Are You Uncomfortable Around Women? Afraid To Break The Touch Barrier?

"Reason for Failing with Women #32 - Your Touch Creeped Her Out - You Don't Know How, When, or Where To Touch A Woman And You're Afraid to Break The Touch Barrier - You're Uncomfortable Around Women."

I accidentally bumped into a woman one day, brushed up right against her tits and I freaked out! Funny part was, she didn't seem to care at all. She laughed it off and said something like, "Easy there dude - we barely know each other."

Me,  on the other hand, I wasn't as cool about it. Inside I was a nervous wreck thinking I was going to suffer some weird-ass shit as punishment. Which of course, I did not.

Women and touching together, literally freaked me out. I didn't know how, if and when I could, when to make a move, or do anything even remote to kissing them for the first time.

I let them do it all and let me tell you, HUGE mistake because I'm certain I missed out on a lot of great women because of my unfounded fears.

But hey, that's ALL in the past. Long gone because getting over it was easier than you might believe. Sure the first few may be a little odd feeling but it does come around to a natural state which is far from creepy and weird.

Don't get me wrong, this is a SERIOUS problem. You obviously don't want to creep women out on any level.

Are You Creeping Women Out and Don't Know It?

Sometimes it's happening and you don't even know you're being creepy. Make sure you read the article below at the end of this post or even right now:

9 Questions Reveals Why You’re A Nice Guy & Women Feel Like You’re A Creep

You do NOT have to be a creep to make women feel like you are one.

If you're extremely uncomfortable around them, some will feel it as creepy but no worries, you’re not a creep. Whether the word creep is the right description doesn’t matter… so don’t take it personal. She feels uneasy around you and can not think of another way to describe it.

Keep in mind, a REAL creep lingers around the corner, hides in the shadows, cops a feel when he can, and even goes so far as stalking women on any and every social media platform which will allow him the opportunity to poke or message random women.

Here's the link again:

9 Questions Reveals Why You’re A Nice Guy & Women Feel Like You’re A Creep

The good news...

Most real women get it. They understand at certain times a guy will be nervous and they're okay with it.

This is not an excuse to not get this problem handled but more of an assurance that, when handled right, it's going to be okay with most women.

So stop worrying so much about it because you'll only increase your anxiety!

How this can be fixed...

Personal Space - Yours and Thiers.

The first thing you need to do is to gain some comfort in who you are, to believe in yourself more and to stop seeing yourself as a creep.

Everyone has a bubble around them which is their personal space and this includes you. Respect it for yourself. Notice and respect it in others.

Acknowledge that space and lots of the discomfort you might feel around others will go away. Also they will subconsciously get it.

"The distance between you and your shield most likely varies from one person to another, depending on a variety of factors, including how well you know the person, your relationship to that person, how much you trust him or her, and your culture. In order to put others at ease, it's important to understand the importance of personal space."

Etiquette Rules of Defining Personal Space

Breaking the Touch Barrier Naturally.

The second thing you must do is to learn how to break the touch barrier and get over your fears and anxieties of touching women MINUS the groping or whatever.

Start with a simple medium hand shake. When you meet someone, shake their hand. Develop a slightly unique way of doing it and say their name as you are doing it.

Don't force the name. Just a simple greeting is needed.

Learn when friendly hugging is allowable and start doing it more often until it feels natural.

Keep doing it until it no longer feels odd or strange to you. BE that guy who hugs more than the rest with his family and friends.

With men, keep your hands up high on the back. With women, hug her just above the small of her back.

As your connection grows move your hands directly to the small of her back. Imagine if she was to fall over or while you're dancing with one and you must balance or catch her with just an open palm. That is where you hug women to show them you’re a sexually aware man.

The point is, when breaking the touch barrier is socially allowable, take full advantage of it to practice the skill and to gain some awareness of the personal bubble people put up.

Again, as in everything, do not force it ever. These things happen naturally because we're social animals so let it!

Increase Your Comfort Level Around Women.

This one most men either refuse to do or find it difficult to achieve but if you really want to succeed and eliminate your fears around women, it's a MUST...


I'm going to ask you to be counter-intuitive and become just friends with some hotter women.

Follow the rules on the page below because this is an easy one to screw up. Especially if you're not accustomed or strong enough to maintain a friendship with a woman you're highly attracted to.

The Benefits Of Becoming Friends With Hotter Women

The point is to get used to having them around, learn their "ways", see how similar they are to other women, notice the differences, and to gain extreme comfort in your skin everywhere you go which includes hanging out with some hot chics.

The last one is VERY important because women become easily and extremely attracted to men who are so comfortable in their own skin.

Finding and Eliminating Your Deepest Fears and Anxieties Around Women.

Not every guy has such deep fears around women they need to go this far but it does help to explore your issues and for the few who need it - go there.

Smash Through The Internal B.S. That’s Holding You Back From Success With Women – Fast And For Good!

Deep Inner Game Cover

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I'm not going to tell you to face your fears although at some point you will have to, that goes without saying.

I'm not going to tell you that your anxiety is all in your head - because that's where it is anyways and you're smart enough to figure that out.

I'm not going to tell you that you'll never feel nervous around another woman ever again.

It WILL happen so expect it!

BUT if you learn how to handle things better and better with each interaction, it will lessen enough to where it's manageable and becomes less of a big of a deal anymore.

Knowledge and confidence in this area goes a long way.

Once you begin to learn what goes where, when it goes there, how all the "mating" stuff works you have a set up blueprint in your head to rely on which will certainly help to ease your mind and decrease ALL your anxieties.

Fear is well-known as being: False. Evidence. Appearing. Real.

Eliminate the FALSE part, study and learn what is REAL and what is not, learn to stay in the present so you're not presenting lots of EVIDENCE of what could or could not happen AND the fear decreases to a level you will feel okay with handling.

Here's some of the best advice out there in learning the process. It's simple AND it works:

"You should be looking at EVERY woman you want to meet as an opportunity… a chance to work on yourself and your “skills”… instead of looking at her as an impossible challenge.

When you teach yourself to think about things this way, you become less attached to the outcome… you become more relaxed…

…and more able to TAKE ACTION."

4 Insights Into Approaching Women – Are Your Fears Getting In The Way?

Woman Rejecting Guy Kiss

This post is part of the full quick tip series you can find below:

Read the one and only guide to finding out why you always screw it up with women!

It's the answer you're looking for along with reasonable and effective advice on how to fix it.

Why She Didn’t Like You – Why Girls Don’t Like You & How You Can Fix It

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  • Johnny No Touch

    Too scared to make the move, that’s for sure. Women didn’t use to do this to me but nowadays I feel like I need permission to even hold her hand. Kind of killing the dating experience if you ask me.