Bart Simpson & Jessica Lovejoy’s Lesson In Girlfriend Attraction, Wow!

An episode of The Simpsons aired long ago even though Bart Simpson is a cartoon boy, there's certainly a lesson in attraction you can take away from it, if you know where to look and how to do it. So I say, let's do it because what you're about to learn about women is invaluable dating experience and will help you succeed.

(Episode info and credit - Stealing First Base)

On this long journey below you're going to be shown:

Her Testing and Your Indifference.

Bart has sort-of dated some crazy girls in his long cartoon life and this one was no different.

She managed to confuse him, break his heart several times, give him a little love, almost kills him, brought him back to life, killed him again, broke his heart once more, give in a little more, and just as the show faded out he professes his love to her in a very confused kind of beaten down tone.

Bart is not the typical bad boy.

He's actually a nice guy but you never really see this except in those episodes which deal with his mother, his sister, or a girlfriend.

Is it just a coincidence that only women seem to bring out this nice side of him?

Definitely not!

Is it just a coincidence that Bart manages to attract a girl with one trait he portrays, then immediately ruins it by changing?

Again, can't be.

This stuff is written, remember, it's NOT real but the lessons are very REAL.

Put yourself in this situation.

(You probably don't have to because you've most likely been here before anyways.)

You meet this girl. She's kind of bitchy to you but you're in such a good mood you just don't seem to care so you go about doing whatever you were doing.

Suddenly, as if your mind isn't even paying attention, you again try to talk to her and she pulls away getting even more angry with you.

But once again, it doesn't bother you.

You're "indifferent" to her attitude.

You couldn't care less that she is in a bad mood and most importantly, you will NOT let her affect your mood. You're not in the least bit retaliatory so you're not rude to her and you refrain from calling her out as a bitch.

In fact you're not even thinking about it because you're just so wrapped up in your wonderful world. Happy shit's going on for you. It's a great day!

BUT... something strange is about to happen...

The CONNECTION happens.

She starts to see you have a few things in common and her interest begins to peak.

And now the INTERACTION begins...

From this innocent move on her part, showing interest in you, you suddenly see a little haze grow as it around her, and part of you is less focused on your mood, and more focused on feeling attracted to her.

Good or bad? We'll see.

Women are great at sensing this and trust me, that first move in the wrong direction of indifference, will make a woman feel she must do something about it. Which is either back away gracefully, run, start the nice guy friends zone routine (disqualification of you - rejection), or...


Doing nothing only makes it worse for her because her mind might not let it go until she figures out what it all means.

If you pass her first test she comes closer.

If you fail the test, she either backs away gracefully or rarely lets it slide.

(TIP: There are not many free passes in the so-called game of attraction.)

Bart obviously doesn't understand women and attraction.

When she shows interest in him a switch flicked in his head and he immediately starts doing the OPPOSITE what interested her initially.

His indifference attracted her and when he shows he does care, she runs.

Her real first test is to take note on how he reacts and whether or not it proves a real indifference or whether or not he can handle the high energy associated with a surge of attraction.

In order to pass those first little tests women give, you first need to understand she's not grading you. Sometimes it's not even a pass/fail thing.

The test is designed to notice how you react or respond to it.

Using this concept of not being concerned with passing the test, but responding properly, can make it much simpler and the best part about it is she will actually feel like you understand her.

In the case listed above, about pulling back, here's the difference but first ask yourself this simple question about what YOU would do:

When she pulls back, do you chase?

Did you gut automatically say, "Of course not!" 

Here's the thing - MOST men (no matter how good or bad they are with women) seem to instinctively know the right answer to a question like this but why and how do the less successful guys still "fail" this test?


It's because, instinctively, you know HOW TO REACT but beyond that you don't know or are unsure about HOW TO ACT in these situations.

And that's how you fail a simple test test like this IF you were being graded.

The Difference Between Reacting and Acting in terms of attraction and your leadership.

Consider this action...

What if when she pulls back, you step back yourself?

See the difference.

Instead of focusing on how to react to what she does, you simply learn or train yourself to ACT instead.

It's a very subtle difference but in the bigger scheme of attraction and dealing with a woman's tests it makes a huge difference. And I certainly mean HUGE!

So you pull back, and she pulls back even further.

