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Is It Bad to Just Want to Get Laid?

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Non exclusive casual sex CAN help us maintain a balance in our lives.

Where would DiaLteG TM be, ( get laid spelled backwards ) without at least exploring this almost fundamental question in our adult lives.

Casual sex DOES play a role in it and just wanting to get laid once in a while might not be such a bad thing.

We will ( more often or not ) experience a moment where we have to decide between finding and having a one night stand and deal with the consequences which might happen because of that choice.

Because let’s be honest here… whereas most of them probably turn out “okay” it’s safe to assume some drama might happen even IF try to avoid it.

My personal belief is:

As long as there’s no deception, lying, cheating, or unethical practices…

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with just wanting to get laid!

So to speak of course because it’s quite obvious, just getting laid implies one night stands but in my book, in means a lot more.

That goes for men AND women alike.

Sex is an important drive in our lives and it can be quite the amazing experience, as if I have to tell you that.

Sometimes a relationship just isn’t a possible or recommended thing in our lives, considering where we might be at any given time.


There are very strict rules we must follow and they’re not there to make us feel better about what we’re doing, they’re in place to protect both of us from the nasty part of just going out and having sex on a whim.

#1 is our intention.

This might fall under the assumption we’re not trying to deceive or lie our way into her pants.

The complicated part of “intentions” is, if we make it too well known or push the issue or “advertise” it, well it could ruin the chance of it happening… right?

Sort of.

There may be a time, when things are getting steamy where this kind of question arises and I believe that’s the time to be completely honest.

Doing so before is like telling a woman you just met,

“Hi. Great to meet you. My name is Pete. Just wanted to let you know sex is on my mind tonight. I really only just want to get laid.”

Ehhh might work on some women… in some circumstances… or for some guys but as far as building enough attraction and sexual energy to make a one night stand or casual sex happen it will probably just have us going home alone.

MY rule here is honesty BEFORE a rash choice is made WHEN it’s appropriate and definitely not before.

Which brings me to…

Rule #2. Maturity and respect.

It may take a little longer, perhaps we should casually date for a while and then just enjoy sexual encounters as they come because…

Testing for OUR maturity should be her concern and testing her for the same should be our concern too.

In other words, just sleeping with a woman without knowing the handle she has on her life might NOT best good for her, for us, and might turn “Just getting laid” into a very bad thing to be doing.

MY rule is:

Respect her esteem. Respect her wishes. Respect you’re becoming intimate with a real person with real feelings and understand first, or at least predict HOW the other half is going to handle it.

If all signs point to that she’s okay with it and she’s probably in the same place, loves sex, wants sex, enjoys being intimate BUT is not fully committed to being in a relationship to get it… then by all means:

Just getting laid doesn’t have to be a bad thing. We can feel confident in calling it casual sex with a woman we’re NOT exclusively dating.

Rule #3: Total responsibility.

This means you just might have to ruin a “short moment” to put on some protection.

You can’t just enter this blindly and expect you’ll get lucky.

I’m not saying to take responsibility when she might get pregnant, that I do hope goes without saying.

I’m saying to BE responsible in the first place even if it means having to wait.

Obviously this is much easier when you’re not just out looking for a one night stand so if you don’t feel you’re up to it, find some women to again, casually date so you can be prepared more often.

After responsibility comes…

Rule #4: Sex is NOT a prize or trophy.

We must avoid “bragging” to our friends or using a wonderful thing just to make us look better in front of our friends.

If it’s not enough for you to enjoy “getting laid” internally to satisfy a common need for intimacy then maybe you should re-consider having casual sex.

Just having sex is NOT a real confidence builder.

It’s a shared experience to achieve a “happy” balance in our lives.

It’s a means to connect with someone on an often “felt like” primitive level.

Having another notch on your bed won’t make you a better man inside. The type of guys who worship “other” guys just because they’ve slept with more women than them might want to take a hard look at themselves and get over it.

