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I Don’t Care How Short You Are, You DO NOT Need Lifts To Attract Women

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You DO NOT have to lift yourself up to attract women.

You’re a short guy and you’re not attracting women!

Let me rephrase that…you’re not having any luck with the women you want and you’re blaming it on your height.

Totally understandable, I’ve been there myself and I’ve been short my entire life.


Do you want the truth about your height issues or would you rather hide from your so-called weakness by wearing lifts?

Every few days ONE guy types in “wearing lifts to get women” in his browser and ends up here.

I’m not sure if you realize how upset that makes me but I do find myself pulling out what’s left of my curvy locks from the eighties.

You DO NOT need lifts to attract women!

Height is not a requirement in the world of women!

It’s a media driven preference driven by people trying to sell you something. Whether it’s a wet dream, six-pack abs, or yes even height increasing shoes

Money, jobs, or a huge paycheck is the driving force.

I know you’ve been to an amusement park and got turned down because you were too short.

I was there myself.

I watched everyone else have fun while waiting because some stupid little cartoon cutout hand was hovering an inch or two above my head. And it DID spill over into my dating life…

While everyone else was having fun with THEIR women who were shorter than them – I got to “stand” by and be the lonely single “nice” guy.

I’m going here… so bare with me please.

Let’s separate women into two categories or types:

#1. The Amusement Park Type.

She’s kind of stubborn.

Always looking for the better thing.

She’s always worried about losing her “men” visitors because of bad advertisement. She’ll worry about being seen with a shorter man. She’ll turn you down without thinking twice about it – because you’re just too short for HER lack of self-esteem.

You’re just too short for her fragile ego to deal with.

You’ll spend your money on her. You waste you time with her.

She’ll make your head spin until your stomach spurts out your last meal. She’ll drive you crazy because you’ll always find yourself chasing her ass hoping and praying that one day, she won’t leave you for a taller guy her friends probably noticed first.

#2. The rest of the females on the planet. She just wants a man… A REAL man regardless of height.

She does everything she can to look good FOR YOU.

Maybe she does want to look UP to her man but she’s also trapped in a social world created for her when she was growing up…

What she really wants is an experience.

A moment.

A feeling she can not explain in any other way but: L. O. V. E.

You won’t have to buy her the world – you only have to share yours with her.

How could anyone waste their time with a “chic” who’s not a cardboard cutout of some character she molded herself by in her teenage years.

She’ll make your stomach uneasy but for an entirely different reason…

Because she’s got that something special which makes you just anxious enough to want to be with her ALL the time.

She will also drive you crazy but because of all those little things she does which sends tingles up your back, it makes you wonder where the hell she’s been all your life.

She’ll chase you.

You’ll chase her.

Not some stupid mind-fuck game but flirting FUN at its finest.

She’s actually more worried about you leaving her because she knows without a doubt, in her heart, if you can make her feel that way you must be able to do it with other woman too.

And that scares the shit out of her!

Sure – putting on a pair of lifts may get you on the “amusement ride” type of women but in the end while you’re standing toe to toe naked as can be, you’ll have nothing to hold yourself up and she’ll dump you when the next guy offers her an even more “tall tale” only she believes.

Your height is not why you’re not attracting the women you want.

It’s an excuse.

A Limiting belief.

It was MY excuse for years but I was avoiding a fear that even if I managed to get the girl I wouldn’t even know how to keep her around. ( Or what to do with her.)

The truth was I was scared shitless of a hot woman because I thought she, her, all of them were actually better than me.

Your height is NOT holding you back. Your mind is. If you think, believe, and dream small – you’re only going to achieve very little success. https://twitter.com/PeterWhite125/status/223452671070318593

Me? Well I’ve used every excuse in the book of sad dateless men and came to realize I was only avoiding the truth.

I WAS thinking small.

I was letting OTHER people make me believe my success was limited because of my “not so secret” excuses.

I was taking the easy way out by burying my head in a large sea of limited beliefs which only rippled as I waded. I was scared “Pant-less” of any major wave coming along and tossing me out of my comfort zone.

You know I met a young man once who dressed literally like Kermit the Frog and EVERYONE used his “weaknesses” against him to bust his balls hard.

Yet he was determined to get things right with women.

He was determined to learn the “secret” truths about women. And let me tell you any man who has the balls to go out in public looking like a puppet frog is going to get somewhere in life – because he’s not going to hide behind his fears and let others tell him who he is.

He didn’t sit around hoping that huge wave would avoid his easy life. He merely looked up and said, “Come get me. I fucking dare you!”

So what are you going to do?

Continue to blame your height for your issues with women or the world in general?

