Women will assume many things about you and not all of them will be good. If women are automatically seeing, thinking, and believing that you’re a player, it’s one huge reason why you’re failing with them. You could be the nicest guy in the world or just a bad wanna player and they won’t even see or get the difference. Here’s how to fix their assumptions and build a stronger more mature masculine man from the ground up so problems like this go away for good.

Real women won’t fall for your tricks or games. They’re onto you and what guys are shown about how to pick them up. They know all the bad dating advice. Stop believing the myths about women. If you’re avoiding interest, playing aloof, gaming on how long to wait to call or text or back, following the old outdated rules of the past, this is why you’re failing with women and how to fix it for success.

Whether you’re a feminine type of guy or not, if you’re failing with women & they don’t seem to like you all that much, then women are assuming you’re gay & not the heterosexual Alpha Male they’re looking for. This is only part of the reason why. The story is revealed here along with the two solutions you can use to fix this problem forever.

You slept with her last night & the first thing you can not wait to do is to brag about it to your friends, or anyone who would even listen. This could be a good reason as to why you’re failing to date higher quality real women. Your standards are low. You don’t believe you can do any better. Women don’t respect you because you don’t respect yourself.

Woman Repel Bad Breath Odor

Be the complete package for a woman and make her want to get and stay close to you. Don’t let bad hygiene, terrible breath, body odor, and stinky unwashed clothes ruin it for you. This could be why you’re failing with women but it’s easily fixable. If you’re repelling women and don’t know why, maybe it’s the smell.

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