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Attraction – An instinctual but sometimes misunderstood “emotion” which alludes too many men and women because of the complexity of our modern social lives.

  • What Does It Really Mean To Only Want To Date Beautiful Women?

    Do you only want to date or sleep with beautiful women?

    Maybe that makes me a pig. Maybe it makes me a bad guy. Maybe it makes me normal - although that's highly doubtful because everywhere I look, I see average looking guys with average looking women. I see the not so perfect women with the not so perfect guys... And some of them are actually happy. Relatively speaking of course. Does it really make me different because all my life I've only fell for women who I found highly attractive to ME? Not to some other guy. My standards compared to them might seem a little high. To them or others they will say I'm expecting too much. To some other guys my definition of beauty is definitely different.

  • Talking About Cleavage, Which Attracts You More, Her Breasts Or The Butt?

    Beautiful Woman Showing Cleavage Dressed Differently

    In the world of "being attracted to women" I'm going to guess there are two main types of guys: The "butt" guy and the "boob" guy: Which one are you? We're not talking about judging a woman based on one single part of her body. What we're really talking about is a simple thing called ATTRACTION and from that alone we can get some interesting topics.

  • How To Tell If A Female Coworker Is Attracted To You

    Co Worker Attracted to You or Not

    It might be in her best interest to not reveal an attraction to a coworker but before you try to figure her out if she likes you, read this first. e tend to be a little too obvious when we're around a woman we're attracted to by how we act. Sometimes they're very obvious but that's usually when they're giggling or "acting" aloof around some tall model looking stud. And since most of us guys are NOT blessed with being handsome and having a great body that leaves the rest of us wondering about our female co-workers... How we can tell if she IS attracted to us so we can ask her out or do whatever comes next so we're not publicly rejected or ruin a work environment or even cross the lines of sexual harassment?

  • Do Girls Like Quiet Guys?

    Girls liking the quiet shy type guy.

    Are women more attracted to shy quiet guys or the mystery of him or what me might be? Why does it engage her curiosity and should we become silent. Girls DO like the shy thing a little because it may be a sign of humbleness or a guy's natural indifference to the world around him. It also may encourage her to step up to the challenge or bask in the satisfaction of opening up a man. Something we must never forget. Girls are rarely if ever attracted to guys who are less than average and show absolutely no signs of social competence and sexual communication.

  • If You’re Always Worried She Won’t Like You, Then Stop Trying So Hard

    Women can handle more than you think. Stop being so afraid of what she might think of you.

    Nice guys try not to be offensive. They try to make things happen instead of doing things which makes things happen. Are you trying to control her?

  • The Number One Un-Attractive Trait A Nice Guy Can Easily Change

    Being nice is not un-attractive, an unwillingness to change is.

    Changing how you act around women is not about admitting you're wrong or conforming. It's about separating yourself and joining a select few at the top.

  • Are Women A Problem For You Because You Think You’re An Ugly Guy?

    Peter white young and ugly.

    Yes. That’s young ugly me on the left minus the 80’s hair brush of course.

    Do you think you're an attractive guy? I didn't and made women the source of all my problems. Here's how to do less work and be a more attractive guy.

  • So What! She’s Attractive, Does That Mean She’s Better Than You?

    Do you think or believe attractive women are better than you?

    When you see a beautiful woman, do you think she's better than you? Did you know it affects your ability to attract her? Here's how to overcome it.