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How Bad Do You Want To Get Laid?

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You don’t want her bad enough if you’re not willing to do the work to get her.

Ask yourself the ultimate question about how bad you want to “get laid” and the answer might surprise you.

I asked myself that over twenty years ago and apparently, the answer was just not good enough.

It wasn’t enough for me to get that part of my life handled.

It wasn’t enough to force myself to find or develop the real parts of me women might find attractive.

It wasn’t even enough to get me off my ass and do something about “getting laid“.

I say getting laid because honestly that WAS the goal. I could rationalize it was about not having a having girlfriend but I wouldn’t be completely honest with you.

The dry feeling between my legs seeped into every part of my life.

It made me angry.

It made me short-tempered.

It made me put so much emphasis on just getting some, I found it difficult just looking at a woman without undressing her and imagining “doing it” with her.

I couldn’t rationalize away my sexual desires without lying to myself.

The frustrated feeling of not getting any fueled my anger. I would then add more fuel everyday by adding pressure on myself to achieve that goal.

When I couldn’t, that just made me more angry and even more frustrated.

I quickly and all too easily lost sight of what I should be focused on, becoming a REAL man, and REAL woman would want to sleep with in the first place.

Women sense that urgency in a man.

They could sense my lack of experience was lowering my confidence and this lack of experience was driving my actions towards her.

In the end it meant being disqualified for so many reasons there was no way out, and I was NOT going to “get laid” until I learned how to control the desperate anger inside and get to the real issues of my failed internal self.

Which, luckily, I did get to work on and then, and only then did I notice a shift in the way woman saw me.

If you go out each night thinking I HAVE to get laid tonight, and that’s your only game plan.

You will most likely go home alone and frustrated unless of course you do everything in your power to become a master seducer or at least overly competent in that area.

If you go out to have a good time and allow women to see you as a real masculine man you are developing or have developed, then those same women will want to experience you.

There’s also a great chance you might not just get laid, but you WILL notice more women and more relationships seem to appear in your life. Thereby taking care of the getting laid part all by itself.

I fully admit what I saw when I looked in the mirror…

An average looking, short, skinny but muscular man.

As each year passed the beliefs I had about who I was, changed or rearranged itself to fit the current dry spell of getting laid.

Each failure with a girl led me to a new belief and I wasn’t even aware that they were piling up in my head.

  • When a tall woman turned me down it was because I was too short.
  • When a highly attractive woman turned me down it was because I wasn’t good-looking enough.
  • When a sexually open woman turned me down it was because I didn’t have enough sex with other girls.

Sooner or later I ran out of excuses.

Who knows, maybe I ran out of different types of women that turned me down. I began looking at the other side. I would be thinking…

  • This extremely overweight woman wants me therefor only big women must want me.
  • This divorced woman with three kids at age twenty-three wanted me, she must be settling with me.

Those excuses came from a man who obviously did not want to get laid bad enough.

How could I want it bad enough if I allowed myself to go without sex for so long without doing anything real about it.

How badly could I have really wanted a woman in my life “sexually” if I wasn’t willing to repair my bruised Ego and lowered confidence.

How bad could I have wanted it when I finally settled on the ultimate excuses with women. The end of it all:

  • How could I have confidence with women if I have no successes with them?
  • How could I expect my self-esteem to be high when I’ve been turned down by so many women?

Those were the end because they were excuse to the excuses.

And that, perhaps metaphorically speaking, was when I reached the end of the past and the beginning of my NEW present.


How bad do YOU want to get laid?

How bad do YOU want to find a girlfriend?

How bad do YOU want to get your dating problems handled and under YOUR control?

How bad do you just want women, more than before, to see you as an attractive man to give you at least half a chance?

How can you say YOU want it bad enough if you’re not willing to do something DIFFERENT?

How bad can you want it if you’re not ready to drop excuses or “blame game” and fix the issue from the inside out?

Those are some real serious question you need to ask yourself and like me, honestly answer for yourself. I did it for me but I can NOT answer them for you.

The answers I came up with meant…

I did not have to spend or earn lots of money.

I didn’t have to become a jerk or some asshole willing to step all over women.

I didn’t have to add height to my legs and pretend I wasn’t short.

I didn’t have to stop being a nice guy although I did have to rid my self of the nice guy manipulation I was doing to women.

After it was all said and done I put my finding down and yes, it’s free to any guy who is willing and ready to admit…

They do WANT to “get laid” bad enough…

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