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Calling, Texting, or Setting Up Dates – Essential Phone Game Skills

Learn to use your phone skills in three separate areas. Communication skills are essential in the nice guys approach.

The inevitable “phone game.” Use you phone wisely and you won’t think about it twice. Use it the wrong way and it can lead to a “disconnection” which often has you wondering what you did wrong.

The thing about your phone is that most guys don’t figure out they’re using it badly until it is either too late, or truthfully speaking, no one has the balls to tell them how bad they are at it.

On the direct subject of communicating with women you’ll run into three areas. Whether you think you’re doing something wrong or not, if you’re having any “hook-up” problems then I suggest you get some sound advice on the subject in each of those areas – just to make sure.

That way, you’ll know what to do and say in all situations when it comes to using your phone.

Here are those three important phone areas:

  1. Texting – picture, text messages and online communication
  2. Talking – Longer conversations to get to know each other a little better.
  3. Calling to set up a date or something – Quick, get in and get out.

The last one is the easiest to get a handle on. I’d actually start with that one first. And by all means practice it until it becomes completely naturally.

Yes it means you’re bound to screw it up a couple times but as long as you’re not putting so much emphasis on one woman alone it won’t matter much. If you go in it thinking, “She’s the one and I must get every part right!” then you’re only setting yourself up to fail.

Also be sure to work on getting “numbers” which mean something. It’s not going to help your confidence to go out “number farming” every available woman. Take it all in perspective. If you’re only getting one a month, then by all means do some “farming.” If you’re getting lots of them and they’re not going anywhere, then cut back a little and work on the process and not the result.

Results are great. We all want something we can take away but I feel the process is so much more important. No pun intended this is NOT a numbers game. Increasing your odds of getting a great response is far more beneficial than just taking more chances.

The second one – Longer phone conversations should be no different than a regular attractive conversation so if you need help there – go here (I’ll add my nice guys approach to conversation at a later date.)

The third one – texting is probably covered below the best. So if texting is something you need to work on then below you’ll find practically everything you need to get you headed in the right direction.

Below you’ll find everything here at DiaLteGtm to help you succeed in many areas of your phone skills. Find one which pertains to your particular needs and focus on the process as much as you can. The results will come.

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The nice guys approach to the “phone game”… There are no hard-set rules!

Based on your own lifestyle, who you are, where you are, and where or how you meet women will dictate your personal guidelines in when to use your phone.

I believe the key here is – if you have to think about it, if you have to force yourself to do something different for whatever your reasons are – then you’re probably doing something wrong.

You have to find a way to step back and take notice objectively.

For example – if you’re not having problems attracting women but you’re struggling getting a second date or escalating to the next level, then there’s a great chance your phone skills are not doing you any good. Maybe you’re contacting her way too much. Maybe you’re not keeping it short enough. Maybe you’re trying way too hard to make the conversation amazing and it’s feeling fake to her.

Of course let’s not rule out how you’re acting on those dates or how you got her phone number because that will always affect things too.

Let’s keep this simple as possible so you never have to worry about “phone rules” at all: Who ever you are is how you use your phone if and only if it is working. The women you meet whose number ended up in your phone is the person she wants to meet again.

I understand it’s all confusing. I understand how this is a gray area for so many men which causes them to ask even more questions. That’s because the phone is a tool, a means to communicate, it is NOT and must never be the only way to attract.

Yes, it’s an incredible tool which does require some skills and it’s best to make sure you have a handle on them but that’s why this page is here. Follow that list above and you’ll have almost everything you need.

Texting – picture, text messages and online communication. It’s best to keep it fun and flirty at all costs. Conversations or phones session end without any form of goodbye or hello. They just happen. If you over do thing here you ruin it so try to add it to your lifestyle in such a way you might not always be able to respond quickly.

Another tip is to use your surroundings as a helpful guide or starting point to text or send a picture. Keep it interesting, fun, and use it to develop a private connection and nothing more.

Talking – Longer conversations to get to know each other a little better. Treat this no different than if you were face to face. Slow down your voice. Calm cool mannerisms. Slightly deeper voice. use vocal inflection to bring her in.

A lot of guys struggle with the “uncomfortable pauses” in long phone conversations. Try not to force the issue. Also if there’s nothing more to say, end it. Try to leave her wanting to know more. Have it go somewhere which hopefully leads to a personal meeting.

Calling to set up a date or something – Quick, get in and get out. Never ask. Suggest a meet up confidently. Sort of like you’re selling something. ASSUME she’s going to love it or ASSUME she’s going to want to be there and then make it happen.

The phrase, “Get in and get out quick” must always be followed. Don’t linger too long and don’t use this to cut off long conversations off short. That does not work that well. If you’re in a longer conversation try adding the assumption in the middle and then leave on a high note. If you try to tack it on the end it appears played out and rehearsed. Of course don’t forget to remind her at the end.

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  • Dean

    Have I gone too far and shown I’m too needy?
    She knows how good a guy I am but doesn’t want to spend very much time with me anymore.

    • If she doesn’t want to spend much time with you anymore then you probably do smother her.

      You might be impeding on her freedom and you might be not allowing her to feel something more from you because you got too close, too quick, and took on the role of trying to please her and make her happy… when in fact most women are perfectly happy with guys who just keep the attraction alive.

      Being a good guy is cool and all it does little to create attraction. If you’re good, just BE good and let others form their own opinion regardless of your actions.


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