Does this mean you lose? Does it feel counter-intuitive? Does it make you feel like you're never going to get her that way?

It probably does and that is her REAL test.

A wanted attractive hot sexy whatever chic has guys chasing her all the time, right?



Sure she might get hit on a lot by creepy guys. Sure others give her free passes or stuff or are always trying to kiss her ass BUT...

The more attractive she is the LESS likely a guy will approach her because they're scared shitless or so intimidated by her then avoid talking to her at all OR interact with her in such a non-sexual way pretending they just want to be her friends because she's such a really "nice" person.

A guy who gets it all that UNDERSTANDS the reality behind an attractive woman.

He understands he can pull away and still get her because he doesn't fall for the bullshit others seem to fall for.

He ACTS rather than reacts.

He passes the real test of understanding the reality of a beautiful woman's world AND he passes the lesser test of not letting his physical attraction towards her take him over.

(He may acknowledge it even to her but  he never lets it control him.)

When a guy RISKS or is willing to give up an interaction with a woman like this, or walk away with nothing this SCREAMS to her deep understanding of attraction that HE might possibly be a good match for her.

With an exception of course... there are always exceptions!

Under most circumstances there must be some initial attraction first.

She has to feel invested just enough in the interaction to have it work.

Most stable (high quality got their shit together) women will NEVER chase a guy they just met unless those criteria or conditions are first met.

However - if it happens a few times over a short period of time - THEN and ONLY then she'll be more likely to CHASE you.

Let's get quickly back to the difference between knowing "how to react" and knowing "how to act" because it's a very important distinction you need to understand.

Think about the term "reaction".

When you react, something else is leading you.

Like chasing a football or catching a baseball or someone is kicking a soccer ball at you. Those are reaction sports.

Something happens which causes you to REACT.

You are being led by what is heading at you.

What happens when you're young and you haven't been show the right way to react? You flail at it. Avoid it. Put your hands up to block your face. You try to protect yourself from being hurt.

The same applies to women.

While you're in reaction mode SHE is leading, not good!

She throws a test at your face or balls and your first reaction is to protect yourself from harm or stop yourself from failing.

If you're not taught or know HOW TO ACT instead you will ALWAYS react which often means SHE IS LEADING YOU and you fail her tests.

And guess what...

You are NOT a born leader. No one really is.

Sure some guys have natural traits that will push them into a leadership role but it's the guys who LEARN HOW TO LEAD or is shown the SKILL OF LEADERSHIP  who will ultimately learn to override their more natural inborn ability to react.

Learn how to act everywhere, anytime, in any situation when you're around a woman or not, and her tests will mean nothing.

Another great one to help you pass her test by ACTING instead of reacting is to make sure you have a set of MAN-RULES in place to guide you.

Something which I cover in depth here: How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women.

It's obvious Bart Simpson won't learn from his mistakes because his writers understand no one will continue to watch the show. It becomes boring and no longer funny.

Luckily we're not cartoon characters and we CAN learn how to understand women which definitely includes understanding how and why indifference works, how to ACT instead of REACTING to her tests, and this means less confusion, more attraction, and everything which goes along with truly understanding women.

What Women Really Want & What They're Really Saying.

You might not have seen the episode so here's an important scene.

Bart is sitting with his new-found love. He assumes and then feels the need to mention they are boyfriend and girlfriend. He asks her if she is his girlfriend now and she freaks out.

She exclaims how he apologizes way too much and then Bart, in all his wisdom about women desperately screams,

"Just tell me what you want!"

She responds with her arms crossed and her back turned to him,

"You should know what I want!"

Man Woman Screaming

Who do you think is right here? Bart or the girl?

Since we're dealing with what women want, let's just assume she is right and see where that argument leads you.

Why can't a man just ask a woman what she wants?

Imagine this analogy.

You don't know how to drive a car really fast. Sure you know how to do the everyday going to work and getting things done but there's no way you could survive driving 200-mph and you know it.

The first thing you would do is find someone to teach you safely then let you work your way up to speed. Each day a little faster and faster and until you're handling the race track like a semi-pro.

Now put yourself in the teachers role. Sure he has respect for you. After all you are probably paying him for the lessons.

But how long will it take for you to surpass his abilities as a seasoned driver? Well, you may never.

