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4 Proven Steps To Get Her Interested – Even Desperate To Text You Back

Incredible steps to texting success.

Written by Bobby Rio – Magnetic Messaging Video – How To Turn Her On and Get Her To Go Out With You With 3 Simple Texts.

So you’ve got a girl’s number?


You’ve got an interested party on the other end?


You’ve got the wherewithal and ambition to push the interaction forward to a place where both of you want to go?


So you’re ready to make the first move, put yourself on the line, throw down for the things that you care about or the developing relationship that might be happening because you are in contact with this new person.

But you have no idea how to get her to text back.

Like most things, though, you don’t have to fear, because the internet was built as a compendium, a resource to help people who want information but don’t quite know how to get to the spot they’re trying to get to. We at TSB mag are part of that compendium, so this is the definitive guide as to how to get a girl to text you back.

4 Steps to Get Her to Text You Back

When you’re talking about people texting back, you’re essentially talking about preventing flaking.

Flaking is anything that’d happen inan interaction to stall the forward momentum, so you want to meet up with a girl, she’s not showing, you try to initiate a text conversation, she’s not biting, she avoids talking to you when she sees you out on the street, is heard cursing your name under her breath.

Those type of things would all be consider flaking. The very basest form of not flaking is returning the text messages you send out.

Ideally, you’ll be texting her to continue the interaction, shoot for a meet-up, that kind of thing, but if she never responds, you’re toast. Here are some easy ways to cut down on text flaking.

1. When you get her number the first time, have a really, really good interaction.

The funny thing about people is, usually they don’t flake when the stakes are high and they have something to lose.

If you had a really good first interaction with a woman, then she’s going to want to see you again. It’s as simple as that.

If she wasn’t sure about you, and decided she wasn’t going to chase you and suddenly, you’re blowing up her phone – that’s a different matter entirely.

So in order to make sure that you have the easiest time possible getting her to text back, make sure the first interaction goes seamless.

Get her number based off of an event that the two of you would enjoy going to, make sure that there’s some unfinished threads in your conversation that you can wrap up later, and generally pace the interaction into seeing her again.

2. Once you have her number and start texting — end with a question.

Most things that people text girls don’t end in questions.

Most things people text girls don’t always get a reply from the party intended – oftentimes because they don’t end in a question.

The whole point of that is to build up a mini-compliance ladder so you can start getting more and more compliance from a person, eventually leading to a meet-up.

If you don’t text a question, you are allowing the interaction to partially die right away.

So don’t do that to yourself. Don’t shoot yourself in the foot or cut yourself off at the knees even before the interaction starts.

You owe it to yourself not to.

3. Keep the interaction light and flirty.

People are much more inclined to keep a conversation going, via text, in person, or anywhere, if the tone of it is non-threatening and contributes to an overall sense of well-being and fun.

If you can do that, even in short bursts like text messages, doing it in person is going to be much easier for you.

So, keep it flirty.

You’re much more likely to respond to someone who brings you good news or fun times, and women are no different.

Don’t go overtly sexual, don’t be bringing up topics that are hard to comprehend, keep it simple and sweet.

4. Don’t be too needy.

I’ve heard instances of guys blowing up women’s phones to the tune of over 30 times a day.

That’s ridiculous.

The easiest way to get a girl to text you is to appear like you’re already doing better things, and then they’ll emotionally invest and chase you.

It’s an old cliché, but people generally want things that they can’t have.

If you come off too needy via text, you’re giving her reasons not to respond instead of good reasons to see you.

And you don’t want to be doing that.

Fortunately, people usually reciprocate, so unless you had an entirely terrible interaction that is next to not recoverable, you’re solid.

That’s how to get her to text back.

These tips and all which is revealed to you are incredible for increasing your “phone game” and they DO get her attention the right way…

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You can finds lots of more great advice on texting and conversations from Bobby Rio right here at DiaLteG TM – Messaging with Bobby Rio – Texting Rules – Guides On How To Text Girls.

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