I feel as long those rules above are understood competently, just getting laid, or having causal sex with someone you’re not without having it be an exclusive event should not be a problem AND sometimes is advised for a guy who might struggle in the sexual confidence and skills area…

“If you can’t stop yourself from using sex as the prize – go get laid by women who want to be your prize for the evening whether it takes a few non-traditional dates or not to achieve.” Why And How You Might Have To “Go Get Laid” to Get A Girlfriend.

In fact learning how to “get laid” while following the guidelines above can have some great benefits and many of them are covered in that link above.

Also remaining single is very important and being single we might find our sexual needs overwhelming and it could easily throw us off balance.

“You must date MANY women to give you the experience, successes, and understanding that put you on the upward spiral of success. There is no more security in having a girlfriend than there is in being a single, dynamic man with the ability to create the dating life HE wants.

If you feel intimidated or scared by the thought of giving up the girl you’ve got, even if the situation you’re in with her is painful, you’re not truly free. You’re not truly secure. You’re at HER mercy.

Develop a full and complete life without a woman. If you aren’t happy being single, you won’t be happy being a couple.”

Being Single is Just as Good!

It’s amazing that a simple talk and a few rules to follow on “just getting laid” can lead to something more wonderful and inherently better ourselves as people.

This is something I try to live by the best I can:

The better you become at being yourself, the more you will have to give to others.

And that includes sex, relationships, dating, family, friends, career…

Sometimes being single and just wanting to get laid can give ALL of us the time to better ourselves and put the focus where it belongs.

It’s not bad to just want to get laid.

Maybe it should be recommended, even prescribed… okay I won’t go that far just yet but I will leave this:

Balance IS important and I firmly believe being intimate and our raw sexual desires are PART of that balance which needs to be maintained as best as we can.

Whether it’s done though a one night stand or casual sex with a non-exclusive dating partner… Just getting laid does not have to be a bad thing.

One night stands are a very real thing BUT they are not to be taken lightly. The rules MUST be followed. If you want them to be a part of your life I would definitely recommend your learn HOW to make them happen. The only people I know that teaches it honestly AND respectfully is Dean Cortez and David Wygant.

David just recently developed “First Date Seduction.” From start to finish his methods are consistent and start from an Alpha Male core fearless belief system which is one reason it works well for any guy who wants to enjoy more sex with lots of different women.

Pick it up TODAY and put it to good use by Clicking Here – First Date Seduction.

Dean Cortez teaches techniques and “tactics” and might not be for everyone bu trust me, when used in the right place at the right time, WILL better your chances of getting laid. Use it at your own discretion and definitely use it at HER discretion too. Play nice!!

Click here for the One Night Stands Masterclass Video Presentation.

If you want some quick advice from Dean, I’ve posted some up here DiaLteG TM and you’re welcome to use it all to help you get laid:

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  • Autumn

    Hi Pete! Your article on “Is It Bad to Want to Get Laid?” got me thinking more about my opinions on this subject. From a lady’s perspective, intention is a big consideration. If both parties want casual sex, both know the status of their relationship (meaning both understand it’s not an exclusive relationship and having sex doesn’t magically change it into an exclusive relationship), then why not??? There is always a risk that someone may believe they can handle the casual dating with casual sex, but turns out they actually get more emotionally invested afterward. However, most men and women who have done the casual dating and sex thing before, have probably had this happen and likely know they have a tendency for it to recur. Then it’s sort-of, “do this at my own emotional risk.” Personally, I’m not really a fan of one-night-stands. So, if I knew getting into bed, that it would be a one-night-stand, I’ll pass. Sex is something special and extremely personal, so I need to know & like a man to a certain degree before wanting that physical intimacy. So, if it’s someone I’m dating, enjoy getting to know, is a fun & decent man—sure, why not? (He’s gotta be single/NOT in an exclusive relationship…and both parties need to protect from STI’s and potential pregnancy). Anyway, that’s my 2-cents worth!

    • peter white

      Thanks Autumn. I appreciate you taking the time to leave your ideas and oh by the way, I love it,

      “Proceed at my own emotional risk.”

      Which puts it better than asking someone to proceed at “their” own risk.


      Worth more than two cents,


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