Therefore he will always be one step ahead of you and through his own learning process he can accurately predict your struggles along the way.

You're not much of a mystery at all, at least in driving a car fast and the learning process involved in it. Although he has respect for you there's this tiny part of his brain telling him, he's better than you at it.

When a woman has to teach a man how to attract her, don't you think there's a huge non-sexual part of her telling her she is better than him?

That is only ONE reason why not only shouldn't she have to tell him, but how it destroys a piece of the attraction.

When a woman has to teach a man how to attract HER,  don't you think she will also, not feel "mystified" by you?

It becomes a classic "lose lose" situation which unfortunately a lot of nice guys go through.

No mystery and lower status almost always equals no chance to build attraction.

Why should she have to tell him?

Bart's new friend was obviously attracted to him when he was just hanging out with her. When he pushed it and assumed she was his girlfriend, in other words showed more interest at the wrong time, she assumes he is trying to control her.

Just like every other guy has done and this pissed her off BUT she still felt attracted to him.

This is where Bart goes a little crazy because she confused the hell out of him.

He knew she liked him but when he pushed it, she would run.

When he would disappear and show no more interest, she would chase.

Now that may seem logical and most men gather this to mean.

"So if I ignore a woman she will like me. If I show her I like her, she will run."

Well in a way that is right but what most men seem to miss is what is happening around those situations that is more important especially if you're to attract a higher quality woman for you and not just a woman who falls for guys who "play" hard to get.

What most men miss is what she really wants from a guy.

Therefore, when they pull back a little and she chases, his assumptions normally prove to be wrong because sometimes when he pulls away, she disappears.

This happens because they are missing the big picture of how women think, how they respond to him, how they are feeling at the time, and for the purpose of this article...

What she actually wants is almost ALWAYS different from what she says she wants.

"Most of the time women are talking about very similar desires–and it goes MUCH deeper than mere physical protection from outside influences."

What She Really Means When She Says, “I Want A Man To Protect Me”

First of all, if she has to tell you what she wants you probably have already been disqualified and secondly... She definitely wants to feel special.

When you have to ask her what she wants or you seem confused about her actions, you are generally showing her she is just like every other girl out there.

You see she is not taking your words or actions literally like you and I, as men, do...

She is simply reacting to how she feels.

She does not feel at all special when you lump into a group of 'every other girl' with generalized actions on your part that you don't women understand women.

She is not hearing that you don't understand women...

She is hearing you don't understand HER!

It's a conundrum and a trap all of us nice guys fall for at some point in our lives.

If you're totally confused I'll explain with some clear examples you can use:

When a woman says she wants a guy with confidence she is really saying she wants a man who knows how to make her feel like she is with someone who gets things done and isn't going to fall apart every time something goes wrong.

She feels his confidence can also make her feel confident about her decision, in him.

When a women says she wants a guy with humor, she is saying she wants a man who makes her feel good.

A guy that can make HER laugh and feel happy when she's with him.

Not just a guy that knows jokes.

Why & How Being Funny Creates Attraction If You Use it The Right Way

When a woman says she wants or is attracted to a mysterious guy she is saying she wants a man who is not too predictable and boring. A guy who zigs when she expects him to zag... once in a while.

The attraction is built because she feels "anxious" when she's around him or even when she is thinking about him.

She may begin to wonder "what's going to happen next" and in her mind she begins assuming lots of different scenarios based on her own esteem, confidence, and experience with men.

7 Reasons Why Women Like Quiet and Mysterious Men Plus How To Be It.

When a woman says she wants an experience, she is saying she wants to feel something and that could literally be anything.

Bad or good.

She wants to feel that little lump grow in the back of her throat when she is telling her friends about how you two met or what you two did together.

The "fairy tale" she developed growing up doesn't have to happen exactly.

All that needs to come about are the same feelings she got when she was imagining those perfect moments.

When a woman says she wants feelings, again she is saying she wants to feel something natural.

Again this can be good OR bad emotions not that I would encourage the bad but any kind of emotional discharge is better than complete emptiness or nothingness.

"It is absolutely imperative for you as a man to evoke strong emotions in a woman in order for her to fall in love with you.

