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Attracting Women is Easy. Are You an Action Figure or a Man of Action?

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Separate yourself from other men by becoming a true Alpha Leader

I’m giving up Peter! This quest is not fun anymore. Its so very hard to find happy 40 something guys who are not jaded. You should start a dating service. Till I can be positive again. I’m checking out. your fan(…)

What do you think? DiaLteG TM Dating – for Happy People Who Are Not Jaded.


Seriously I completely understand her frustration. I also understand how difficult it is being happy when you’re a single 40-year-old man. And even worse I can not ask or even tell one single guy, to “just be happy.”

Like attraction, being happy is not something you can just turn on. Like attraction you can pretend to be confident and hope no one notices.

You can pretend to be happy and hope no one figures you out, and just maybe, you’ll get lucky.

Toy action figures are easily manipulated.

Stop being controlled by cheap acting lessons and quick fixes.

Mature women are done playing with dolls.

They want men of action.

They want YOU to be THAT guy and not just another action figure offering no more value than a cheap toy.

This is my call to action to men for one of my most loyal fans.

She has done everything for herself under much of my advisement and has succeeded in opening up new-found avenues for herself. She’s more confident than ever before. She values herself first.

Younger guys flirt with her more than ever.

Her family is absolutely amazed and happy for her transformation.

If you’ve done any work on yourself and followed a dating guru’s advice and it made a difference in your life you must have realized sooner or later, you only changed yourself for the better.

The world around you still goes around just the same as it would have it you did nothing but sit around and complain about your situation.

I’m sorry to say there’s not a special club where men and women can go to meet their counterparts.

There’s no Masculinity hand barring the immature.

There’s no test on one’s knowledge in dating to stop the “I’m not willing to learn.” crowd from taking over.

There’s no Man badge we can wear which states our level of manhood while we’re out.

There’s not even a baggage claim where we can put all of our problems when we’re meeting other people.

And that’s just the man’s side of the equation.

What if there was a place we could go where only those allowed in were at least competent preferable above average, in the area of attraction.

What if you showed up and you were not allowed in?

Answer me honestly,

Do you believe you could gain access to this special member’s only area?

Here is my call to action for any man reading this…

Women want you to learn this stuff so bad it is literally driving them crazy.

If these women meet one more guy who does nothing for her I can not guarantee what they are going to do. I’m sure your balls are safe, in fact I know they are more than safe.

I may never understand how many men come and go through here and every other dating blog only to take away pieces of information, try them, get frustrated because they didn’t all of a sudden land them the woman of their dreams, then get depressed and wait for the next special secret tip to fly their way.

Only to repeat the same losing pattern again.

My call to action – Guys. Attracting women is easy.

You don’t even have to know WHY it works.

All you have to know is that IT IS working for you.

Attracting women is easy because one…

Women are looking for the men that can attract them and two – you don’t have to understand them to do it.

I know I say women want men who get it, or understand them but trust me, what you see as “understanding” and what they see are two different things.

The problem is most of you take the wrong path. You want quick fixes and instant results.

For example let’s assume you don’t understand how to talk to women so you learn all the tricks and tips to ‘perform‘ when you’re around them.

Until you meet a woman who could one up you, you think you’ve found the solution to your problem. But honestly you have not found the solution, you found a quick fix.

You picked up a cheap acting lesson from a free blog such as mine.

And I’ll admit that much.

Now let’s say you can not get a date with a woman.

You tell me you can talk to them but they never feel attracted to you. Some guy always comes along and she ends up with her.

I tell you this….well you could learn about what attracts women, stop making typical mistakes too many men make, be different, and separate yourself by doing something every other guy tries.

You go out looking and somebody tells you women are attracted to humor.

Hey you’re a funny guy. Maybe you’re just not funny enough so you turn up the humor and get her rolling on the floor laughing and possibly even peeing her pants a little.

That is until some other guy picks her off the floor and she ends up going home with him.

Now you’re thinking about what mistakes you’ve along the way.

What did I do wrong?

I was different.

I was the funniest guy there.

You look to the man who did barely nothing and she attached herself to him within a few minutes of talking.

The problem with this is Quick fixes and Cheap Acting Lessons will not solve the bigger problem.

Sure they help. Sure they’re important. They DO keep you motivated. They allow you the ease of knowing what to do. They give you a glimpse into a world in which you have never experienced before.

But in the end you will most likely fall back into your old ways when you fail too many times in a row.

A friend of mine recently got it.

