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A Simple Guide Any Amateur Texting Can Do – How To Text Girls

Adding to the interaction is one secret to texting girls.

Written by Bobby Rio – Magnetic Messaging Video – How To Turn Her On and Get Her To Go Out With You With 3 Simple Texts.

One thing that most guys don’t know how to do, despite their best efforts and the work they put in night after night going – is texting people.

Texting etiquette often times eludes people, as you can probably tell by the rash of scandals coming through about people sending pictures of their penis to potential partners, or anyone who makes eye contact with them on the subway.

There are a number of simple rules you can adhere to make sure that the overall texting experience is something positive and beneficial for both parties, the violation of which is a surefire way most men manage to blow their interactions.

How do you text girls? Here’s a short and simple guide that any amateur texter can adhere to.

Secrets of How to Text Girls.

Keep the interaction light and flirty.

You know why?

No woman wants to deal with a man pretending to be a James-Joycian styled author of interactions.

Especially someone that they’ve just met.

If you ever want to find out what women think is creepy, it’s over-investing on a brief encounter with someone, hence all the blog posts detailing the creepy men they have to deal with.

Keep it light and flirty. Tease her. Build comfort with her. Don’t ever, EVER appear too needy – as that’s the kiss of death in any interaction.

Make sure you’re adding things to the exchange.

Just like verbally.

If you encountered someone who consistently was asking you questions and pestering you via text message, you’d be less inclined to respond to them.

In fact, you’d want to delete their number and make sure they didn’t talk to you again.

So fun facts, stupid jokes, again, teasing, all of these things can be utilized to make sure the interaction goes well.

Not being emotionally evocative is the biggest mistake men make in every interaction, including text messages.

If you can avoid that trap, you’re already on good ground.

The point of all of this is to eventually see her in person.

Not really a revolutionary concept, but you don’t want to sit around all day racking up a gigantic texting bill just because you ran into a girl that you found physically attractive.

Additionally, you don’t want to become some kind of platonic texting buddy for someone who has no romantic intentions for you.

There’s nothing worse than looking through your backlog of messages are realizing you’ve written a small novel without any form of return.

So while you’re texting her, make sure that the endgame is to get her live and in front of you.

If you’re unable to do that….you shouldn’t be texting in the first place.

If you want to be the exception of the rule, call instead.

So many guys text nowadays instead of talking to people, it helps to be the odd man out who isn’t afraid of the sound of his own voice.

If you really hit it off with someone, there’s no harm in calling them.

People text primarily because it gives the woman a chance to respond when she needs to, but if you get the sensation she’d prefer the dulcet tones of your voice versus a brief exchange of characters, go with your instincts.

Draw her into your world.

The one thing that a lot of pick-up artists forget is that women go after men who have value.

Be it situational, personal, or otherwise – if you can communicate that value through text by learning how to text girls, by recommending good places to go, not being needy, and forcing her to put work into the interaction, she’ll have no choice but to chase you.

That’s what we’re all after here…if we can get her chasing by only doing that, we’re in a good space.

Whatever you do, don’t send her naked pictures.

Remember — keep the interaction light fun and flirty.

Besides the fact that they’ll eventually wind up on the internet… nobody wants unsolicited pictures of penis.

Or solicited pictures for that matter.

Women respond to nudity different than men do – they find it hilarious.

So to prevent yourself from getting embarrassed by a disgruntled ex or a random stranger that you rubbed up against on a bus… don’t send out your own nude pics.

These tips and all which is revealed to you are incredible for increasing your “phone game” and they DO get her attention the right way…

BUT if you really want your phone to become literally a “seduction tool” get yourself Magnetic Messaging because within the hour you can start sending the right text messages to women on your phone.

You can finds lots of more great advice on texting and conversations from Bobby Rio right here at DiaLteG TM – Messaging with Bobby Rio – Texting Rules – Guides On How To Text Girls.

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