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Attractive Men Are Not Perfect – Sharing and Using Your Strengths

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Becoming an attractive man does not mean you have to be perfect.

The attractive male is NOT perfect but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying and sharing his stronger points with women.

There are some who argue you have to separate yourself from other men, how all you have to do is beat your fellow guy and you’ll get the girl.

I won’t disagree with that but I DO believe when your focus is misdirected it can become cloudy and vague and waste too much of a very precious commodity called time.

We want to center that focus back on ourselves.

We want to enhance and use our stronger points while at the same time working or fixing the weaker areas which may be stopping us from attracting women.

That is much easier and more beneficial method than just trying to beat some other guy to a woman you want.

It may sound obvious, maybe even a bit cliche, but when you consider long-term success in becoming an attractive man it’s very important to always consider the ultimate goal – and that is OUR success and not someone else’s failure.

In a crowded room once, I was a self-involved insecure mess. It always felt like I was being judged or scrutinized. I imagined everything I did or say was going to mark me forever as someone I’m not AND I was totally convinced everyone noticed every little movement I made or did not make.

This is a definite marked weakness in the world of attracting women. Hell if it wasn’t then I would not have suffered without the hint of a woman for so long.

But Ahhh…. it was also a strength in perception and an extreme connection to my inner-self which I’ve found not everybody is blessed in having.

So yeah, being a shy guy may not have helped in meeting women but focusing on some other guy who was seemingly worse off than me was not going to help me win that battle either.

Honestly all that was needed was to retrain this strength in perceptions to notice clues, gather notes on body-language, study social interactions, write down what I say that DID work with women and what I saw which repelled them…

“It’s not your flaws that get in your way. It’s your limiting beliefs that do. Too Ugly? Too Short? Here’s How To Turn Your Flaws Into Strengths.

The extreme connection I had with my inner-self did mean I was terribly self-conscious which inhibited my ability to be my “cool self” but I knew if I could work on my esteem this would naturally vanish.

I believe in everyone one of us lives a certain strength in something, anything, and we can use that same power to help us become whomever we want to be up to and including a more attractive man.

If you can really dial in and focus on any strength, big or small, you’ll soon notice by making one simple connection you can fortify a weaker area or rid yourself of it entirely.

I used my strength in “perceptions” to notice the reality of the cause/effects of social life.

Through that I was able to become less self-conscious and from there it didn’t take me long to realize how everyone around me was so concerned with their own life problems or bragging about their successes (or bitching about their problems) that no one was even paying much attention to me at all.

That includes the good – not many if any really gave a shit what I was doing unless it directly affected them allowing me the freedom to do whatever the fuck I wanted…

But it also includes the bad – not gaining attraction, attention, or the sexual interest of women who I wanted to notice me in the first place.

“The ability to function competently and positively despite feeling lonely or always being single is a strength we might overlook on our quest to become a more attractive man.”

So yeah, that’s the small theory of it all and I understand if you want something you can touch and feel, something which really hits the mark and helps you to become that attractive man you came here to be…

Well based on that and some other “theories” lies the answer which I alluded to it in the very first sentence of this post,

“…enjoying (and sharing) our stronger points with women without the worries of attracting them “

My strength above became an unstoppable force in attraction when I began enjoying and then sharing them with women.

You can do that too.

Find something you think you’re incredible at and start sharing those talents immediately.

Don’t worry about the results.

Don’t concern yourself over the outcome.

Share and give your unique strengths to any woman who you absolutely feel, without a doubt, is capable of accepting it and don’t do it because you want to get in her pants.

Enjoy your best qualities and use your positive abilities to reinforce your weaker areas.

Focus on your successes and not someone else’s failures because despite how it feels we’re not here to beat someone to a girl.

If you can do that even marginally better than you did the day before – you WILL be that much closer to being a very attractive man from the inside out.

Becoming a more attractive man is NOT about finding perfection and thinking that’s what attracts women but is instead about having the ability or skill to learn from our mistakes by using the strengths we’ve had all along.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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