You slept with her last night & the first thing you can not wait to do is to brag about it to your friends, or anyone who would even listen. This could be a good reason as to why you’re failing to date higher quality real women. Your standards are low. You don’t believe you can do any better. Women don’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself.

Woman Repel Bad Breath Odor

Be the complete package for a woman and make her want to get and stay close to you. Don’t let bad hygiene, terrible breath, body odor, and stinky unwashed clothes ruin it for you. This could be why you’re failing with women but it’s easily fixable. If you’re repelling women and don’t know why, maybe it’s the smell.

Showing up for a date with a dirty car that’s disgusting on the inside is a valid reason for failing with women and never getting a second one too. Look up the many ways why women might not be liking you all that much. This one seems small but represents how much you value yourself, her, and how you see yourself too.

Stop doing it wrong! Women don’t want you trying so hard to make them happy. They will create their own feelings as they respond to your actions loosely based on who you are inside. Happiness can not be created directly. This is what you need to be doing if you want to make her smile and feel something more for you.

Being a professional at something is great but what if it’s being a loser with women & getting in the friends zone with no chance of getting out? It sucks to be an expert in not attracting women. Failing all the time blows. Time to stop the insanity & start becoming a professional winner in attracting women.

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