And they don’t have to be positive emotions only – vice versa, an emotional roller coaster works the best. In other words, hate is NOT the opposite of love – it’s its associate and partner.

Indifference is the opposite of love. It is easier for you to make a woman that hates you, to fall in love with you, than a woman who has no feelings whatsoever towards you."

...Her angry and her hatred for this guy turns into complete love and devotion to him.

Now how could this happen, right?

You see hatred is not the opposite of love. Hatred is very close to love. It’s a passionate feeling.

The opposite of love is apathy. That’s the opposite. No feeling at all. That’s the worst place to be."

Peter White Interviews Carlos Xuma – Nice Guys Tips To Attract Women

Not coincidentally...

Perfect Woman Attract Her

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We've just merely touched the surface of interpreting the difference between how you make her feel, what she says she wants, on how she acts on those feelings.

The lesson today above all else I suppose is...

Don't be a Fucking Bart!

Don't allow your confusion to get the best of you by how she is acting.

Don't ask her what she wants, just keep doing what built the attraction in the first place.

If she acts frustrated and turns her back on you with her arms crossed, don't get angry and react differently just because she's acting that way.

Just know she IS feeling something and go with it.

Granted it may not be good, but it IS something.

If you want to make her feel special at that point, tell her how cute her face looks when she is angry.

Turn your back to hers, cross your arms, and lightly mock her humorously.

Use your cocky/comedy and understand how to interact with her attractively and with empathy:

The MAGIC SECRET Of Getting A HOT Girlfriend

Comedy - The Difference  Being Confident & Acting Like a Jerk

The point is not the examples I just used but more of remembering HOW Bart attracted her through his indifference, how they made a connection, how they had fun together, no strings attached...

And unless she gives you a definite reason to change your relationship, short of asking for a commitment, do NOT stop making her feel special by becoming what every other guy became to her...

Because THAT is NOT what she wants!

We're off again so pay attention, the next part is very important. She exclaims,

"Why are guys always trying to control me?"

Because they believe the last thing a nice guy does is try to control women whereas the jerk always does.

If it's not too obvious she was actually controlling HIM despite her comment, but when he placed the "girlfriend" label on her she realized that if she gives in even a little to it, she WILL lose that control because, she will be admitting she likes him.

Interesting, isn't it?


Do ALL women act like this?

Well not really. At least I don't think so. I suppose some are more extreme than others.

However I believe if we attempt to find the underlying reason which might cause a woman to act that way we can understand women a little better.

Let's assume ALL women want control because in a way they do.

Their desire to survive is no different from you or me. They are compelled to control situations to make life easier.

Take two women for an incredible threesome... yeah not really but consider both want "control."

One has less control than the other over who she is. Her life is controlled almost entirely by others and because of it, she lacks her own identity.

She does not have the proper skills to control her feelings so she gains her identity by using her attractive self to control men.

Put another way...

Her inability to control her own life and lack of identity leaves the desire to control unchecked and unfulfilled. To fill this role she uses men and controls them.

The other woman does have control over her emotions and a socially acceptable control over the things around her. Therefore this desire she has can be fulfilled and kept in check.

There is no need to fulfill it by controlling others.

Two completely different actions coming from the same feelings and those two examples CAN teach us how to understand women better and build attraction.

So women DO have some desire to control just like you and me. Even though complete control is absurd and very unhealthy a little can help us to metaphorically "tend the garden to control the insects, water and such."

How many people would tend a "garden" at all if they knew, without a doubt, a big storm was coming and it would destroy the entire crop? Like it was inevitable.

Not many.

But we must admit there's always the risk a huge storm will destroy the hard work anyways so in a way we give up a little control because the reward of food is essential to life.

We take the risk despite it.

Moving that entire concept above into "what women want" we can see women DO have a desire of control but they can be made "willing to risk it" AND give up a little control if the reward is great enough.

Women are willing to give up a little control if they believe or feel it is happening naturally and the the reward is worth the risk because it's generally accepted relationships are essential to living a healthy fruitful life.
This can easily come down to having good leadership.

Leaders don't just give orders.

They don't try to micro-manage or control everything.

Great leaders allow the people they are in charge of to think AND act on their own.

They merely guide them ( or the bigger picture ) through the orders they give. Just one reason women find themselves so attracted to leaders.