We talked for an hour on how to talk to women, what to say, how to turn them on, how to not be so direct, how other men are not competition…and I said to him.

“Listen. You can go out and learn all these little tips and work on all the pieces but there’s a simple path to attracting women and once you’re on it, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. And it’s no secret. It’s no magic trick. It’s called Mature Masculinity. It’s being the Alpha Male. It’s being a leader. It’s the strength to walk away. It’s the courage to stick it out.”

I say he got it because the one of the first things he did when he came to DiaLteG TM was to take my Alpha Male Test.

He told me he scored a 60 and I guess he still has a few things to work on.

But he got it right away.

Attracting women is easy because women want men.

Real men.

Genuine men with character, courage, and who take responsibility in their own self-worth.

Attracting women is easy because as a man, you were born to attract them.

I want you to get it too.

I can not ask you to be happy for my faithful woman reader.

I don’t know what makes you happy, only YOU do.

But I can ask you to be real with women because, (screw being appreciated by them), not even because it’s what they want, be real for yourself because if you can’t be honest with yourself what women will ever believe you’re not hiding an ulterior motive. (Which is a huge killer of attraction.)

I can ask you to develop character and charisma.

Again, not because you’ll have women who enjoy being close to you, but because true character and charisma come from being self-assured, confident, and you WILL inspire the good people around you.

I can ask you to take responsibility for your own self-worth.

When you stop looking for another person to fill that role in your life, you’ll never have to worry about being seen as a needy nice guy who only seeks approval for his actions.

Again aside from attracting women, when you do this the feeling of independence you will get will empower you and you’ll literally experience freedom from an uncertain future than ever before.

When I was kissing ass all the time I felt powerless.

I felt trapped.

When I stopped looking for approval thinking it’s how to get women I realized how much power I had within me.

No longer was I trapped in a false image of myself. I could literally accomplish anything I wanted.

My call to action guys – Stop letting down the women who come here and learn how you can be more attractive.

Seriously I’m sick of tired of meeting strong (and yes incredibly hot) women frustrated because they can not find a real man. 😉

Remember that special members area I mentioned above. Where all of us who have done tons of work, sacrificed our money for real advice and not quick fixes, challenge our beliefs, behaviors and began living up to the responsibility it takes to be our best even in the hardest times,

I think it does exist.

It exists inside us.

Man or woman.

We are born with the tools to attract into our lives only the most competent to enhance our already amazing existence.

Attraction Action

A few Last CALLS to ACTION to nice guys everywhere:

  • Stop waiting around for things to change around you. They won’t.
  • Tell my faithful reader below the real men she has been looking for is coming. Inspire her confidence in men everywhere by letting her know there will be at least more man out there soon.
  • Put the cheap acting lessons and quick fixes aside for now and take the path to Alpha Masculinity. You won’t have to worry about what to say, what not to say, what women want, you won’t even have to understand them…

If you want to get the girl you better make sure they get you first.

Go here right now -> Alpha Masculinity and stop wasting your time thinking it’s too much money to spend.

Everyday that passes while you are deciding is going to make it harder for you to take the leadership in your life.

Women are out there and they will not land in your lap by accident.

First because I and every other dating coach is telling them not to until you step and be the Alpha Male she can not help but desire.

Secondly because  I want you to succeed.

I really do.

For each man I meet who is hunched over scratching his head and wondering why women are not attracted to him reminds me of almost two decades of failing miserable in even finding girlfriend.

You don’t have to follow the path I took, it took me years and honestly I have no idea how I survived it and kept my sanity before that.

I could give you all my “what if’s” and “if I only found someone to teach me earlier” but why bother.

The only thing you have to know is that I did it!

And I was a pathetic example of a man for longer than my girlfriend has been on this planet, and if that’s not enough proof… prove it to me that you can do it.

Out of all of Carlos Xuma’s work on teaching guys what being Alpha is all about I’m even going to make it easier on you… Alpha Masculinity

“You Have Alpha-Male Masculinity Flowing  Through Your Blood RIGHT NOW That Comes  From Prehistoric Times –  And You Don’t Even Know It.” – Carlos Xuma

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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  • Seriosamente

    Typical really. Men must do EVERYTHING, of course. No, women ain’t doin’ shit, just men have to do stuff, exclusively. Typical ambiguous ‘be real’ non-advice. Also, these “mature” women are not fertile and have maybe a year or two of looking good left; and they are in a position to make demands about what they want??? Only in ‘Murca.

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