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Attractive Mindsets

  • Life In The Deep End & Shallow Waters – Feeling Stuck? Enjoy Both, No Fear!

    Shallow Deep Waves Water Life

    It may feel like you’re stuck wading or treading in the deep end as you struggle to remove the rising water. Fighting your way back to the shallows to feel the warm sun on your body. Leaving the fears behind you. Scary and tiring as it seems, live it. Have fun. Play. Don’t choose it it away. Enjoy both. Swim and stand.

  • Why You Always Lose When You Compete Against Them – A Secret Of Success

    Competition Win Lose Fail Success

    Failure, success, winning, losing, competitions serve a purpose which is not always a good thing in life. It’s not you against them. What you can’t beat. How to assure you always win. Not against sports. What success really is, where it comes from, and how to succeed. The only thing you need to compete with is yourself.

  • How Long Ago Since You’ve Had A Girlfriend? How You Can Use Being Single To Attract Women

    Long droughts between girlfriends does not have to be a problem, it can be used as an advantage in attracting women.

    Not having a girlfriend for a long time can feel like a disadvantage but you can use it to attract women. There’s nothing wrong with being single. It can mean a lot of good if you see it the right way and not just make it feel like you’re lonely. Here are 3 real advantages not having a girlfriend for a while.