Continue to search for that “magical lift” which is promised to get you a girlfriend?

Sit in your comfortable wading pool surrounding yourself with the filth of unhappy and depressed people who are more afraid of living than they are of dying?

Don’t do it!

Stop Doing it!

Stop giving yourself excuses because you deserve more…

They say I’m not supposed to sell you something because I’ll upset the masses.

People don’t like to be sold.

People scrutinize the salesman because he only wants your money.

But then wouldn’t I would be guilty of wading in their pool fearful of a huge tidal wave upsetting my balance of life.

So I’m not going where they want me to go.

You want help?

You want a real “lift” of your life and not some platform to plop around your shoes?

I’m going to warn you it’s going to cost you.

A little time.

A little money.

A little sweat.

A little failure…

But if you want success you’ve got to EARN it for yourself – because that’s how every short guy who ever wanted it bad enough achieved his dreams.

Never forget this…

Men who EARN their way through life and are willing to make huge waves – the ones who don’t prop up themselves up on a cheap soapbox full of quick fixes and lame promises are without a doubt the sexiest most sought out men in the entire world – by every woman of every type in every social corner. ( Amusement park girl included. )

Here’s our REAL help for ALL “shorter” guys in the world who ever considered wearing lifts as a solution:

Woman Look Tall

The Fearless Code Get out of your head. Get out of your own way. Stop making excuses and start talking and acting like the fearless man who is willing to EARN his success with women.

Success with Women for Shorter Men Eliminate every excuse where you actually believe your height has anything to do with women. Learn the advantages of being short and how to use them positively to attract AND succeed.

The Power of Social Skills Your shorter stature may have prevented you from real social interaction which goes beyond your height. I’m going to be completely honest with you – from one short ass dude to another – your social skills may be  holding you back big time just like they did for me. Not our height! I can literally tell you story after story of my failures and each one of them contained a “social” disaster which could’ve been easily avoided with the right “attractive” social skills.

What’s Inside A Woman’s Mind Get yourself real insight into the mind of a woman – from a woman who is not your friend trying to make you feel better. A woman who YOU are PAYING to show you how to get a stable woman in your life. No tricks to get in amusement park girl’s pants. Real women with the right advice revealing to you what women really think about. Stop guessing or assuming it’s your height when in fact why you’re not succeeding has little to do with how tall you are.

That’s a lot of help isn’t it?

It may even be a lot of money too… well compared to the cost of the temporary solution of “lifts” it’s actually not that much at all because those are solutions which last a lifetime. ( And They’re not going to hurt your feet.)

So you know you’re not alone in all this…

When my college life ended because I ran out of money I grabbed a few bags, my guitar, and left my safe world behind me. I traveled across the country (from sea to sea) on a smelly cramped bus – alone!

I EARNED my entry into manhood that trip. I cried outside my hotel window on New Year’s Eve while thousands of miles away from my safety net but I woke up the next day and began my adulthood.

When the worst friend’s zone experience of my life handed me a penniless pocket and a smashed heart torn into a hundred pieces – I sold the one thing I loved the most. The $1,000 dollar “Gibson Stratocaster” I worked my ass off to buy.

I started yet another new journey but this time it wasn’t into adulthood – it was climbing out of disparity to find the “real” man inside me where women would do anything to have me love them back.

When the decade flew by and I found myself stuck in a wheel working my ass off for somebody else. When the money ran out and I was living off of tv “dollar” dinners I dedicated myself to taking everything I’ve learned to start yet another new adventure.

Yet this time, even though I was more broke than ever before – found myself with one great woman after another by my side.

They knew I earned my way through life.

They knew nothing was holding me back.

Those woman FELT something from me and like nothing I had ever dreamed about growing up because I was finally making my own waves.

So PLEASE STOP wasting your money on a “height aid” and… Start earning your success with women.

It will last you a lifetime and you’ll never ever have to worry about taking off your shoes again!


Peter White

Five Foot Four and 3 Freaking Quarters!” 🙂

More helpful information for us shorter guys: The ALL about height blog: All About Height – Before you even consider wearing lifts to attract women – consider how much women are checking your shoes out: Judging A Man’s Sole

Maury is intimidated by a taller woman? SO…. Don’t BE a Fucking Povich! :D)


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  • Wayne Rossman

    Mr. White with all due respect I do agree lifts in shoes aren’t going to help us short guys.
    I am height challenged with a stature of 5’3″ and was blessed with very good looks and it
    seems now with some financial success older taller women find my company and life style to more than compensate for the fact I may not even come up to their chin, arm pits and in some cases their boobs and will ask if I have a problem with them wearing heels and i’ll look up laugh and say really. Money can make me almost eye level with tall women.

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