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Does Bart Simpson Understand Women? Part 1 – Woman Testing Men

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Stop reacting to your confusion about women start acting and you’ll pass her tests.

Bart Simpson is a cartoon boy who learned a valuable “real life” lesson about women recently but in the end it only created more confusion and a deeper mis-understanding about what women really want.

Since you’re a real person I’d hate to leave you with that same confusion so keep reading…

An episode of The Simpson’s aired the other night and when the final few seconds rolled up the credits, I was impelled to write about it. Little did I know it would to a 3 part series on understanding women but that’s a good thing, right?

Part 1 is about the title, A Woman’s Test. Part 2 is about What Women Want. Part 3 is about Control, Risk and Reward.

Testing and Indifference.

Bart has sort-of dated some crazy girls in his long cartoon life and this one was no different.

She managed to confuse him, break his heart several times, give him a little love, almost kill him, brought him back to life, killed him again, broke his heart once more, give in a little more, and with the fade out rolling he professes his love to her in a very confused kind of beaten down tone.

Bart is not the typical bad boy.

He’s actually a nice guy but you never really see this except in those episodes which deal with his mother, his sister, or a girlfriend.

Is it just a coincidence that only women seem to bring out this nice side of him?

Definitely not!

Is it just a coincidence that Bart manages to attract a girl with one trait he portrays then immediately ruins it by changing?

Again, can’t be. This stuff is written, remember, it’s not real.

Or is it?

Put yourself in this situation.

You meet this girl. She’s kind of bitchy to you but you’re in such a good mood you just don’t seem to care so you go about doing what you were doing.

Suddenly, as if your mind isn’t even paying attention, you again try to talk to her and she pulls away getting even more angry with you.

But once again it doesn’t bother you.

You’re “indifferent” to her attitude.

You couldn’t care less that she is in a bad mood and most importantly, you will NOT let her affect your mood. I suppose to secret here that you’re not rude to her. You’re not calling her a bitch,.

In fact you’re not even thinking about it because you’re just so wrapped up in your wonderful world.

Then the connection happens.

She starts to see you have a few things in common and her interest begins to peak.

And so the interaction begins…

From this innocent move on her part, showing interest in you, you suddenly see a little haze grows around her, and part of you is less focused on your mood, and more focused on feeling attracted to her.

Women are great at sensing this and trust me, that first move in the wrong direction of indifference, will make a woman feel she HAS to do something about it. Which is either back away gracefully, run, start the nice guy friends zone routine (disqualification), or… TEST YOU MORE!

Doing nothing only makes it worse for her because her mind might not let it go until she figures it all all and what it means.

If you pass her first test she comes closer.

If you fail the test, she either backs away gracefully….well you get it.

Can you feel where I am going with this?

What Bart does, because obviously he doesn’t understand women, when she shows interest he immediately flicked the switch to the total opposite of the trait that attracted her in the first place.

His indifference attracted her and when he shows he does care, she runs.

Her real first test is to take note on how he reacts and whether or not it proves a real indifference or whether or not he can handle the high energy associated with a surge of attraction.

I believe in order to pass those little tests women give, you first need to understand it is not the grade you get. In other words, how well you passed the test. It s more of how you respond to the test.

Using this concept of not being concerned with passing the test, but responding properly, can make it much simpler and the best part about it is she will actually feel like you understand her.

In the case listed above, about pulling back, I will show you the difference.

When she pulls back, do you chase?

What was your gut answer?

I believe for most men they get it right, do NOT chase.

On a side note men who struggle with women seem to know the answers to simple questions like this on “how to react” but they never seem to know “how to act” and it’s a big reason why they fail a simple test like this.

You see if you know the answers and you either fail to put them in practice and always try to logically discover the answer, you’re just putting yourself further away from understanding women.

What if when she pulls back, you step back yourself?

So you pull back, and she pulls back even further. Does this mean you lose. Not a chance!

That’s her test.


Which is a dangerous move for the much hotter girls because we ALL know they have choices and lots of men chasing them.

I have learned that the women with the most choices when it comes to men and dating will respond well to a guy willing to walk away from her but…

And this is a big but…

If you didn’t create enough attraction in the first place and got her to invest in you enough, you will most likely never see her again. She’s not going to chase some dude she just met.

That is exactly what happened to Bart. She spent some time with him before she was willing to chase a little.

Let’s get quickly back to the difference between knowing “how to react” and knowing “how to act.”

I’m assuming you know how to react, it’s instinctual whether you’re dealing with women or any social setting but knowing “how to act” is completely different.

Think about reaction…when you react, something else is leading you. Like chasing a football or catching a baseball. You react to the situation. But if you didn’t know how to catch either one, you will fail to catch them. It’s no different when you are out trying to find women to enter your life.

If you are reacting to her blindly, she is leading. She throws up her test and you try to catch it. You fail the test.

We have already come to the conclusion that you know how to react to her tests and trust me, it’s already a part of you. I suppose it sort of an inborn trait.


We are NOT born leaders. Sure some guys have natural traits that will push them into a leadership role but it’s the men that learns HOW to leade through their strong distinct personalities who will ultimately learn to override this inborn ability to react.

Learn how to act everywhere, anytime, in any situation, and her tests will mean nothing.

I cover this concept in a little more detail in this article: When Her Signals Are Confusing and You’re Not Sure How To React – Advice to Pass Her Tests and Staying Alpha. I will warn you, it’s a long read but well worth it.

Another great one to help you pass her test by ACTING instead of reacting is to make sure you have a set of MAN-RULES in place to guide you. Something which I cover in depth here: How And Why A Set Of Man Rules Can Help You Attract Women.

That is what leaders do and that is why is we want to follow them.

Among other reasons ( such as confidence and communication ) this is why women are drawn towards social leaders, they know HOW to act no matter what her test is trying to do and it can be frustrating to her which typically drives her level of attraction.

My advice is definitely to learn as much as you can about a woman test and this page I developed should break it all down for you: Understanding A Woman’s Test and How To Pass Them.

The other point I brought up which I glazed over was “indifference” and how powerful of an attract-or it is. Read this article on being cool to learn how it’s all connected: The Definition of Being Cool and Why You Must Be It to Attract Women.

It’s obvious Bart Simpson won’t learn from his mistakes because his writers understand no one will continue to watch.

Luckily we’re not cartoon characters and we CAN learn how to understand women which definitely includes understanding how and why indifference works, how to ACT instead of REACTING to her tests, and this means less confusion, more attraction, and everything which goes along with truly understanding women.

You can continue to read this series on understanding women with the help of Bart Simpson by clicking through: What Women Want. Part 3 is about Control, Risk and Reward.

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