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Why Did You Show Up For Your Date In A Dirty, Disgusting & Smelly Car?

Showing up to a date with a dirty car that’s disgusting on the inside is a good reason for failing with women & never getting a second date. If you look up all the ways why women might not like you this one is small but represents something greater as in how much you value yourself, her, and how you see yourself too.

Why You Keep Revealing Your Love & Feelings For Her Too Early

Are you one of those guys who feels the need to tell a woman you love her, hoping she’ll reveal her feelings for you, thinking she’ll like you more for it, wishing she’s now going to be with you – just because you said it to her first. It only leads to failure and rejection. Stop doing it! This will fix it.

17 Questions You Should Never Ask A Girl If You Want Her To Like You

Woman Surprised Guy Said Asked

Men will often say the wrong things or ask the wrong inappropriate questions to girls which are considered highly unattractive. Never ask a woman, or say these things to a woman during your conversations with her if you want her like you. This list is to help you avoid common mistakes made when talking to women.

How Long Should You Wait Before You Call or Text a Girl?

Woman On Phone Being Called

Lots of dating rules are outdated and old. Having a set time to wait before you call, text, or message a woman is one of them. Explains why they no longer apply, how to solve the problem of when to call, and why you shouldn’t let some old rule dictate your dating life.

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