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Attrextion – Texting and Attraction Using Your Phone Rules and Tips

Is she waiting for your next text message because you got her excited to hear from you again.

Combine the words “texting”, “sexting” , “attraction” and “attract” and we have my trademarked word…


My thoughts are very clear…

We can NOT use our texts to create 100% attraction but we can certainly screw it all up by what we send to women.

However… it IS possible to amplify, enhance, or spike her interest in us sexually because texting is a form of communication and most women use their phones like it’s an extension to talking and themselves.

My nice guys approach to attraction means living our lives a certain way which causes women to develop or feel an instant natural attraction. It’s simple and it works.

Attrextion is no different.

Our phones and how we use them to talk or text (as stated above) is a form of communication therefore if we focus on learning how to communicate on a sexual or attractive level the rules do NOT change when it comes to sending the right texts at the right time.

If we’re not attracting in the “real” world there’s little chance we’re going to do it with a smart or dumb phone.

The difference is we’re limited to quick pictures, short words, maybe some skill in writing, and definitely an ability to convey clear or even ambiguous messages with deeper meanings attached in just a few sentences.

That is probably the hardest part of attrextion.

Please take note above – knowing how attraction works and what women experience and how to create it and how we stop it from happening not only helps us succeed more in texting but makes it easier to get her phone number in the first place. If you’re not sure, get an education in attraction by whatever means possible. As always this was my first –> Double Your Dating

Here Are Some of My Rules or Advice On Texting

* Set the “stage” immediately. Your personality must come across clearly in your texts.

* Attrextion can be used most effectively in a way which involves her “figuring you out” by having a deeper meaning behind the words. Let her wonder. Let her think about it what you could mean except don’t be so random that is has nothing to do with anything.

* The person she meets must come across in your texts. Don’t become someone different or stoop to the “cute” level just because you’re not face to face.

* Avoid texting too often. Use it sparingly. A good rule to follow is… if you have nothing to say or nothing to share don’t sit and think about what you’re going to write. If nothing pops in your mind, don’t force it.

Guys use their phone for information. Women use their phones to connect! Your phone may be blocking you and you don’t even know it! This video explains why: The Ultimate Calling & Texting Women System

* Unless it’s a conversation or there’s a very good reason the more you text only tells her you have nothing going on in your life.

* Don’t expect a response every time. Most guys seem to get upset when she doesn’t get back quickly. They send message after message demanding her to respond.

They think it’s what a guy supposed to do. ( You know – I’m a man and men go after what they want! ) …. But in reality, she assumes you’re insecure, needy, impatient, immature, or in several of my failed experiences… drunk!

* Texting back and forth is not always a mutually accepted conversation.

Women have constantly complained to me how “he just keeps going and going.” and not in a ‘cool night of sex‘ kind of way. If you’re texting her for too long you’ll ruin it. In this world rarely is there ever a good-bye so you’ll have to use restraint.

Use your intuition and if it tells you the conversation is over, the conversation is over. Even after three texts. It happens so learn to notice the signs and she’ll love hearing more from you because of it.

* Use your texts to remind her that “she likes you!” Amplify it. Find something that connects her to you which is fun and flirty.

* Let her imagine, or do not state implicitly you’re into her. Let her assume it through your interest. If you’re texting her let her assume you’re doing it because you want her to text back. Nothing more.

* The phone message is the LAST place you want to reveal your deepest most inner feelings. When it comes time for that set up a meeting through your text and always do it FACE to FACE. Not many women find themselves falling head over heels for a guy who is too scared to meet her face to face for those special moments.

However – if you’re in a long-term committed relationship it’s more than appropriate and women love it when her man is romantic ( at the right time ) with his texting. I once wrote a poem for a love of mine on her birthday when we couldn’t see each other. Except I skillfully sent her each line every few hours.

* Text as you speak and use the punctuation.

Yes, it’s more work but it’s worth the extra effort especially if you’re texting an older woman. It says you care about details. How you’re not some immature school boy. It also says you understand the written word and how when you do punctuate properly – your meaning will not be misunderstood.

* Abbreviate as little as possible and restrain from using too many emoticons. Again, the details are very important. Don’t show her the smile with some fake punctuation. It’s lazy and tells her you take the easy way out. Women want guys who put real effort into anything which has something to do with her.

What are you going to do AFTER you get her phone number? How to text, when to text, how to turn her on… This is the ultimate Guys Guide To Texting

* Don’t try to ‘sleep text’ with her the first time. It’s all too easy to refrain from this than it is face to face so show more restraint than you even would physically. This is highly important. Remember…. you DO have a life outside your phone and you don’t need your phone to get off. It is what it is… another form of communication.

When it does happen (sexting) enjoy it but you must show patience and restraint and tease her more than she teases you. This is one area where you become her novel to read and when done right – you’ll get her off more than you could ever imagine.

* Avoid being too explicit ( for sexting ) and use as many different words as you possibly can. A great tip which has worked amazingly well for me is – I just imagine having sex with her (like some of the best we ever had ) and I tell it to her down to the last detail. This is where your writing skills might come in handy.

Incredible Texting Tips and Advice From The Top Experts Who KNOW How To Use “Attrextion”

Bobby Rio has given us some pretty amazing material to help us with our texting game.

His rules and tips go a little further than mine above and since he’s been kind of enough to lend us a “finger” – please make sure you check out this great offer I’m allowed to share with you today –> Magnetic Messages Special Bonus Offer

The main page for Bobby Rio located at DiaLteG TM is here: Bobby Rio Text Message Master and his conversational approach to attraction is here: Bobby Rio Interview on Make Small Talk Sexy

There is also a post I wrote based on the movie “Blame It On Rio” –> You Can Blame It On Rio When She Eagerly Awaits Your Next Text Message

These three downloads will help you round out your education on texting: (.pdf files .)

That about covers it for Bobby Today.

Here is one more helpful texting “guest” page:

ATTREXTION – Texting which amplifies attraction

Hopefully you’ve found this page more than just useful.

My intention was to put together enough information so our phones can be used efficiently and not just about filling it with useless digits.

Texting, sexting, is a type of communication which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in our modern world of smart phones and instant messaging. Since women feel more attraction with a man who communicates better than just a good-looking guy who doesn’t, it’s important we all learn this valuable skill and use every aspect of to our advantage.

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