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Can the Average Man Understand Women? What Women Really Want!

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Understanding the many emotions of… woman.

Countless men for about a million  years have struggled with this question. Even before humans could effectively use speech the average man, I’ll assume, struggled to comprehend the inner workings of the female mind.

Why is that?

Is it because our minds are hard-wired different?

Is it because our instincts dictate our behaviors  to procreate successfully and keep our species alive?

Is it because mans logic driven brains simply can not think like a female. We ca o’t actually put ourselves in the proverbial shoes of  a woman. (Especially if she’s wearing 6 inch stilettos!)

Is it all the reasons I’ve listed above…and more?

If you have found yourself, as an “average man”  (a generalized term I use meaning: Men who don’t fit into the category of drop dead gorgeous, rich and famous ),  stating to your guy friends that you just don’t understand women, you’re not alone.

If you’re a woman reading this and you have found yourself agreeing with your girlfriends how much you wish the men in your life could just understand you, you are also not alone.

Look around and listen closely to the way women and men interact and you will see the same drawn out pattern.

A frustrated look on her face, and a dumbfounded and occasionally annoyed look on his face. Pay close attention how his attitude turns somewhat condescending towards her and how this only annoys her even more.

I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t believe that the average man could understand women.

I think it IS possible.

I also think it is possible to logically breakdown the amazing female mind and use this information to give her what she truly desires the most:

  • A real man to listen to her, respond with affirmation, and repeat as many times as needed.
  • A real man her emotions can connect with on many levels.
  • A real man to just be there for her, and unpredictably give her movie like experiences she can brag to her friends about.

The list goes on but let’s discuss the issue of what separates her preferences from what she truly desires since I believe they are different.

Preferences are ever-changing.

They are fluid and change throughout a woman’s life.

They are usually associated with how she is feeling that day, that week, that month, or the last current relationship she was in.

We must remember though, they are just preferences and I can guarantee that if a guy changes his life to fit into one woman choice only, he will be taking a big step into the abyss of misunderstanding women.

He will be just  that much more unattractive in her mind.

Desires are completely different because I believe our instincts primarily drive them.

When we find ourselves wanting something and not being able to explain exactly why, we are experiencing a form of desire.

If you change your life to fit into a woman’s true desires, you’ll be taking a major step towards what very few men experience, a never-ending stream of women just wanting you around in some way. You will become that much more attractive to women in general. Which is not usually a bad thing.

Logically we’ve gained a little insight into how a woman thinks just by breaking down two separate, yet loosely stated definitions. A great example of how even the most average guy, like me, can begin to understand women.

To understand women better: First respect her preferences but more importantly, acknowledge them. Secondly, gain her attraction by setting up your life to appeal to her desires.

If you’re thinking,

“If I don’t know her desires, or if she doesn’t make clear of her preferences, how is all this going to help the average guy understand women?”

I’ll explain further…

Once you begin to understand what women desire, you will begin seeing things from a different perspective. The trick to this knowledge is to make sure you get it from many sources and not just mine. If you want to learn it from a hot woman and her friends – watch this and get it –> What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind from Marni Kinrys. It can absolutely help you see things from a whole new perspective.

Here are two simple questions that I hear a lot:

“Why doesn’t she like me for who I am?”

“Why is that we get along so well but she only wants to be friends?”

Two separate questions which actually have one answer.

She prefers being around you but you didn’t initially appeal to her desires.

She just wasn’t attracted to you. Her desires are not yours to change, manipulate, or mold to fit who you are. People in general have no control over what they feel; they only have control over how they act on them.

Just because she prefers a man of your type doesn’t mean she has feelings for you. So stop being so concerned by what she prefers and start focusing on what she desires instead and you will notice a shift in how women respond to you.

If you do this right you can even change her preferences. I’ve done it and seen it happen. I know you have to. If you’ve ever heard a woman say, “He isn’t my type.” but then they still ended up together that is what happened.

I feel any average man, with a healthy attitude and a firm grasp of who he is has the instinctual ability within him to understand women and have her respond to him sexually.

He also has within him a masculine man waiting to be fully released.

I have seen it happen.

I have experienced it myself.

The average man can understand women and you’re probably closer than you think.

Change your perspective and allow new ideas to filter in. Start seeing women differently and start focusing on appealing to her instinctual desires. Stop worrying or caring what she prefers.

Understanding women can then become as simple as allowing yourself to be the masculine man her feminine side was born to be.

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