Stop doing it wrong! Women don’t want you trying so hard to make them happy. They will create their own feelings as they respond to your actions loosely based on who you are inside. Happiness can not be created directly. This is what you need to be doing if you want to make her smile and feel something more for you.

Being a professional at something is great but what if it’s being a loser with women & getting in the friends zone with no chance of getting out? It sucks to be an expert in not attracting women. Failing all the time blows. Time to stop the insanity & start becoming a professional winner in attracting women.

You see how those other guys do it. How women fall for them so easily. You notice their attitude but you hate them & the women who fall for their supposed bullshit too, don’t you? Why look down when on them when you can use them to get what you want for yourself. Here’s how it’s done with balance the right way.

Don’t let bad manners, social unawareness, and your public eating habits ruin your chances dating women. If you’re failing with lots of women and don’t know the answer, these could be the reason why. Here’s the easy simple way to fix this fixable problem and leave a great attractive impression on all women.

Women do love compliments, it is a great way to start flirting with her, but if you’re not having any luck or success with women, & you’re giving away compliments too often, & you’re doing it all wrong – this is a big reason to stop doing it. Don’t let your niceness get in the way of attracting women & getting laid.

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