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Don’t let bad manners, social unawareness, and your public eating habits ruin your chances dating women. If you’re failing with lots of women and don’t know the answer, these could be the reason why. Here’s the easy simple way to fix this fixable problem and leave a great attractive impression on all women.

Women do love compliments, it is a great way to start flirting with her, but if you’re not having any luck or success with women, & you’re giving away compliments too often, & you’re doing it all wrong – this is a big reason to stop doing it. Don’t let your niceness get in the way of attracting women & getting laid.

Are you making a lot of mistakes with women, dating them, & entering relationships? Do you find you’re losing courage & always trying to recover from a recent failure? When fear takes over & leaves you feeling helpless, it’s hard to see yourself as an attractive man, isn’t it? Think again, use this advice & notice the change.

Do you often find yourself holding back your opinions, passionate thoughts, & beliefs around women you want & find attractive? What do you say in conversations with women when she says something you don’t agree with? The choice you make will change where things go with her. What you think does matter, here’s why.

He’s better looking than you, he makes more money, his list of lays is longer than yours, & apparently he has no problems getting dates. But does that mean you’re in competition with him? Are you competing with him for some girl you don’t even know. This is what you can do to stop competing and be more attractive.

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