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You Can Blame It On Rio When She Eagerly Awaits Your Next Text Message

Woman Sexy Beach Holding Phone Text

Have you ever seen the movie “Blame It on Rio“?

If not please go check it out later.

It’s about this older married guy ( Michael Caine ) who plans a vacation with his wife, teenage daughter ( Demi Moore ),   best friend, and HIS supposedly innocent daughter.

Moments before they leave their apartment Michael’s wife lets him know she’s not coming. She needs time alone. Divorce is not mentioned but it may become impossible to avoid.

Long story short – Michael ends up being seduced by his best friends daughter.

The Father finds out.

There are lots of fights but of course and everything works out for the best in the most classic Hollywood ending you can think of… sort of.

Actually it’s quite enjoyable, very well written, some dark fun humor,  father-daughter relationships, husband wife relationships, it has a little of everything.

Did I mention a little hot nudity? On the side – I was totally into her back then and I still find her extremely attractive.

The name of the movie suggests we “Blame” all the over-the-top sex drives on the romance of “Rio.”

As if there’s something in the air down there which makes us all want to hop in bed with the hottest girl on the beach.

(As if us guys need any special air to make us want to do that.)

But we all know the truth – hot woman – vacation – wife’s thinking about divorce –  middle aged man – you don’t have to be a genius to put it all together.

And since I’m more of a smart ass than a smart guy – I put it all together even when I saw it twenty plus years ago.

Yes – it’s THAT old.

Long before cell phones, flat screen tv’s, and when old men sleeping with younger women was more of a hobby or passage into middle age than it was considered bad or taboo.  I just get the feelings dating women half your age has gotten a bad rap lately.

These days we preach “acceptance” but it’s just another excuse to claim, “It’s okay if we don’t talk about it…right?”

Well… “Blame it On Rio” just happened to be put on the screen decades before “text messaging” became a major form of communication.

Long before “Bobby” came along promising you can use your phone like a magnet to attract hot “legally-aged” daughters.

Okay he doesn’t say “daughters” on any video or sales pitch but, smack me if I’m wrong, every woman out there has to be some father’s daughter.  Think about that the next time you try to “get it up” with her. You can thank me later for that one.

Yes, no cell phones!

Just imagine what us guys had to do back then to seduce a woman – we literally had to take them to Rio and pray she didn’t screw some local behind our backs.

Seriously though – things were tough back then as far as communicating a real attractive personality.

When you parted your ways with her there was no instant form of connection.

Sure there was phones, it wasn’t the stone age. But in reality the phone was merely an easy way to meet up for all this rapport building attraction gurus demand we master or else we’ll wind up with a bunch of flirty friends and no bed shaking intimacy to smile about.

But – as with any new technology, you need a little skill to use it.

Of course typing a few words and hitting “Send” doesn’t require any mastery at all.

Just watch my 72 year old friend bash his giant fingers on his little flip “mobile” and see his eyes light up when his girlfriend eagerly responds… and you’ll see.


Any guy with the least amount of dexterity can send a text message.

Let’s throw out any “normal” texting to your friends, or even the confirmation you send to your Aunt that you’re showing up at some birthday party.

When you’re in the “business” of “getting lucky” ( as they call it ) you’re bound to be texting women you want… a lot!

You’ll either ruin your chances and turn her off completely.

Texting her too much, typing the wrong words so she misses the point, boring her to death, appearing overly needy, all things you might be able to safe face with in person, in Rio, but on the phone – which is a serious commitment to women – you can quite literally blow it all in a matter of seconds.

If you’ve ever met a woman, had an amazing conversation with her, got her number, texted her a few average things, and then suddenly she went cold or became totally unresponsive, in all likelihood you texted yourself in that corner because you did ONE or more of those things wrong.

And trust me THAT doesn’t have to happen anymore.

If you plan on using your phone to text her or any woman the you MUST learn some simple rules to how and what to text them so you’re not blowing it with her.

Again – this is NOT tough stuff to learn.

It’s a skill that sure, goes beyond just hitting send but once you know how to do it – it actually becomes so much harder to send the wrong stuff.

So today lesson is a lead in.

No more searching.

Time to take all the guess work out of using your phone to ATTRACT women. Any woman because they ALL have them and use them a lot.

Making this a valuable skill for you to learn and master.

This guy, Bobby Rio has been kind enough to put together some amazing helpful tips to show you how to text women.

The really cool part is that it’s here at DiaLteG TM. So no sign ups or video lead ins unless you want to buy the full product which you can get it here at a discount with lots of bonuses.

Bobby Rio feels ALL guys must learn how to text girls. Using your phone is too important these to not get your text messages down in a way which helps the attraction and not hurt it.

This guide is filled with examples, tips, a few downloads, and rules to get your “phone game” working for you and not against you.

Here is what you’re going to learn PLUS 4 rules to follow a few mistakes to avoid:

  • You Really Like Her – How To Send Great Good Night Text Messages
  • Women Love A Sense Of Humor – Text Message Jokes
  • You Like Each Other – 6 Perfectly Sweet Text Messages to Send
  • Cute Texts to Send a Girl Which Will Grab Her Attention
  • Try These Romantic Text Messages To Send Your Girlfriend
  • Four Steps To Get Her Interested – Even Desperate To Text You Back
  • Creating Fun Flirty Messages – The Three Guidelines to Text Flirting

Bobby Rio Guide on How To Send Text Messages To Girls – Texting Rules

Great stuff there so make sure you go through the entire guide to better your texting skills.


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Simple Texts Sequence Video

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Bobby Rio also can show you how to make small talk sexy and teach you amazing fun and flirty conversational techniques.

Before you talk to another girl, go through the page here at DiaLteG TM:

Bobby Rio Interview – Conversation Escalation: Make Small Talk Sexy.

You’ll find it’s a great interview packed with tips on talking to girls and four more articles guaranteed to make your next conversation with a woman – sexy!

Thanks for stopping by today and hope you’re going to learn all you can on how to text a woman and create attraction at the same time.

Don’t forget a few things before you go:

Make sure you blame it on Rio (Bobby that is) when she is impatiently awaiting your text message.

Sign up below because this kind of great stuff is always covered at DiaLteG TM and more on how you can create natural attraction.

Anything you’d like to add – tips, experiences, comments, advice, whatever you’d like which is related to texting and your phone game – share it below before you go.

About the author: Peter White – I can help you find, meet, and attract your ideal woman for a real relationship. Live your life the way you want to with purpose and fun. Build a mindset that is free and positive. Learn the truths about attraction. When you can do that – the woman of YOUR CHOICE will gladly join you.

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