Four Steps on How To Use Jerk or Bad Boy Traits to Attract Girls Nicely

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Are you one of those “nice” guys who believes you have to become a jerk or turn yourself into a “bad boy” to attract girls? Maybe you think only assholes get laid or even stand a chance BUT it’s not for you…

The last thing you’re willing to do is give up being good and as much as it sucks to be alone or having to settle with the one girl who would have you, you’re not going to start treating women like shit.

Well… good news is here.

Did you know you can actually take the qualities of a jerk and use them to attract girls – WITHOUT turning into a jerk yourself?

Yes. Today you will learn HOW to use your BRAIN to create attraction BETTER than the jerks, bad boys, or assholes of the world.

A fair warning: This requires some thinking and it’s a little tough to do at first BUT it can be done.

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Four Steps To Use Any “Bad Boy Trait” To Your Advantage and Attract Women – Nicely!


First Step: Discover or find your limiting beliefs.

A “limited belief” is something you believe in which stops you from getting what you want. It “limits” your success in anything including this girl problem you’re having today.

Use this one to get you started.

Everyone knows those “types” of guy blow off women a lot. How they never call or text her when she expects it.

Quoted below would be your limited belief and your thought process. Don’t be afraid to let it all out and write it down so you’ll remember it.

“I guess I must blow off  women.  I won’t show up on time. Who cares about her time or her money. I won’t call her when I say I will…she’ll probably think I’m cheating on her or seeing other girl but that will make her want me even more.”



Second Step: Find out why any “respectable” girl would be attracted to a guy who acts like that.

This part is much tougher because you must understand what attract girls in the first place but do your best. Trust it gets much easier as you go along.

Women do tend like to date men who are mysterious.

They love a challenge. They love a challenging man.

They’re also well known for going for guys who already can get lots of women.

AND they are highly competitive over those very same guys.

A girl might be more likely to chase a guy when there’s another woman chasing him too. She’ll be more inclined to act quickly before she loses him to some other girl.

That’s step two.

Go all out on it. Say what’s on your mind. Don’t worry if you’re right or wrong.

Just go with your real gut instinct.

It will matter if you’re right in the end but for now – just go with how you feel just like you did in the first “find your limited belief step”.


Third Step: Filter out his rude or not nice traits or behavior.

In this step you will take the negative effect he has on women and strip it out.

THINK: How would a guy acting like that end up making her feel. What would it do to her? How is it a negative thing? What are the consequences if his negative actions?

In this specific case:

He’s disrespecting her.

He’s making her feel like she’s being cheated on even if they’re not committed to each other.

He’s making her think he doesn’t care about her.

He’s lying to her when he says he will contact her but he doesn’t making her think and feel like SHE is seeing a guy who is full of shit.


Fourth and Final Step: Take those filtered results and turn them into an action you can easily do WITHOUT the negative effect.

This is where the good stuff is but again, can be difficult if you’re not sure how attraction works.

BUT it is possible. Just stick with it and if you have any questions or comments leave them below.

TRUST this is an invaluable skill you’re learning for many reasons and over time you won’t have to do it anymore.

In the third step you stripped away the negative effects so you must avoid doing them. They were written to assure you’re not making he feel that way AND to guarantee that you’re not acting like a jerk.

Here is what you’ll do:

Remember the attraction “trigger” or what women are attracted to:

“Women do tend like to date men who are mysterious.”

Now think of all the different ways women can find you mysterious and just make sure you’re not causing the negative effect or acting like the jerk.

Here’s a great post that I’ve written which will help you land this one:

“Women are attracted to men who don’t give away their secrets.

What triggers her emotions and how to be mysterious challenge which creates attraction.

All the reasons are revealed plus how you too can create attraction by adding these proven elements or traits of attraction to your life and personality.”

7 Reasons Why Women Like A Quiet and Mysterious Man Plus How To Be Him

The next one:

“They love a challenge. They love a challenging man.”

Here’s another post that’s going to help you become that challenging guy WITHOUT having to act like a jerk:

“Women want a challenge.

This list is the ultimate guide to challenging women and creating attraction without playing mind games.

This is the real way to get it done.

From conversations, teasing, interest, answering questions by her, giving space, enjoy yourself, everything you do makes women want to share it with you.”

Top Ten Ways to Challenge Women to Feel Attracted to You

The next one is a little more difficult but you can do it:

“They’re also well known for going for guys who already can get lots of women.”

You’re a busy guy – make sure you are if you’re not.

Don’t reveal too much irrelevant information about yourself and what you’re doing.

If you’ve created a little attraction and she’s starting to feel something for you she will ASSUME you have other women in your life who also want you.

Really that’s all there is to get this one to work amazingly well for you AND there’s no bad effect.

You don’t have to do anything more than staying busy living your life and not revealing everything you’re doing.

