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Can Golfers Attract Women Better Than Most? Confidence In Motion

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Phil Mickelson – attractive confidence in pure motion.

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Whether you play golf or not you’re going to learn a connection today between confidence, body movement, one of the best golfers in the world and how these simple thoughts can help you attract women.

It happened one day while watching Phil Mickelson walk up the fairway of a tournament he just lost.

If you don’t know Phil you must understand he pretty much always goes for it but this is one of the times he missed the mark and lost by a few strokes.

But I didn’t see disappointment in his face.

I didn’t watch a “broken” mans walk.

I didn’t see the body language of a man who had just blown a million dollar tournament by just a few yards.

What I saw was a “natural” in more ways than one.

I saw confidence despite failure.

I saw the look of a man who I imagined was thinking,

“Yeah I blew it but it was worth it and I will do it again because I am having fun.”

His walk made me think about Rob Brinded who is an expert in body movement who trains others how to perform better in athletically.

As I watched Phil’s hips and totally relaxed body glide along I did not see the body language of a man who just banged out 72 holes only to blow it down the stretch.

He may have been physically and mentally drained but he was far from a tired man scraping his feet on the grass.

I certainly did NOT see a loser.

What I saw was pure attraction and the movements of a confident man.

I have been in the golfing industry for over ten years now. It all started when I played my first video game sitting on my ass with a friend. Suffice to say we eventually looked at each other and questioned why we were sitting on our ass when we could be out there playing it for real.

I’m not going to tell you all the details but I will say like everything else in my life that I am passionate about, I don’t hold back the learning process and dive right in.

And golf is just one passion of mine and I may be the only “attraction expert” to admit it but hey, it’s out there now.

I spent a lot of time becoming a better golfer and one way to do it was to make sure I was always in great “golf” shape.

Now if you don’t believe golf is not a physical game I will invite you to join me… Walk with me for an average of four to five hours for an almost five-mile walk on soft grass while carrying fifty pounds on your back.

Add the grueling hot sun and the fact in an average round you will only need to actually perform a physical act that adds up to ( with practice swings ) an average of less than ten minutes.

The average golfer score is typically 92 and swings in a few seconds. Proper preparation is key to assure in each of those seconds you perform at your highest possible peak.

The physical part of the golf swing requires fit muscles you don’t find yourself ever using. Therefore they are normally weaker and never worked on.

For example a professional golfer reaches a club head speed of about 111-130 mph and his body must rotate fully to accomplish that.  At the moment of impact his body is merely inches away from where he started. Those muscles must be ready to withstand the extreme force he imparts on the ball and the rotation needed to do it every time.

This is a big reason when you swing too hard you get worse results. Your body is not trained physically to stay in that position. We teach golfers to swinger slower and learn how to make better contact first. Then slowly increase the speed of each swing until you find your body’s breaking point.

If you want your breaking point to be higher you must train your muscles to withstand the force.

So what does all this have to do with Phil and golfers attracting women?

Well first let’s admit that Phil has confidence, passion, a lack of fear, and no matter what happens you just know he is enjoying himself.

If you want to attract enormous amounts of women having those traits will without a doubt do it for you.

I mentioned above how golfers use muscles that literally get no attention most of their lives.

They are the inner muscles and unless you’re chopping down trees from the roots you rarely work on them.

In the stance you put pressure on your butt muscles and put yourself in a powerful position . Your upper body twists and creates tension which is released during the downswing.

As you turn away from the ball your hips rotate around one plane and your upper body rotates around another.

Understand the harder you try to swing faster the more stress you put on your muscles and in turn more ( unwanted ) tension is created. This will actually slow them down and will not allow your body to be free enough to travel at unbelievable speeds.

Watch a professional’s effortless swing and you’ll see exactly what I am talking about.

Notice the word “hips” because it’s a major focus point in Rob’s body movement work on creating attraction.

Notice the dimension or planes because it too is a major piece of Rob’s exercises.

He uses three dimensions in your workouts to achieve a natural primal way of attracting women.

Notice the rotating body parts because this is the third dimension Rob asks us to perform in.

Lastly notice the effortless movement of each of these body parts.

They are all connected and just like the effortless golf swing creates higher speeds, effortless movement is a naturally attractive trait for a man or a woman.

I’m not telling you to take up the game of golf and you’ll naturally attract more women. In fact I would say the golf course is a terrible place to meet women. Maybe the cart girl but it’s terribly difficult to interact with people who are staying “hitting distance” away from you. Of course you could still join some “rich man’s club.”

What I am saying is that if you were to teach yourself to be a better than most golfer ( mind and body ) or ball striker to be more exact and take those skills to your dating or social life… You WILL attract more women naturally.

Body Attraction Golfing

Put your confidence in motion with the right training, and not by just lifting weights, and you’ll notice women really do respond.

Here is what I mean and how they are so related:

  • If you want to attract  women  – confidence is definitely a key ingredient.
  • If you want to strike the ball more consistently – confidence is also key.
  • If you want an effortless but powerful swing which naturally happens you must train your body the right way using the right muscles – In other words just lifting weights won’t do it.
  • If you want to move your body effortlessly and attract more women, you must train your body the right way using your muscles in all dimensions, ( especially the muscles which women are instinctively attracted to.)  – Again –  Just lifting weights, won’t do it.
  • If you want to enjoy the game more you must learn to have fun even when you fail. Which will inevitably lead to lowers scores.
  • If you want to enjoy more success with women you also must learn to have fun even when you fail. Which, as above, will inevitable lead to, dare I say, scoring with women.
  • When you go for it constantly and become a guy who thinks and believes, “Yeah I blew it, but it was worth it and I will do it again because I am having fun.”
  • When you learn to cultivate those failures into stronger man with little or no fears…

You will attract more women… better than most.

Put your confidence in motion with the right training and not by just lifting weights and you’ll notice women really do respond.

Take a lesson from Phil and enjoy every moment without fear because women will want to share those moments with you.

Please take note that Rob is no longer involved and has handed over his work to James Knight – I’m not sure if the product is available to buy but I do know the newsletter is still moving along. I believe the websites are being worked on.

It’s not called The Walking Code. Finally you can train your body body to attract more women.

Having personally used Rob’s exercises for many years now I feel confident enough to un-shamelessly promote and endorse that what he teaches – does work.

Try it for yourself. The worst that could happen is you’ll have a stronger confident posture and a very powerful and sexy swagger.

Golfing is of course optional.

About the author: Creator of the nice guy approach, why do guys, why do chics, and DiaLteG TM. Transformed from a nice guy kiss ass who wanted women to like me for “who I was” to an attractive “good guy” who knows what it takes to create attraction and succeed with women, dating, and relationships.

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