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My Attractive Sexy Life Causes Jealousy In Men Who Want The Hot Girl

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Acting out of his own insecurity.

We all know these guys…

Unfortunately, maturity has little to do with intelligence.

Smart men where their brains have not fully grown into adulthood.

They are the game players. They know the tricks that work.

They act the role of manipulator through any means necessary and yes, they will win sometimes.

They may even get what you want.

They will “steal your women” with little regard for you or her feelings.

The games they play often center around the weakest part of any person involved.

They act out of fear and thrive on insecurity and your fear of loss. Whether it be the loss of her, the loss of your sanity, or the loss of your maturity, they will expose your deepest weakness if you play into the game.

This is my attractive sexy life and the jealousy it can create in others.

This is my attractive sexy life and a huge warning to the men who find themselves finally beginning to understand how to attract women.

Imagine you find yourself sitting a field one day. You’re happy. The sun is shining. You’re enjoying the warmth on your skin and the breeze through your hair. There are also lots of people around you just doing their own thing and not paying attention to you at all.

Then suddenly, out of the corner of your eye, you notice something shiny nestled deep under the thatch. You reach down to discover its identity. Wow! A shiny half-dollar reveals itself to you. You brush off the dirt and it sparkles for everyone else to see.

Sure it’s not worth very much in the scheme of the financial world but there’s something about it. You found it and instantly feel a bond with it. It attracted your eye when no one else was paying attention to you. No one else was paying attention because they were too busy questioning the change in their hands.

However the moment they noticed you and your new shiny half-dollar they nervously jingled their change in their clutched hands. The sweat builds up on their palms as they squeezed and released. They squeezed and released again and again as if they wanted their change to be washed clean. They open their hand and with palm facing the sky give a blank stare at their drenched coinage.

It just doesn’t look as shiny as yours!

A real mature man might ask you how you found it. He wants to learn everything about it. He wants any and all information he can get from you. His inquisitive open mind begins to produce a salivating mouth because of his eagerness to soak up your knowledge.

The immature man stares at you with distrust. He sizes you up looking for a chink in your armor. He hides in the background waiting for you to drop your guard. Premeditated or not he will do whatever necessary to steal your half-dollar.

I recently ran in to a few immature men who are thankfully not the average. I still believe most people are genuinely decent.

Here is the story and I won’t hold back because some of the details are extremely important to understand how deep immaturity can go in some men.

I want you to walk away from this understanding how jealousy or a fear of loss will take over your actions.

I want you to heed this warning…

No matter where you are on your road to attraction, you’re going to run into these type of guys and you must be prepared to learn how to deal with them in a mature way.

I also want you understand there are dips, valleys, huge climbs, and new levels on becoming a more attractive man and sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’ve reached a new level and you can get discouraged because of it and fall back to an earlier state.

Let this be your insight into the most definite way in determining when you have reached that new level.

Relating this to the coin story above when you’ve earned that first penny someone who feels they only deserve a penny will want to take it from you. When you’ve earned that first nickel, there’s the nickel guy waiting around the corner. When you hit that dime, quarter, half-dollar, silver dollar and so on…there will always be someone waiting there for you.

It’s just the way life is and likewise the dime guy won’t try to steal your quarter. The penny guy won’t try to take your half-dollar. And yes, rarely, will the quarter guy steal your penny.

Now some nasty details.

I began messaging this young beautiful woman and it just so happens she likes older men.

It took a few weeks of random letters but eventually she gave me her phone number and we started talking. There was enormous amounts of sexual energy between us and things got heated up quickly.

This girl lives about twelve hours away and being the busy man I am I know I won’t be meeting her too quickly. Yet our conversations were fun. Our texting was more than just sexy and I could tell immediately she had strong feelings towards me.

She also had taken several opportunities to test me on the subject of a relationship.

She did this by making it clear she knew I would not settle into one easily and she felt I only wanted her body.

