middle of nowhere, have a boring job in a small company, or you just don’t get out enough and talk to them.

So you have to move to where there are more better looking women, get a cool job you like, and get out of your house or apartment more.

But that’s not enough.

Oh no.

You’ll need a social life too.

Imagine how complicated your life will become when instead of a few friends you have twenty or more them calling you all the time.

Asking for your help.

Inviting you to parties and introducing you to their “hot” friends.

So you work on yourself, wind up working harder at a different job, you have to work harder by going out all the time, and even more freaking work when your social life takes off!!!

After all that here’s what going to happen to most of you…

You’ll wind up dating the first girl who falls for you and then you’ll fall back to your old lifestyle because it’s easier and she’ll probably leave you because according to her, “You changed!” or “Were not what she expected.” or “Doesn’t feel attracted to you anymore.”

But it’s not all bad news because now you have a little experience.

Now you know what works and how to do it.

The whole girlfriend thing becomes easier to set everything in motion and if you’re like me – you like easier.

If you manage to pull that off several times you’ll find yourself at a new level with women.

You might not reach that “pre-selected hottie” list but it won’t matter to you.

What you’ve already managed to do made you realize that quality and substance over quantity is so much easier to enjoy.

There’s that word easier again. You’re with me right. You like the word easier. I know my lazy ass does.

The quickie method means you have to play your part in the game. You have to act out the role and land yourself star material.

But again…. You don’t want that. It feels wrong, manipulative, and rehearsed. Among other things.

The long-term method costs you time and more work and more everything…before things get easier.

But you don’t want that either because you feel like maybe you shouldn’t have to do it…

“Why can’t nice girls just like nice guys.  Why should I have to jump through all these hoops to prove myself? I’m a good guy. I don’t break the rules. I’m responsible. I respect people. Hell I’d even make a good father and will actually care if she gets off in bed too.

So why can’t an attractive woman be satisfied with that? Why are they always looking for something better? Or something to make themselves look better in front of their friends. Why are they always so worried about being stuck dating a decent guy? Why is it that they hate being pretty but wind up dating the hottest guy around?!!!”

Doesn’t it seem like you’re screwed either way and not in the good getting laid sense?

You know those methods work.

It’s not like men are new to this stuff.

Guys have been figuring this stuff out and selling it to for a couple thousand years.

You just can’t tell me that this information just started coming in the last twenty or so years.

Nope – no matter how it was sold – if you find a group of nice guys who aren’t getting the hotter girlfriend they secretly really want, you’re going to find someone is willing to sell them the info they need to get one.

So you either suck it up and choose your method or stick to what you’ve done hoping you’ll get lucky.

Truthfully speaking some of you will get lucky.

I see it happen all the time.

But it’s rare and you know it.

Well I don’t think you’re necessarily screwed but you do have to admit the only things stopping you from getting a hot girlfriend is…

  • Your unwillingness to change, break your own rules or perhaps go over to the “dark side” but definitely step out of your “comfort zone” and…
  • Admitting what you really want and not settling for less which is as unfair to her as it is to you.

I’ve been thinking about this problem alot and I feel have finally put together something to help you piece together getting that girlfriend you’ve always wanted.

Now I know some of you are asking will these steps work on all types of women? So yes… it will.

Or do I have to want the hottest girls around?


The type of girlfriend you choose is entirely up to you.

Are these steps all I will ever need or will this replace some of those high-priced guides?

No… it will not replace a high-priced guide because they are very specific and the best of them take you deep through every area and step in complete detail.

For example The Girlfriend Manual not only tells you about Oxytocin – the Love Hormone – but also has 20 full length volumes and five bonuses with a guarantee it will work for you…

Something my 11 Steps can’t compete with on that level but… BUT because I DO believe in myself…

With mine you can do your own research on the specific areas you need help in or just use it as a guide to help you manage and much more complete dating life hopefully ending with a girlfriend…

All you have to do to get started is to first:

Admit you want a “hot” girlfriend.

Don’t allow yourself to settle anymore because it’s not fair to yourself and it certainly isn’t fair to her… And then get reading…. How To Get A Girlfriend

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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