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Being Real – How Do You Really Feel About Women and What You Want From Them?

I know she beautiful – are you afraid to admit what you really want from her?

This page is about being real – what you’re reading was from my earlier mind. I learned to be honest with myself first so I could transfer that “realness” to women.

I just wanted women to love me so much it made me sad… and when it didn’t happen I got angry.

Honestly – I can rephrase that…

Do you see that “hot chic” over there? I want to sleep with her. I want to make her moan. Nothing is more exciting than watching a beautiful woman scream in ecstasy because of something I’m doing.

I want her to fall head over heels madly in love with me. Like no other guy matters. I want her to give me her all. I want her to do something, possibly anything to want to make me happy.

I want HER life to “sort-of” revolve around mine. I don’t want her to be constantly bugging me or always there ever second of the day. I just want to be the guy she turns to on a daily basis for advice, comfort, and of course sexual release – anytime – anywhere – always.

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I know “she” can make me feel like a man.

Because without “her” I don’t feel like a man. I feel like a sexless, pointless, just here to “pass the time” kind of guy.

You mean in the two seconds our eyes locked it wasn’t enough for her. It was for me!!!

Besides we can make all the “other” important decisions later on… after we “hook up.” πŸ˜‰

Okay… now I’m depressed. I could never BE with a woman like that anyways. I guess that makes it “okay” to fantasize about a sex life with a hot girlfriend I saw or met. Or the next one or the one after her – or “ooooo” how about that “hottie”…. nice ass!

This one’s really tall – I can’t believe how much I’m attracted to taller women – anyways – probably spends most of her time depressed or wondering why she can’t find a taller man. They are so rare you know. πŸ™‚

This girl’s young and wow!! – what a perfect “package.” I bet every guy she meets is drooling and just begging her to do something for her. I wonder if she knows it and uses that to her advantage. She’s has to be looking for a guy who is going somewhere or IS somewhere – I highly doubt she’ll be setting her eyes my way.

Now I’m stuck. But what if…. I know if I kiss her ass I’m done for – If I avoid her and act like I don’t care we’ll never meet. Why would she come to ME when every other guy is coming to her. I don’t want to be one of “them.” But if I do nothing my experience tells me nothing will ever happen anyways.

If I do something I’ll probably try so hard not to screw it all up I’ll come across as sketchy and weird.

Eh…. why bother then. I guess I now have permission to just imagine her body against mine. It’s okay. She’s not real to me anyways. Right?

Now I’m really sad. All these thoughts are meaningless. I can’t make them a reality. I can’t be the guy she wants me to be. I have nothing women seem to want…

And so the anger sets in.

Here I’ve been supportive to the woman’s cause. I wouldn’t dare dream of just using a woman (unless there wasn’t a chance anyways at which I choose to imagine.) I’m not forgetful. I’m not abusive. I’m not oblivious to her needs. Sure I want her to make me happy but I’m more than willing to give her all I can.

I’ll fall head over heels for her. Treat her like she’s the only one in the world for me.

I want to be there for her anytime – anywhere – sexually or not.

I know I can make her feel like a woman.

But I guess THAT isn’t good enough!

I think I’ll just snap at people randomly until this frustration subsides and I can go back to feeling hopeful again.

My thoughts are this…

This, that of which you read… is as real as it gets.

Truth be told – that was my exact thought process which I’ll admit, finds its way inside me from time to time even to this day.

Of course – years ago – because I’m much better now πŸ˜€ I lived it every day.

Now – well I can recognize when it’s happening and I can actually use it all to become even more attractive to women.

Who would have thought the angry depressed and confused thoughts would come in handy one day to help myself and others realize their potential with the opposite sex. Believe it or not.

I won’t get into all of it publicly. At least for now. This page was set up for my newsletter readers to leave their own “minds” on how things are. Just so you know it’s never too late to sign up.

This process is about being real – first with ourselves – and then with others. It’s about being genuine, honest, and understanding that just because we think a certain way – doesn’t make us bad people. (Within reason of course.)

To put it all as simple as I can without giving it all away – I’ll quote from the letter you, if you’re a member – have just read…

I want to encourage you first – To get it all out about how you really feel about women. Trust me when I say it’s holding you back from attracting them. Even if you’ve enjoyed mild success in the sex area, if you hold back in this area you’re limiting your ability to venture out where the so-called “ten-percenters” go.

You see – the truth is women want REAL men who make them FEEL something which sometimes they’re afraid to show or let out.

When women are seriously attracted to a guy they get nervous, confused, and sometimes incredibly shy. If you make those signals into something else you might believe no women are ever attracted to you. Which is far from the truth.”

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  • Vincent

    Thanks for this info. I’m learning so much πŸ™‚

  • Roberto

    What do I want from women? I want them to understand that being rude and uncool towards men that approach you is not ok. This initially makes the guy unhappy and humiliated. Then later, if not resolved the guy becomes angry and this behavior is unchecked he experiences rage, which is usually resolved with violence. So please don’t think that there can’t be any fallout from treating guys like $hit.

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