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Are you only trying to date women at work and it’s not working for you? Your job might be an easy place to meet women but it also could be one of the main reason as to why you’re failing with women. Here are the problems and solutions to fix it & the two things you need to learn to eliminate it entirely.

You don’t like your job & you think you’re failing with women because of what you do for a living. You take it personal & reject yourself in this many ways. Reality is much different, it’s not what you do, it’s who you are that women are attracted to. This excuse ends now. No more blame. Define your life, create attraction.

Whether you are taking care of your Mother or Father, they are helping out financially, or you just won’t take the risk of moving out on your own – living with your parents does make dating women difficult. If this is why you think you’re failing with women, here’s exactly how you can fix it & eliminate this excuse.

You don’t have a car & just maybe you believe it’s why you’re failing with women. Yeah, it sucks. What hurts worse is that you’re partly correct, sort of. This excuse is not the end. There’s more to it than just not having transportation. Here’s how to get around & succeed. My story will make a difference in your life.

Are you using your lack of money as an excuse for failing with women & not attracting them? Here’s the reality, not having cash is not the problem, your attitude & the way you judge plus make women feel about your belief is the problem. Time to change your view & handle rejection in a way that will attract women.

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