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You think you know what women want & you give it to them expecting them to become attracted to you but it’s not working. This is why. You’re not giving them what they need and that’s to feel something for you. Here are the two ways women will always get a feeling towards you. Communication & Confidence & How it’s done.

Are you kissing her ass all the time? Are you doing her and other women favors? Are you trading off your time and money? Are you giving up your self respect in the hopes women will like you more for it. If so, you’re an approval seeker and it’s exactly why women don’t like you. Here’s how to overcome this affliction.

You’re indecisive, barely make up your mind, you’re afraid she won’t like you so you never make a choice? If this sounds like you and it feels like it’s the reason women don’t like you & why you’re failing with them, you’re right. Here’s how to solve the problem. You’re ready to decide you want to be more attractive.

Yes, it’s true although very uncommon for a woman to flat out reject you because her family and friends don’t approve or she feels too self-conscious to be seen with you. Here’s a few ways to see if this is happening to you and why you might be failing with a woman or lots of women and how to get around this problem.

Are you one of those guys who as soon as you meet a woman, you want to make her your girlfriend? Do you go straight into relationship mode on the first or second date? If so, this could be exactly why you’re failing with women. This mistake can be fixed, hold off on the early parent meeting & follow this advice first.

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