Being a hot girl in her early twenties you can only imagine how many other guys were after her in one way or another but those guys were not showing much of a commitment towards her. Although one guy has known her for years and was showing signs he was finally ready. She didn’t believe it much anyways. He just had not slept with her yet and she believed that is what he was after.

I can not say this enough…I have yet to physically meet this girl and until that happens consistently, I can only grow so close.

I say that again because it’s frightening to know how many men suddenly begin to show their true feelings, or their true identity when they see even a threat so far away.

One man, who happens to be a few years older than me, decides to play the game of,

“But I do want you now.”
“I think you are talking to him too much.”
(about me of course)
“Other girls have told me he is a compulsive liar.”
“I know of him and he is a cock block.”

He even has resorted to making sure when we are talking on the phone to constantly text her attempting to interrupt our conversations.

The sad part is, I DO know of him and up until this point I thought he was a stand up man who understood women but I was wrong.

His immature acts only proved to me he knew how to play games of a passive aggressive nature.

His intent to focus on me more than himself also proved to me his “real” confidence was much lower than he projects.

Sure women like him… mostly. Sure he understand women enough to play games with their heads. But that only gets you so far in the world of attraction.

In this case it only got him so far as to push her closer and closer to me when she realized who was the real man.

So here comes this other guy, much younger, decides to play the game of stalker.

He threatens her. He is rude to her. He is pushy and downright borderline illegal if not completely beyond the realm of the law.

When he finds out about me his acts gets worse and decides to send me a personal letter which I will not reveal. I will say it was short, not in a sentence format, and full of swear words.

A third man who seems to act nervously also decides to take to the over texting when he realizes we are talking on the phone.

He then proceeds to make it clear in public on one occasion she had fallen asleep on the phone with her. As if he’s using her to make someone else jealous.

Or using her to get another woman like a close girlfriend of hers.

He most likely found out that they have had trouble in this area in their lives and probably figures he can get both easily, or one more easily by using that game.

He may even do this so other women see him talking to a hot girl to open his options.

This is a common game among men who are good-looking but lack any real attractive conversational skills.

Or done by men who I find are looking for the “easy” way out.

Again I have yet to physically meet this woman yet apparently this half-dollar I have found has jingled the change of others around me.

They do have their own change but for some reason when I have something they may not be able to “save” themselves, they put on their worst poker face and play every bluff in their book.

In order to insure my sexy life is not dragged down this is what I have done:

  • Given her every opportunity to choose anyone else over me including of of them.
  • Never confront them on their own level.
  • Only defend when it is absolutely necessary.
  • Never feel the need to prove myself to someone else. Especially her.
  • Stay on my own path.
  • Never let my emotions be dictated or controlled by another.
  • I understand fully these men act out from their own insecurity which has nothing to do with me.
  • I refuse to take it personal.
  • I refuse to believe even for one minute I won this girl over them.

Again I want the men (and women) reading this to understand on your journeys in your sexy life, there will be others at each level, who want something so bad, they will do only do what they know how to do, to steal your maturity.

Watch out for them and keep your head in the real game of your life for when they begin to come from out of nowhere, it only means you’re succeeding in your attractive life.

You can take the path I have chosen or you could take the path of playing defense.

I will tell you this…

When you choose to defend you will rarely, if ever, gain those needed steps to (pardon the pun), score. You will not find your next girlfriend. You will not find your next rewarding relationship. You will only succeed in doing what these men have…

And that is wasting all your energy protecting the distance you think you have come.

Remember this is my attractive sexy life and I want you have yours too so I’ve written this in hopes you can succeed in it.

After all when we find ourselves falling for the same girl I wish you all the best.

Just keep it above the belt with me because you’re not trying to get in my pants.

You’re just trying to live your own sexy life the best you can at any given moment and THAT has little to do with anyone but you.

Keep pushing forward.

Focus on YOUR goals and not hers…

And you’ll become the man great women will naturally choose.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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