If you must then just be clever, smart, and funny about it. It’s a more attractive communication skill anyways.

Here’s some more examples:

Set up a date well in advance so she understands you’re a busy guy:

“We should go out soon. We’ll have a good time. I’m free Wednesday…no….wait…I’m not.  But I’m definitely free the following Thursday. So you should make sure you don’t have any plans.”

Sure, there’s a little play on words here so if you don’t want to do it, then don’t.

Otherwise it’s not bad at all if you do it by accident or forget you are busy on Wednesday.

(The “game” or play on words is basically you mentioning an earlier day that you knew you are busy but half way through the sentence you remind yourself out loud that you’re not available. She sees you’re a busy guy and the more she likes you the more she’ll assume it’s because you have another date.)

The point here is to…

Let her believe you might be dating other women WITHOUT saying it or trying to use it to your advantage because that would have a negative effect.

However you can always ACT and let her assume other women want you.

In fact, by just being confident, put together, and fun to be around ANY woman who is feeling attracted to you will naturally assume other women want you too.

So do NOT advertise it. Don’t throw it in her face or it will backfire on you.

Do the opposite.

If she asks how many women you are seeing give her a cocky and funny answer. Something like this:


“So…  how many women ARE you seeing right now?”


  • “Does that include my Mom?”
  • “Do you mean today, or this week?”
  • “Did you say seeing, or sleeping?”
  • “How high can you count?”

Then play into a flirty conversation with her.

You don’t have to answer a question directly if you mix in some intelligent fun flirty humor.

If she really wants the answer she will keep trying and in that case, keep turning it up, but make sure she’s laughing with you. Trust me she will eventually give up. Sure you might frustrate her but don’t let it get to you.

Here’s a slightly different version of this conversational technique to give you a better idea of how it’s done.


“What do you do for a living?”


  • “I run an online dating service for little people. It’s called Midget Match.”
  • “I breathe deep. Eat wonderfully exotic foods. Sometimes I even enjoy dancing the Samba.”

The above are classic examples of cocky/funny and it’s a great way to trigger attraction in a girl. They respond well to it because it displays humor, confidence, and wit together.

All of which are very attractive traits.

For more on that style of communication (which is highly recommended skill every nice guy should know) you can read this post:

Cocky Comedy – The Difference Between Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk.

In conclusion:

It’s not a secret that women can and do find themselves attracted to guys who will have a negative effect on them. Otherwise known as a jerk, asshole, bad boy, or even a player.

You’re a nice guy but that does NOT mean you can not attract girls better than any of those other guys do if you’re open to learning a few new POSITIVE skills.

The technique or process is a little difficult at first especially if you don’t understand attraction all that well but it get’s easier and once you know how – all it takes is a little practice while you integrate these strategies into your life.

Here are the four steps again.

First Step: Discover or find your limiting beliefs. Write down why you think guys like that attract women in a negative way.

Second Step: Find out why any “respectable” girl would be attracted to a guy who acts like that way. Respectable means to not bother with women who are self-destructive or unhealthy themselves.

Third Step: Filter out his rude or not nice traits or behavior. You need to understand or clarify in your mind the connections.

You also need to know or realize the negative effect that is happening to understand attraction better AND so you can avoid doing it yourself.

Fourth Step: Take those filtered results and turn them into an action you can easily do WITHOUT the negative effect. The hardest step but worth it in every way imaginable.

Figure out clever and smart ways to create the same effect while eliminating the bad stuff associated with guys who treat women badly.

There are so many benefits to go through each step:

  • Attract more girls into your life while still being a good guy.
  • You’ll gain a better understanding of all your limited beliefs around women so you can eliminate through from ‘limiting” your success in dating.
  • You’ll begin to see how attraction works and how plus why women are attracted to guys who may not be the best for them.
  • You’ll learn new skills and communication techniques which will inevitably turn you into a more attractive man.

Who could ask for anything more than that, right?

Yes – it’s work!

But the REWARD is worth it.

Do those four steps with at least five of your worst case beliefs and  you will see women reacting to you differently.

Except unlike the jerk or bad boy, you’ll make her happy and not depressed, angry, or bitter.

You’ll be creating attraction without treating her like shit. It’s a “win-win situation.” for you and women will thank you for it… in their own special way.

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  • I suppose in a way you’re right Star. But give even a mature woman a choice between a nice guy who she feels nothing for and a bad boy who “does it” for her and I’m willing to bet she’ll take something over nothing.

    And what about the jerks who are really good at fooling women.

    And what about the fact the some of those guys in private can actually be good to her. (Rare, sure. But it does happen.)

    And if a shallow chic just wants to get in our pants… what’s wrong with that? Some guys could actually use more sex in their life.

  • Star Rebel

    Bad Boys are great for weeding out all the immature shallow chicks. Thanks!