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Are you using your lack of money as an excuse for failing with women & not attracting them? Here’s the reality, not having cash is not the problem, your attitude & the way you judge plus make women feel about your belief is the problem. Time to change your view & handle rejection in a way that will attract women.

Looks don’t matter as much as appearances do. If you’re failing with women you might not be showing her the key reasons why your appearance makes a difference to them. Do you know why women are like this? Do you know what your appearance means to them? If not, this is why, how to fix it, & how too.

You can attract them, get them in bed, whatever, but you’re looking for a relationship with a woman & it never seems to go that far. It’s making you feel like you’re a failure with women. The reason is simple, they’re not seeing you as boyfriend, husband, or the relationship type. You want to change that, read this!

Do you think only jerks and players have something to hide from women? Do you feel you’re open & honest with women but still have no luck? It’s a common problem for nice guys because, women do feel like you’re hiding something from them & they don’t it or you because of it. Here’s why and how to solve this problem.

Are you shy, quiet, or suffer from social anxieties & you believe this is why you’re failing with women & not attracting them? Here’s where you’ll learn the truth. Why women can & do like the quiet guys. This plan, along with how to eliminate this limited belief which is holding you back, will solve your problem.

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