What is your greatest regret? Do you have many of them? We all make them and getting past them can be a difficult task, but it’s worth taking for happiness. Missed opportunities and bad decisions, small and large pile up. How can we move on from them? Can they be eliminated? Can we laugh just them off?

You’re failing with women because of semantics. Strange reason but the truth. There’s a real difference between playing & being hard to get. A separation of pursing & chasing a woman which needs to be known, if you’re to create attraction. She knows she can have you which is not good. Learn the difference & attract.

You’re a smart guy but might be afraid to show that side of you to women out of fear and myths that women are not attracted to intelligence. You’re wrong because there is a way to create attraction. Use your wit and charm. Challenge her mentally. Get her to laugh. Here’s the formula to attract her mind and more too.

These uncensored thoughts of a guy trying to succeed with women in the real world can teach us a lot about attraction, dating, and what it takes to make it all a fun reality. If you’re an overthinker, an over analyzer, this is for you. Time to get our of your head if you want to get into her… whatever.

It’s time to stop being so easy for women sexually. Don’t just advertise and give it away. If you’re failing with women this could be the reason. You’re not sexually challenging them. They need to see you’re in control & in charge too. Learn to tease, flirt, and interject some foreplay to overcome & fix this problem.

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