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Are you tired of failing to attract the women you want because you don’t have any confidence? Do you think it’s a catch 22? You think you need experience to be confident & since women don’t like you – how are you supposed to get it. Here’s what real self-confidence is and how you can get it with no experience needed.

Do you have too many excuses as to why you refuse to get help in attracting & dating women? Are your balls getting in the way of getting some? No lesson here – just a wake up call for the angry guy & praise for the happy and grateful. Your ego, masculinity, and manhood is not an excuse to seek out real advice.

You’re not turning on women. You don’t feel physically or sexually attractive. You believe you’re failing with women and you’re afraid of making any kind of move because of it. Dispelling the myth of attracting women. How to get women to desire you. Fixing the problem of not being able to turn the women you want, on.

You think you know what women want & you give it to them expecting them to become attracted to you but it’s not working. This is why. You’re not giving them what they need and that’s to feel something for you. Here are the two ways women will always get a feeling towards you. Communication & Confidence & How it’s done.

Are you kissing her ass all the time? Are you doing her and other women favors? Are you trading off your time and money? Are you giving up your self respect in the hopes women will like you more for it. If so, you’re an approval seeker and it’s exactly why women don’t like you. Here’s how to overcome this affliction.

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