Back to Bart and his NOT girlfriend...

In this particular episode, when Bart brings up dating he "unnaturally" introduces a control which is not worth the reward.

It was the control that Bart showed over his OWN abilities which excited her because they WERE worth the reward of a good time with a rebel.

She was a young girl who had overbearing and controlling parents making her even more hesitant to give up what little control she had left. Therefore she would only be willing to do so for the greatest reward, perhaps more than the average girl, and to the guy who was good at engaging only her strongest emotions.

Since this was obviously not going to be Bart, she opted to take her loss of control her parents gave her on to controlling Bart and their relationship.

It's unfortunate you're given a negative example to learn from so why don't we put a positive spin on all this...

Woman like a dominant man (so to speak) and even the most apparent dominate woman can be made submissive when she's dealing with a man she is highly attracted to or gives her the strongest surge of emotions.

Dominant men are known to have strong leadership skills and a sense of control.

Giving a woman the idea or allowing her to observe it in its natural state that you ARE in control of YOUR life tells her you can handle her life too. Plus it shows her you're at least THE dominant person in your life goals and happiness.

If you then indirectly prove to her you're not out to control her AND you're capable of letting her live her own life she WILL be more than just likely to become highly attracted to you.

That is IF you offer an emotional reward that is worth the risk of some control she might lose in the process.

Why should she give up her control and be submissive to your advancements in dating and sex when the feeling she experiences with you are no better than what she can do for herself.

This does not have a "constant" thing because...

You only have to hint or tease her a little with a certain reward attached to it, and then give her that reward when she least expects it.

There's no need to give her a wild and crazy ride when she just wants a fun, stable ride.

Unless she enjoys jumping from planes, riding dirt bikes, and doing shit like that most women are happy to experience a fun but stable "ride."

It's comfortable and normally will mean a more secure mutually beneficial relationship. Something her possible offspring can also benefit from.

The strange part about this that most men don't realize because the see "reward" as something superficial or tangible is...

The REAL reward being attracted is often... you!

Woman Tell Secret

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Not how much money you have.

Not by being overly dominant and controlling in her life.

The reward is YOUR ability to lead effectively and by being a dominant role in how you lead YOUR life.

You must understand women will risk a lot for the one guy who offers a true reward in her life.

Bart Simpson, being a cartoon character written to make us laugh didn't understand that and probably never will... but you can understand it because you're a real person.

And that truly what woman want from you!

ALL women want to be heard AND understood and if that is done by a guy who also creates the amazing side-effect of building attraction, I'd say it's best that if you feel you do NOT understand women or how attraction works or how relationships are built...

Do anything and everything you can to MAKE THAT HAPPEN IMMEDIATELY because in your life, that kind of reward is worth taking the risk.

The inevitable conclusion is finally here...

I'd like to say, "That's all folks!" but that's Warner Brothers I believe and The Simpsons have been (of course like everything else) bought up by Disney so you have to pay them to watch the show. Sorry.

(I don't even remember what episode it is. So many to go through. Maybe I'll look it up when I'm done and add it. Ha! Found it!!! Check the credits below.)

The lessons in attracting women today was a big one so it's a lot to take in but will be extremely helpful in all your future interactions with women. Please use it the best you can.

Thanks for giving the time teach you and if you have ANY QUESTIONS at all leave them below.

This one is a good one too from a great movie you might want to read soon:

How To Create Attraction In 4 Minutes By Watching Ghostbusters

Episode Simpson's Credits:

"Jessica Lovejoy was Bart's first girlfriend. She liked Bart because of his bad boy attitude and the fact that her parents didn't like him. Bart liked her because she was "smart, beautiful, and a liar".

However, she ultimately turned out to be too bad for Bart and he decided to stay away from her, only to be sat next to her in church and framed for stealing by her. After all this, he is still attracted to her."

More info...

"Bart's Girlfriend" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons.

It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on November 6, 1994. The plot of the episode follows the secret romance of Bart and Jessica Lovejoy, Reverend Lovejoy's daughter. Bart tries to end the romance when he discovers that, behind her innocent façade as a preacher's kid, she is an even bigger troublemaker than he is. Jessica then steals the money from the church collection plate, leaving Bart to take the blame until Lisa exposes the truth.

Stealing First Base

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