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Are You Positive Your Dreams Of Finding Her Will Not Become Real?

Positive Success Dream Finding Her

What would you do to meet and attract the woman of your dreams?

What would you endure? How far would you go?

Do you know what she’d be like?

Do you believe she’s out there just waiting for you?

How would your paths cross? How would your “meet cute” happen?

Do you think the “fantasy” you have in your head will ever come true OR is it something you just think about from time to time and dismiss as something which could never happen?

Actually The REAL questions we must be asking are:

Are you a NEGATIVE person or are you a POSITIVE person?

Do you choose to surround yourself with negative people or positive people?

When we reach out to others, not for advice, but just to share our recent experiences, if our story is something interesting their reaction goes one way or the other.

Some will applaud.

Some will join in and share something nice themselves.

Some will be happy, feel happy, and contribute to a general feeling of optimism.

“By rearranging your life in small ways…ways that NATURALLY lead to meeting interesting, available women… you’re VASTLY more likely to CONNECT with a GOOD MATCH for you.” 77 Ways to CREATE Attraction

Some will cower back. Some will take offense. Some will use it as an opportunity to tell us what’s wrong and only let us know how our optimism might be short-lived OR how we should be cautious, careful, even borderline skeptical because just maybe they believe it’s too good to be true.

Well of course the “too good to be true” rule works for those who tend to fall for cheap tactics as in “buyers beware”.

It has its place.

Offers of instant extreme wealth where all they need is our bank account should obviously be looked into and not just clicked on haphazardly.

I suppose ANY “offer” where we actually do nothing and can get so much because it’s a hard-to-pass-up invitation or a limited time only or a one time deal must be scrutinized or ignored at every level because the absolutely truth is:

The things we have to work “hard and smart” for tend to offer us not only the most rewarding results but REAL experiences where can look back at to help us prepare and enjoy life to the fullest.

Let’s be honest.

LIFE is not cheap.

Happiness is not something which can be bought or sold, it can only be freely shared by those who care enough to do so positively.

If YOUR overall happiness (in some way) involves finding the woman of your dreams and moving on from there, what you might do to achieve that will have a lot to do with the REAL questions you ask yourself.

What you would endure or are willing to experience will be related to how you see yourself and those you choose to surround yourself with and those you allow to affect you one way or another.

Knowing your “dream” woman might not be that clear until you actually DO meet her and chances are, meeting her now or later will, again, have everything to do with those REAL questions again.

It will also involve what you’re willing to experience or capable of enduring along the way.

Inject your life with a positive plan immediately…

“How to plan out your life for ultimate success with women, from the little things to the big, and create a life of success for yourself, where working to meet and attract women is simply something that you don’t have to do.”

My #1 affiliate and first teacher David DeAngelo created 77 Laws of Success With Women & Dating. My positive outlook was not created overnight or by this alone, but his 77 laws certainly helped me to realize my full potential and remains an inspiring and truthful part of my life.

If you don’t believe she’s out there – what does that make you?

A negative person, a positive person, or explained away like I once did – a REALIST.

Based on my past and present I’ve come to realize that being a realist might have its place in some circumstances, but when it comes to a belief in YOUR future, calling yourself a realist becomes just a “pc” or nice way to tell yourself or others that you’re actually a negative person.

Sure you can say I’m living in a fantasy world.

How being positive or surrounding yourself with positive uplifting people is not always possible.

How in our world, with so much bad shit happening all over it’s almost impossible to be one hundred percent positive all the time.

OR like me, after failing or suffering for the years I did being positive had nothing to do with my outcome or where I’m at… maybe you think I just got lucky or something.

But again, that’s just how you see things.

Instead of looking for something good, you look for something bad and I’m here to tell you that when you search hard for something, anything, you WILL find it!

Practically guaranteed every time.

This makes it YOUR choice along with your attitude and outlook on life which will ultimately help you see, find, and achieve ANYTHING you desire.

Search for the negative or bad shit and that’s what you’ll see and get from it.

Search for the positive and the good stuff around you and that’s what you’ll see and get from it.

Yes, life can be tough.

Happiness can appear un-measurable, fleeting, or fickle from time to time.

No one who understands “real” things will ever tell you that it’s not okay to feel bad or negative once in a while.

You’re going to feel things.

Your emotions will move and sway.

Bad shit will happen.


You WILL recover and that happens quicker when you once and for all decide to BE a positive person who only searches for the good in anything and everything in every way possible.

Surround yourself with those who share your positive mindset.

Stay the course. Learn. Learn to love learning.

Experience everything you can. Grow from your experiences.

Share them with others whether they take it positively or not. Don’t become frustrated when they don’t share your happiness.

Move on.

What you see in the world is what you’re going to get and give back.

What you give to the world is what will continually inspire you and others you encounter along the way.

It may seem trivial when we talk about nice guys about finding a girlfriend or meeting the woman of their dreams or fantasizing just a bit about how it all happens.

But it’s human nature to find a balance and that balance always includes love no matter how you define your love.

Don’t discount your dreams… EVER… because:

“It stops becoming a dream when you make it your reality.” #AnythingIsPossible


You’re always one step closer to making your dreams a reality when you remain a positive person who chooses to surround and seek out the wonderful positive people who are looking for YOU at this very moment.

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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